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0s so it seems like chapter 3 season 4 is
2s not doing as well as we originally
4s thought because a lot of people are now
6s noticing that over on the google trends
8s page well it's just simply not doing
10s well according to mr top5 ford is
12s officially at the lowest popularity it's
14s ever been heartbreaking considering a
16s new season just came out now we could
18s argue with the fact that fortnite simply
20s did not update yet on google trends page
22s however it kind of seems like it already
24s did for the most part and this is also
27s in terms of searches on youtube itself
29s so for the past five years we can see a
32s pretty significant downward trend
34s now according to gudo the person that's
35s absolutely obsessed with lady gaga he
37s said mid battle pass missing a live
40s event battle royale uneven you die for
43s people with levels of gameplay absurdly
45s higher than yours re-add imposters mode
49s now just like some other craters i've
50s been talking about this season simply
52s does not have that it factor we are
54s missing that it feature where it makes
57s the season absolutely playable and you
59s know absolutely crazy now do not worry
61s you know that feature that we all we're
63s looking for inside of season four will
65s be coming out very very soon and it will
67s be like first person mode it also will
69s be like you know several other things
71s credit mode 2.0 and the live events
73s possibly lady gaga concert and so much
75s more so
76s yes the trend is going down very fast
78s but people are back in school and of
80s course this season did not start with an
82s incredible brand new feature just yet so
85s that's my personal explanation as far as
87s you know why it looks like that and yeah
88s i definitely noticed the views have
90s dramatically dropped but it's the first
91s week of the season people are grinding
93s and i guess enjoying the season in other
95s news i just got ratio by fortnite uh if
97s you know you know deliver the ultimate
100s ratio with the checkered past pack
102s coming soon yeah so this is a brand new
105s starter pack for chapter three season
106s four and apparently it might even be out
108s by tonight so in case you guys actually
110s caught this use code all mars but yeah
113s never thought that fortnite would tweet
115s about ratios in other news i got the
117s cyberpk skin early as promised so here's
119s a full showcase
165s so
184s so absolutely fantastic this skin drops
186s by tomorrow uh and from hypex by the way
189s in fortnite's latest which islandru.com
192s official website they show you these two
195s maps without any contacts can anyone
198s check if these are community concepts
200s and hypex said oh yeah it looks like
202s they are community concepts still a
204s random thing to do
205s now yeah the one to the right was made
206s by ea skates concepts so not really sure
209s what they are trying to do with this but
211s we do speculate they might be teasing a
213s new map coming soon for chapter three
215s season five and we have already got some
216s more info about that at the end of the
218s video so stay tuned celebrate fortnite
220s battle royale's fifth birthday with new
222s quest and photography and free rewards
225s by the way by the way how old were you
227s guys five years ago when fortnite first
229s came out i was actually 21 i'm currently
232s 26 going on 27 so leave that comment
234s down below
235s happy fifth birthday fortnite battle
237s royale starting september 23rd 2022 at
240s 9am bt will be celebrating the fifth
242s birthday of fortnite battery yell with
244s special in-game quest a birthday-themed
247s photography showcase and fortnite trivia
250s on social media check out all the
251s details down below
253s birthday quest during their birthday
255s festivities that battlebots will be
256s flying with our new birthday paint job
258s after taking the bus driver from
260s dropping you off at your favorite point
262s of interest you'll find yourself a
263s birthday present on the island full of
265s high grade loop as well as delicious
267s restorative birthday cake
270s there's decor too balloons aka
272s convenient floating devices are also
274s returning use these unvaulted items to
276s complete birthday quest available from
278s 9am et on september 23rd until 9 a.m et
281s on september 27th complete these quests
285s which will be fundable on the quest page
286s to unlock the new fuzz fetty cake back
289s blame celebratory slice pickaxe and
292s sparkle cake emoticon and here's some
294s early gameplay of those free rewards
315s in other news coming directly from tom
317s henderson we have already got some
318s pretty significant leaks coming soon
320s fortnite chapter 3 season 5 release date
323s collaborations and much more
325s prior to the announcement of fortnite
327s chapter 3 season 4's release date i
329s reported on twitter that fortnight
330s chapter 3 season 5 will start on
332s december 5th 2022. sources have said
335s this is a date that remains accurate
337s which the season is scheduled to start
339s at 15 o'clock utc
341s uh fortnite chapter 3 season 4 is
343s scheduled to end on december 3rd
345s indicating that there will be around two
347s days of downtime between sessions which
349s is absolutely crazy so definitely could
351s be a brand new map in addition to the
353s news sources have implied that the next
355s season is not part of a new chapter for
357s fortnight instead it is part of the
359s existing chapter three
361s all right so that's some pretty big news
363s continue on uh the same sources we have
365s provided accurate information in the
366s past for fortnight including the dreamer
369s and starfire introductions have said
371s that there are at least eight individual
373s collaborations penciled in for the rest
375s of 2022 so definitely anticipate at
378s least eight more collaborations before
380s season five
381s due to this nature of crossovers which
383s includes the likes of contractual
385s agreements sources have said the exact
387s details cannot be provided just yet
389s one source who wish to remain anonymous
392s as they are not authorized to talk about
393s confident information said that at least
395s in reeks have become a logistical
397s headache for the team
398s it's understandable that epic games has
400s clamped down heavily on leaks in these
402s past few months with the studio
404s resorting to only giving certain details
406s to certain groups in order to track
408s leaks the method does seem to be a
410s logistical night headache especially
412s when the news seems to still trickle
414s through
415s it's been said though that the majority
417s of the leaks that have surfaced in
418s recent months have no weight to them
420s implying that such collaborations will
422s never be in the works for it is a
424s powerhouse and i think that everyone
425s expects everything to come to the game
427s at some point and that's simply not the
429s case it was said
430s recent data mines have revealed that
432s some form of star wars collaboration
434s will be coming again in the future with
436s updated code revealing two new
437s lightsabers for luke skywalker and there
440s you guys have it so some pretty big
442s findings from tom henderson absolutely
444s crazy
445s last but not least we also have for you
447s guys this fortnite playstation plus
449s celebration pack the pack includes
451s follow the butterfly emote uh snow
454s sailor glider and snowball flight
456s control and they are currently out right
458s now and that's all we have for you guys
460s for today's video thank you guys so much
461s for watching and we'll see you guys on
463s tomorrow's brand new news
485s you