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0s hey guys welcome back to the happy power
2s channel if you want face cams to return
4s let me know in the comments below first
5s things first we have a brand new cover
7s for ford and x marvel zero war and this
9s one features like tons and tons of
12s fortnite characters kind of battling out
14s together and we can even see like dr
17s doom and a few other you know honorable
18s mentions so it's pretty cool looking and
20s let me know in the comments below if you
22s see anybody new that might be hinted to
24s come soon to fortnite we also have for
26s you guys something really strange is
28s gonna happen next update over at the
31s zero point inside of the water so it's
33s gonna start twirling around and make
35s some new effects
58s now we're not entirely sure what is
59s going on with this but we can speculate
61s that it is definitely for a mini live
64s event maybe epic games and fortnite are
66s finally bringing back those many cool
68s events that we all know and love and are
70s super nostalgic so who knows but it
72s might have something to do with the
73s reality tree now spring around the map
75s maybe it's an energy thing or who knows
78s so we'll have to wait and see we also
79s have free guys the fortnight community
81s effort is now over the rocks behind the
84s reality falls waterfall have been broken
86s revealing a new secret room inside that
89s room the ghost and shadow henchmen and
91s the last reality trespasser can now be
93s found
94s so there was actually a rock here that
96s had like several trillion hp to break
99s and now after the committee has finally
100s broken it well it has now revealed uh
103s those three characters so
104s it's kind of just like a little funny
106s lore thing that the games want to do to
108s have a community effort so maybe we'll
110s be seeing more of these in the next
111s couple updates but yeah so far if they
113s don't really do anything you guys can
115s talk to them but overall it's simply
117s just that it's just kind of three
118s characters chilling out and they were
120s kind of stuck behind you uh into the
122s best topic of the video however we have
124s for you guys from peptio chicken i think
126s i'm saying their name right uh naruto
129s shippuden
130s x fortnite probably said that completely
132s wrong sorry uh new skins honestly i
134s should probably not even try to say
135s these names because i will legit mess it
137s up and you guys will flame me in the
138s comments below yeah these four brand new
140s characters from naruto are now coming to
143s fortnight and it was leaked very very
145s early thanks to this comic book right
146s here but
147s uh what's also actually confirmed
149s according to this person was independent
151s of yesterday's magazine league the
153s hitachi and hinata skins have been
156s confirmed to me by maida righto who has
159s reliable insider information if anyone
162s had doubts about the image of the new
163s naruto scans being real this is your
165s confirmation so we definitely know for a
167s fact that these two skins are completely
169s real and alongside that to those two
171s other ones must be real as of course
173s they are from the exact same naruto
175s squad so with that being said that is
178s also completely coming to fortnite so
180s for new naruto skins and alongside that
182s for that game quincy enough also
184s announced about a day or so ago for the
186s x naruto rivals and it's coming on 6 23
190s 2022 which by the way the 23rd is
193s actually over on thursday so tuesday we
195s will probably get a brand new update to
197s add these early which you guys can
198s definitely anticipate that we might be
200s able to get these early
202s unless they are completely encrypted
204s however most of the time leaguers
206s nowadays can get encrypted stuff early
208s so that is also some look forward to
211s uh we also have for you guys from today
213s a brand new 4chan leaker well he
215s released this information
217s rumor han solo luke skywalker and leah
220s organa are coming to the game later this
222s year or 2023 this was posted on 4chan by
226s most likely the same person who elite
228s who also lead the second naruto
230s collaboration for this month so yes guys
232s more star wars cosmetics are now on the
234s way not quite sure why there's so many
236s star wars skins coming soon but yeah
238s definitely not gonna complain too much
240s as i know a lot of you guys absolutely
242s will kill for anything star wars
244s so yeah star wars been a very prominent
246s collaboration for the past couple of
248s seasons and even chapters so uh in case
250s you guys actually love star wars that is
252s for you guys uh we also have free guys
254s uh correction my bad the foundation boss
256s is set to removed at the end of the next
258s season and the i o guards are set to be
260s removed at the end of this season
262s so yeah the io guards and essentially
265s the foundation boss are gonna be removed
267s by next season
268s and this is likely due to the actual
270s storyline finally being over so does
273s that actually mean that dr sloan might
274s be completely dead now honestly it might
277s yeah i think we're finally getting rid
278s of the whole war between the io uh
280s versus the seven i think the seven is
282s going to be phased out with a brand new
284s lore storyline which is probably the
286s origin and you know this brand new
288s character so that is actually some
290s pretty interesting information we also
292s have for you guys in case you missed it
293s uh more information about juice world x4
295s tonight on an instagram live juice's
298s manager pete said that he's not allowed
299s to talk about a possible collaboration
301s with fortnite otherwise he'll get in
303s trouble this indicates he most likely
305s signed an nda looks like he'll be coming
307s soon
308s yeah they fire
312s fortnite
313s um if i say anything about fortnite
316s i'm gonna get in trouble again hey is
318s the juice of fortnite collab coming i
320s can't say anything let me get in trouble
322s before at night so if i say anything so
325s i'm gonna let it i got it all but it
327s takes five hours to set up and now
329s finally speaking everyone's very very
331s not happy about the brandy star wars
333s cosmetics as they do in fact feature a
336s lightsaber which should be a pickaxe on
338s the actual character itself so hopefully
341s someday we do in fact get a lightsaber
343s pickaxe as i'm sure we all want that
345s inside the game
347s so yes guys that is all we have for you
348s guys for today's video if you guys want
350s to support the channel again like
351s today's video and comment down below
353s absolutely anything thanks for watching
355s and we'll see you guys next time
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434s been told
437s but now all of you see so much
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450s have a good day
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482s everybody