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0s we are now three days into fortnite
2s season four and I'm sure all of us are
4s no life in the season as it's actually
5s pretty good very very surprised to see
7s that uh but we do have already got some
9s pretty big finds today's video and we do
11s hope you guys do in fact enjoy these and
13s if you guys do per usual make sure you
15s guys definitely subscribe with the Bell
16s notifications on um so hopping directly
18s into things it looks like the Boogie
20s bomb will be vaulted by next update yet
23s your last dance in will be evolved in
25s the Boogie bombs in all playlists with
27s our upcoming 22.10 game update which we
31s do speculate will probably take place in
33s two weeks rather than next Tuesday so
35s stay tuned for that we also have free
38s guys from hypebecs all unreleased
40s challenge categories for this season
42s storyline challenges with voice lines
44s 32k XP per each Chrome has 30k XP each
48s four nightmares 20K XP each a vain
51s Ambush 25k xph bargain band 25k XP each
56s Star Wars 30k XP each and last but not
59s least the World Cup for 26k XP each in
63s other news NPC commands are now enabled
65s once again the NPC can now revive you if
68s you're down along with these commands
70s back to me dismiss pole position and
72s move I think the entire whole thing
75s where you guys can get revived by your
77s NPC is absolutely crazy such a great
79s feature and something I did not even
81s know uh currently existed until now so
83s that is absolutely crazy uh we also have
85s three guys from in the shade YouTube the
87s first look at severity case custom item
90s shop which by the way it drops in about
92s two days as official skin release and by
94s tomorrow afternoon I'm actually
96s receiving it a day early so stay tuned
98s for tomorrow to see a full showcase
99s before his item shop in two days uh the
103s siren skin has been blacklisted in a
105s competitive playlists epic did this
106s because of a bug that will be fixed
108s later in the future which honestly I
110s don't really know what the glitch was so
111s let us know in the comments below if you
112s guys actually know that we all separate
115s you guys this is the reward for the for
117s this month's PlayStation cup the cup
119s takes place from September 22nd to the
122s 23rd so it's actually a very mid uh
125s reward cannot even stand these sprays
127s anymore because no one even uses them so
129s hopefully at some point they get rid of
130s sprays all together or mix a back bling
133s where you guys can actually wear the
134s sprays
136s um we also have three guys from I
138s believe myself and top five gaming hmm
140s so spotted by top five gaming it appears
143s for the first time in pretty much ever a
145s new season has not made the Google
147s Trends page Spike do people just not
149s like this season already this could also
151s be because people are now back in school
153s so yeah for the very first time we have
155s not seen a very large Spike on the exact
158s same day the season dropped now
160s apparently according to people on the
162s weekly Google Trend page uh it actually
163s did spike a little bit but not as much
165s as it usually did and also it dropped
168s off nearly instantly the very next day
170s so to me that kind of feels like people
172s don't like these season but according to
174s Creek craft I actually agree with this
176s statement I imagine school plays a big
178s part but there's also no big feature
180s this season that stands out it's mostly
182s just more of the same except now there's
184s platoon and yeah I must agree there was
187s no like huge huge feature that dropped
189s this season that was significant uh but
191s yeah guys there's a lot of stuff to look
193s forward to so here are some features
194s that we'll be dropping that will
195s definitely make this page go crazy hi
199s back so many people are speculating that
201s next season could be chapter 4 which is
203s backed up by that Austria map League
205s this thorline probably approaching its
207s end and the big similarities between the
209s season and chapter 2 Season 8. what do
211s you guys think and yes so I covered this
213s yesterday so I'm not gonna go fully in
214s depth but uh yeah this brand new Astra
217s map is apparently taking place next
219s season AKA and chapter 4 already and the
223s Chrome is spreading around the map just
225s like in season 8 and to back this up
227s check this out the Chrome has already
229s started to spread to Log Jam Junction
238s foreign
259s lots of the map being completely filled
262s with chrome by the end of the season
263s which is likely why we'll be getting a
265s brand new map for season five from hypex
267s here's a big feature to expect
268s throughout the season which will
270s definitely make the eagle glue Trends
271s page go absolutely Bonkers first person
273s mode has been updated yesterday but with
276s not much info other than the fact that
278s it'll hide your head from your screen
280s when you switch to first person mode so
282s yeah first person mode is definitely
284s coming soon which will expect a huge
285s update on the Google Trends page also
288s expecting this afforded updated planes
290s and helicopters for this season's Chrome
292s effect this might be the first season
294s ever to have both the helicopters and
296s planes in it at the exact same time
298s which is also likely why they also
301s updated this in the background video
302s with a brand new feature flyable animals
305s are coming soon and also the grappler
307s item or like the new Saddler item will
309s also be a part of this so it's going to
310s be a pretty big update uh coming up very
312s soon it's also gonna be a pretty big
314s season that many people don't even think
316s about
316s uh Florida not only added back most of
319s the gun and missile stuff but they also
321s updated the sounds and idle slash reload
323s animations and effects uh so there's a
326s high possibility for return this or next
328s season so yeah there's a lot of stuff
330s coming soon lots of OG items I should
332s say and a lot of people don't expect
334s this to be great just because the first
336s day was not so good but throughout the
338s season they have so much stuff planned
340s and people also forget that next season
342s is also the Christmas theme uh the
344s zombies from fortnite mares October crew
347s link screen looks like just like the
349s same zombies from chapter 2 Season 4
351s Halloween and has almost the exact same
353s face shape and hands thoughts on this
355s mode possibly returning which I don't
357s think it's possibly returning a 100 is
359s death in return because it was so
361s popular fortnite X FIFA World Cup epic
364s added World Cup BR challenges that
366s grants 20K XP each for this season no
369s idea no idea when they were released
371s though
372s so at first people actually thought it
374s was the real world cup but yeah it's
375s just for FIFA uh recap on what epic has
378s updated this season that might be added
380s soon charged shotgun godded missile
383s launcher Luke Skywalker's lightsabers
385s and skin by the way uh Wolverine and
387s Batman mythics Kingsman Mythic throwable
389s launch pads sideways content and
392s caretaker so yeah lots of content coming
394s soon so definitely be hyped up
397s um I believe last but not least remember
399s that meta sound slash half AI generate
402s sound from season three's downtime looks
404s like epic will implement it in game as a
406s test in the near future for these items
408s which is a huge thing campfire skydiving
411s and PC music and gunfire and I almost
414s forgot about this but last but not least
415s it looks at The Tonight Show is actually
417s coming to fortnite so Jimmy Fallon
419s Wednesday night something very exciting
421s is going down we're taking the Tonight
422s Show into fortnite
424s that's right we've teamed up with
426s Samsung to do this uh it's called
428s tonight at the Rock powered by Samsung
430s Galaxy it's a gaming experience you can
432s play in fortnite uh we recreated
434s everything Rockefeller Center the 30
436s Rock building our offices every little
437s detail of the studio it's like you're
439s right here and the attention to detail
441s is pretty mind-blowing uh you can
443s explore around there's all these mini
444s games you can play games we play on The
446s Tonight Show and games that we made just
448s for fortnite with Samsung Galaxy power
450s boost it's really cool we're very
452s excited about that so call all your
453s friends around the world and start
454s playing tune into the show Wednesday
456s night and thank you to 4 fortnite and
458s with that being said my friends that is
459s all I have for you guys for today's
460s video as always if you want to support
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466s we'll see you guys tomorrow and thanks
468s for watching
488s thank you