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0s hey guys welcome back to the channel so
2s for the past couple of days we've been
3s talking about forwarded x-trader things
5s potentially having a part two of the
7s collaboration and now today we actually
9s have regards confirmation thanks to a
11s leaked source and we also have where you
13s got some more confirmations of other
15s collaborations thanks to again a leaked
17s source so if you want to support this
18s video comment down below absolutely
20s anything because the more comments on
21s this video the more likely it will help
23s the video so hopping directly into it we
25s have for you guys from sheena in case
27s you missed it epic will be taking a
29s company wide summer break from july 25th
32s to august 8th these vacations typically
34s last two weeks so there won't be any
36s major updates requiring downtime during
38s that time however it is still possible
40s we can get a content update in these two
43s weeks so yes guys this is likely also
45s when uh basically with the summertime
47s event will also take place so definitely
49s anticipate that coming up very very soon
52s we also have for you guys from dbd leaks
55s which of course is actually based around
56s dead by daylight
59s netflix has contacted behavioral
61s proposing a future collaboration
63s following the discontinued straighter
64s things collaboration this means not only
66s strandedly's chapter coming back but
68s also new content such as character
70s vechna is part of it the old stranger
73s things chapter should be back on
74s christmas 2022
77s so this is absolutely huge not only are
79s we getting collaboration with dead by
81s daylight but it is also revolving around
83s that content itself apparently the dead
86s by daylight leak is actually real what
88s it means for fortnite players meg thomas
91s skin coming soon what it means for dead
93s by daylight players fortnite llama charm
96s and shredder things things stuff returns
98s plus some new strengths dlcs so this is
101s absolutely huge so there's always a huge
102s possibility that we'll be seeing this
104s also inside of fortnite as of course it
107s directly correlates to that as well so i
109s actually got contacted by a leak source
111s about three days ago but i wasn't really
113s sure if it's real until today as of
115s course after the leaker has now broken
117s the story which i kind of regret not
119s breaking the story first but it is what
121s it is
122s now i was requested by leaguers to not
124s actually show the content that's coming
125s soon but we do actually have recognized
127s all the content that was leaked early
129s but i just can't showcase for you guys
131s in today's video so you're gonna have to
132s trust me but the keychain looks like a
135s llama with of course a keychain to it
137s you know it's a weapon charm so that is
139s actually for dead dead by daylight and
141s for fortnite game well we're getting
143s this skin in fortnite from dead by
145s daylight and also dead by daylight is
147s also getting a vechna skin and some
149s returning dlc but that also means that
152s it could also come to fortnite as of
154s course the fortnite tiktok has been
156s teasing out for a few days now that
157s straighter things might be coming back
159s very very soon
176s so if it does indeed come back lonnie's
178s got us covered as far as what it will
179s look like inside the game so he says
181s your time is over generally cannot wait
183s for season 4 volume 2 anymore so i
186s decided to make a street of things art
187s featuring the coolest villain so far i
190s hope you all enjoy it so yeah this is
192s what vector would look like inside of
194s the game of fortnite so absolutely crazy
196s looking and like always we have for you
198s guys pharaoh's absolutely crazy
200s recreation of a stranger things seen
219s so
240s so yeah guys that's the leaked source in
242s today's video we also have regards some
243s more topics so stay tuned first look at
246s the upcoming locker achieving menu it's
248s still unfinished but coming soon i'm not
250s really sure what achieving does to be
252s honest
263s so yeah i'm actually on the same page i
265s really don't know it's actually for but
267s it still looks pretty interesting so
269s want to share in today's video
271s we also have for you guys from top 5
272s gaming and a reddit user imagine if four
275s day season 3 had customizable
277s lightsabers now the reason behind us not
279s getting that well this is his theory
281s this didn't happen for two potential
283s reasons epic did not want a cosmetics or
285s confused from the other actual item
287s disney said no to this being a
289s possibility resulting in darth vader's
291s spoon pickaxe so that's actually pretty
293s funny but honestly makes a lot of sense
296s disney's a very stingy company now as
298s far as fortnite content goes in today's
300s video that's pretty much it but we do
301s have already got some bonuses so from
303s the watcher guru
305s season 6 league suggests the story will
307s take place in colombia and miami and
310s will include in-game cryptocurrency
312s rewards for players to earn and trade
314s so this sounds just so so cool and i'm
317s really curious to see if you guys
318s actually want to see gta 6 content when
320s it officially drops here on the channel
323s i think that game is gonna actually
324s create a lot of big creators and i think
327s it's gonna be a game that is gonna
328s revive a lot of fortnite channels so i
331s probably will hop on it but i will still
332s be posting fortnite content whenever
334s possible and last but not least from
336s hypex the question for you guys in the
338s comments below what is the craziest
340s thing for that fortnite still hasn't
342s collaborated with
343s don't name your favorite collab name a
345s clap that would go viral if it happened
347s and then he said on the second channel
348s i'm hoping we get the boys collaboration
350s at some point and that homelander and
352s butcher two of the best characters i've
354s ever seen in a show or movie which i
357s must highly agree if you guys have not
359s watched the boys yet i highly suggest it
362s but be warned there's a lot of gore in
363s it and there's a lot of well nudity in
365s it so it's a very raunchy show but at
368s the same time extremely amazing very
371s action full and the character story
372s lines are absolutely fantastic so that
375s is all i have for you guys for today's
376s video if you want to support the channel
377s again simply just comment down below
379s absolutely anything or review or do
381s multiple comments thanks for watching
383s and we'll see you guys in tomorrow's
384s daily daisy fresh
407s but i don't think
434s just let me be
459s just let me be
465s i got a lot to say
468s i hope you don't feel no way
470s i hope you don't make the same
474s mistakes when you blow the flame you're
476s kind of obsessive to me
479s you're kind of too strong on your feet
482s i can't say that i guarantee
485s but i know what you mean to me