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0s so forth nightmares 2022 has now been
3s teased and just like we speculated for
4s the past couple of days it's gonna be a
6s very very dark season so let's hop
8s directly into it fright and delight the
11s four nightmares call out by the fortnite
13s team the time has come to start thinking
15s about the season of scares will you
17s fright and delight players or create the
19s most electric halloween party experience
21s for friends to enjoy have your players
24s survive scary environments solve spooky
26s puzzles or feel overwhelmed red in
29s assignment trick assignment trick
32s am i saying that right pvp or come up
34s with something truly new and scary make
36s your best for nightmares themed islands
38s by utilizing recently released devices
41s and your island could be featured in
43s discovery during this year's four
45s nightmares 2022. fortnite marriage is
47s about enjoying the fun five of the
49s season not high combat please stay on
52s theme by following the design guidelines
54s below we cannot wait to see what you
56s guys come up with
58s and here is the teaser for four
59s nightmares 2022 which kind of looks like
62s a vibe now originally i was like is this
64s an unreleased skin but no it turns out
66s it is graveyard drift with some fancy
68s lighting so yeah it's not a brand new
70s skin and according to the call out
72s criteria and the guidelines yeah they
75s don't really want combat based islands
78s they want chill vibing halloween type
81s trick-or-treating
82s islands if that actually makes sense so
85s kind of strange i think that the combat
87s ones are much more fun but i guess
89s they're going down a line of wanting
91s just kind of like spooky fun little maps
93s mess around in with your friends and
95s like trick-or-treating and stuff like
96s that so kind of kid-friendly so kind of
98s boring but also kind of cool now this is
101s actually pretty special because if you
103s remember back to august 2nd sheena also
105s said this in each season of this chapter
107s we have been given a new image of the
109s battle bus and with each season that
111s passes we solely approach night time
114s more and more could this be a metaphor
116s to hint that something bad is coming
117s when night falls and guys in two months
120s and four nightmares night will fall in
122s season four so yeah this is going to be
125s pretty special and definitely anticipate
127s the next upcoming teaser to look
129s something like this in the background
131s video now keep in mind this is a concept
132s i had rendered but yeah you guys got the
135s point it's very similar and it should be
137s a very very great season
139s now something else a little league for
141s upcoming four nightmares foreign is
143s working on interesting halloween boss
145s and creature that has a goo effect and
147s creature rise and summon creature
149s abilities so yeah guys this four
152s nightmares this year should be something
154s to take note of and you guys are
155s definitely not going to want to miss it
157s now some other stuff to anticipate is
159s definitely some concept skins that were
161s of course inside the survey so here's
162s two great concepts that definitely fit
165s the criteria of four nightmares 2022 so
169s let us know in the comments below if you
170s guys know of any more of them or if you
171s guys know some concept artists you want
173s to see featured in tomorrow's video now
175s we are also anticipating a small small
178s content update by tomorrow which should
180s add uh these ufos there will be a total
182s of six ufo spawns on the map and they
184s will return within one to two weeks and
186s yes they are set to be in zero build
188s mode as well unless epic decides to
190s disable them so yeah guys by tomorrow
192s we're not gonna be receiving a big
194s update until
195s another week from now which will be
197s over on the 16th so yeah quite a long
200s time from now but for today and tomorrow
203s uh we should anticipate the ufos now
205s being unvaulted which i'm sure we are
207s all happy to see um but yeah guys
209s unfortunately speaking that is about it
211s as far as what to expect for tomorrow
213s i'm sure there might be some other small
215s hotfixes but unfortunately speaking
217s there's not going to be a whole lot of
219s stuff
220s so yeah
221s let us know your thoughts down below and
223s let us know what you guys want to see in
224s this year's four nightmares 2022. thanks
227s for watching be sure to check out my
229s altmars channel where we cover tons of
231s multiverses leaks and news and clips and
233s we'll see you guys next time
254s you