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0s hey guys welcome back to the channel
2s today we have for you guys today's small
4s content update and we're gonna discuss
6s how bad the summer update actually was
9s uh just so you guys know that 21.40
11s update is now confirmed to release this
13s tuesday so yes guys it's not today but
16s it will be next tuesday and it will
17s finally add some actual content that
19s we've all been craving for the past two
21s weeks while up games have been on
23s vacation just you guys know it there's
25s still stuff coming soon fortnite is not
27s completely dead just yet also just you
29s guys know this is the actual last
31s building that won the tilted towers uh
34s voting system and yes it was kind of
36s rigged but it is still a good building
38s choice so congrats to this person for
40s actually winning the last and final
42s tilde towers block 2.0 voting
45s uh coming directly from fortnite game
47s august crew back bonus new and renewing
49s fortnite crew members get permanent
51s access to save the world and compatible
53s devices this month drop in and take on
56s quest lines like tales of beyond to lock
59s limited time heroes and rewards
61s and i'm pretty sure we all thought at
63s first that this was going to be a free
64s skin for battle royale but yeah it was
66s just promotion for save the world which
69s is a very very rare tweet from epic
71s games also coming directly from fortnite
74s news epic games will probably reward
76s both the sweat free rap and the no sweat
78s summer loading screens to players who
80s have completed all the rebuild a block
82s and no sweat sub requests similar to
85s earlier this season and honestly i think
88s they're probably gonna grant rewards to
90s most people who even did not even do
92s rewards or did like one reward uh we've
94s seen this quite a few times so yeah
96s that's probably very likely which is why
98s half the time i don't even do challenges
100s these days because the game is just not
102s that fun right now
103s uh junk riffs have been unvaulted in
105s today's small content update while
107s hypebex also said less than an hour
109s until this summer's last content update
112s we should either get the ufos and pulse
114s grenades or junk ribs or all of them or
116s most of them also the tilde towers
118s voting ends in 45 minutes we might get
121s the buildings in game
123s yeah guys so unfortunately we did not
125s get the buildings we did not get ufos or
127s impulse grenades but we did get the
129s useless junk riffs yeah i don't know man
132s but according to fire monkey it's
134s actually due to this race in the
135s background video
136s oh and by the way this is my complaint
138s section so sorry about that no ufos that
140s this was the most boring and lazy summer
142s update we've ever gotten according to
144s fire monkey however the whole wild weeks
146s are still coming with ufos and impulses
149s but it still doesn't change the fact
150s that epic was incredibly lazy with the
152s summer update they scrapped anything
154s interesting by the way skating uh
156s hoverboards uh concert i go on and on
159s but i'm sure some of that stuff might
160s become later on but anyway
162s and the rewards were extremely me you
164s can love a game and still have
166s complaints and yeah i can play because i
168s love this game and i want this game to
171s maintain its incredible fan base it's
173s incredible live viewers it's incredible
176s massive fan base but they are not going
178s to do that with these lazy lazy updates
182s if you guys only knew the amount of
184s stuff they scrapped during this summer
186s update and you can argue that they were
188s on vacation and that is completely why
190s or you can actually understand logic to
192s the point where before the occasion they
195s actually had this stuff planned so why
197s is it that they could not finish it
198s before vacation i honestly don't
201s understand that and also how does a
202s company worth this much money 32 billion
206s dollars not have two sets of team where
209s half the team will go on vacation and
211s the other half would take turns when
212s they get back whichever the company
214s generally usually does because they do
216s not abandon their company for two weeks
219s for it themselves are worth two billion
222s dollars epic games hire some more people
224s if you guys cannot afford another
226s secondary team to take over well half
228s your team goes on vacation or
230s alternately figure out how to actually
232s make content come out while you guys are
234s gone instead of just scrapping it so
236s that is my two cents but yeah let us
238s know your thoughts down below i'm sorry
239s for complaining but i just had to get
241s off my chest fortnite reality root watch
243s a new tree bloom from the reality tree
245s has sprouted and can be found at the
247s daily bugle expect this pretty much rest
249s to change soon so we will finally be
251s saying goodbye to the daily beagles uh
254s spider-man point of interest which yeah
256s very surprising lasted this long to be
257s honest
259s for the x rocket league has now
260s decrypted some free rewards in today's
262s update which are completely brand new
264s and although they're actually not super
266s exciting looking it's still pretty cool
268s as we get some free rewards so here's
269s that stuff in the back video early in
271s the game
287s so
298s all right we also have for you guys the
300s halloween update so in case you guys
302s missed that this is the first teaser or
304s spoiler for what should be a very spooky
307s season four and four nightmares 2022 and
310s this guy has made this concept so i just
311s want to share this really quickly
312s because madness look creepy and madness
314s look cool so great work to adi as always
318s what's that for you guys some spoilers
319s for the storyline spoilers for issue
322s number three ahead gino mine and lots of
325s other theories have been confirmed gino
326s is officially father of the imagine and
328s the order but who really is genome and
331s what is his endgame well we got that
333s answer and to an extent
336s gino is a scientist a perfectionist who
338s specializes in genetics he has
340s genetically improved himself and his
342s very daughters even before they were
344s born he seeks to create an ideal a
346s genetically perfect civilization it
348s seems that the loop's purpose and the
350s imagine order's never ending research of
353s the omniverse and its vast multiverses
355s assisted his cause this guy literally
358s sounds like thanos another possible
360s creation of his could be crafted
361s mortally which joan just speaks of it
364s seems that all the iowa members are
366s given that before joining this of course
368s is from rough translations of issue
370s number three and our subject to be
372s different but we finally know something
374s about genome and what makes them the
375s perfect antagonist as well as ruler of
378s the omniverse alright so there you guys
381s have it we're gonna finish off today's
382s video with some few with a few cosmetics
385s so here's these two from pharaoh's which
387s obviously epic games please hire this
389s man for up for updates he would
391s absolutely kill it
394s uh
426s so
442s and finally speaking for x walter white
445s concept inspired by brian cranston and
448s breaking bad
449s so yes i hope we get this at some point
451s walter would be such a cool looking skin
453s and in case you guys actually not know
455s this i also cover multiverses on my
457s second channel every single day and i
459s post several times a day and it's doing
460s very very well so check it out down the
462s description down below and we'll see you
463s guys in tomorrow's videos
486s you