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10s what is up my friends welcome back to
11s the happy power channel today we have
13s for you guys more leagues revolving
14s around the chapter 3 season 2 event the
17s first event of chapter 3. now this event
19s is pretty significant and there will be
21s a lot of spoilers in today's video so in
23s case you guys do not want to be spoiled
25s for the upcoming live event we suggest
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50s thank you guys so much for the amount of
52s comments hopping directly into it we
54s have for you guys a miscellaneous topic
56s the mecca team glider is now available
58s to claim over on the psn rewards so now
61s all the rewards have currently been
63s giving out so this clutter actually
65s comes with some additional styles or of
67s course like i guess glider styles and
69s stuff like that so overall a pretty cool
72s looking glider and a perfect looking
74s glider for the upcoming live event so
76s that is pretty cool we also have for you
78s guys from shark toos who basically said
80s he wants these kind of guns featured in
82s this year's summer event which
84s summertime is coming up very very fast
86s so wouldn't it be absolutely crazy to
88s see water guns replaced with the current
91s loophole and grenades replaced with
93s essentially like water balloons
96s i really hope fortnite goes down this
98s rod one day and makes the game a lot
99s more wacky and fun like it used to be in
102s chapter 1. it's a perfect opportunity to
104s bring back a lot of fortnite players now
106s into the best part of the video and a
108s part of the video that will indeed
110s contain lots of spoilers for the
111s upcoming live event so make sure you
113s guys click off right now in case you
115s guys do not want to be spoiled from pq
117s event spoilers thread here is all the
120s info about the event i was able to find
122s out about we'll be fighting and
123s destroying unspecified yet crazy things
127s most likely just like we fought the
128s caretakers during the end v2
132s something will happen with the moon
133s during the event we will be in steadiest
136s or stadius status i don't really know
138s how to say that word i do not know why
141s but you guys get the point lots of crazy
143s stuff will be happening with the moon
144s and by the way that's only because the
147s seventh base is currently on the moon
149s here's a small backstory that can
151s refresh your memory in case you guys are
152s new to the channel so after the final
154s showdown event the mech team leader
157s actually went directly back to the moon
159s which for the longest time we had no
161s idea where the actual mega team leader
163s went right after the live event he kind
165s of just flew into the sky and that was
167s the end of it but now thanks to this
169s loading screen we now know that the
170s seven currently owned some sort of moon
173s and on this moon is the sevens
175s headquarters so this entire time from
177s now ever since the actual final strong
179s event they have been rebuilding the mech
181s to kind of combat the future of
183s whatever's gonna be happening which
184s apparently they must have known about so
186s now that you guys know the backstory as
188s far as why the moon is relevant to the
189s fortnite storyline and so relevant to
191s this actual event let's get into some
193s more leaks there will be a moon pod
195s which we'll be able to actually enter
197s and exit some kind of weapon swap will
200s happen during the event maybe between us
202s and the i o
204s there will also be some unload waves
206s probably from the doomsday device we
208s should be able to control some kind of
210s missile and lasers so that sounds very
213s exciting it's a very interactive event
215s the event will have six phases in total
217s we should be seeing the zero point
219s during the event though the shortcut zp
221s might mean something else
223s the rock statue should be completely
225s destroyed during the event there was a
227s lot of mentions of this inside the files
229s we or the io will have access to tanks
232s so i'm gonna pause for a second as this
234s is pretty crazy information i think
237s something that's actually very
238s surprising to even me is the rest of the
241s rock statue might be destroyed because
243s currently the stance a lot of people
245s have theories that can certainly be
247s actual like lone screen shows a half
249s robot
250s what if the actual like rock statue was
252s destroyed because feed we're going to
254s use for the mecha team leader to
255s complete it but it turns out that's
257s completely not the case apparently but
259s that could also change so that was kind
261s of the ongoing theory now some more
263s leaks there should be some i o drills
265s drilling during the event at some point
268s our players should be hidden for some
269s reason this low quality version of the
272s map got added to the files and its size
274s is very very big maybe we'll be seeing
276s it when we get on the moon if that's
278s even possible so that honestly kind of
280s makes sense i think we'll be seeing like
282s some sort of like earth type thing but
284s they ford an island and it's gonna look
286s very very small but of course if you
288s guys went to the moon right now and look
290s back at earth you would probably see the
292s earth in a weird small sphere
295s so it kind of makes sense overall so
297s those were some pretty significant leaks
299s a lot of you guys requested i go really
300s in depth and leaks and well there you
302s guys go
303s from the egyptian leaker the collider's
305s energy color might change to purple soon
308s some files mention a purple beam coming
310s out of the tower first noticed by caspel
312s the icon of the poi shows the energy in
315s purple as well
316s so that's pretty strange i'm not quite
318s sure why it's gonna be changing colors
320s now we do speculate that the colors
322s definitely will change but apparently it
324s also might be blue so here's that in the
326s background video
336s so let us know in the comments below
338s what do you guys think would be
339s happening for the collider be turning
340s colors maybe a new stage honestly no
343s idea
344s taking a break from that from fortnite
346s br intel uh there's most likely going to
348s be free rewards for attending the event
350s and this gift box got added today
352s prisoner jones is currently a
353s placeholder
355s now what if prisoner jones is gonna be
357s free just like i said a season three
359s that would be absolutely fantastic so
360s hopefully it's not just a placeholder in
363s case you guys missed it there was
364s currently another pulse the ford and io
366s collider doomsday device has just sent
369s out its second energy pulse it happened
371s exactly 3 pm et 8 pm bst energy pulses
375s number 2.
388s uh
397s there is currently a 30 hour time
399s interval based on the two first pulses
402s alone
403s so apparently every 30 hours the pulse
405s is currently going down which obviously
407s over time will actually drop pretty
409s significantly we also have for you guys
411s the first teaser and countdown from
413s fortnite game themselves and that's
414s pretty much it as far as the leaks in
416s today's video there's still a little
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425s ob1 skin was announced yesterday so
427s here's a full showcase
454s may the force be with you
457s and last but not least from ponzip uh he
460s actually made this incredible ui concept
463s uh switch seat like a pro
464s hold the switch button to enable the
466s hood or hud and hover over the seat you
469s want to go no mercy for backseat cameras
472s think this is such a great idea and
473s you'll see what i'm talking about
478s so many words haven't spoken you took my
481s heart it's already broken
484s you don't have to wait i can
491s let me take
493s on a new adventure
514s on a new adventure
521s so this overall concept seems like it
523s should already be inside the game but
525s hopefully it comes out at some point
527s because it just simply seems so so clean
530s so that is all we have for you guys for
532s today's video if you want to support the
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537s video thanks for watching and we'll see
538s you guys in tomorrow's dad as you fresh
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