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0s hey guys welcome back to the channel
11s so that was an extremely cool trailer
13s brought to you by foreign and epic games
15s to kind of go with today's update and of
17s course a brand new darth vader bus so
20s that was actually pretty sick
56s we also have for you guys today's map
58s changes so a bunch of secret ones and a
60s bunch of very very big ones
62s the 21.10 map changes logjam lotus this
66s magical changing point of interest gives
68s us a blast from the past each game
70s there's a chance to witness a og point
72s of interest merged with log jam they
74s include tilde town colossal coliseum
77s lazy lagoon and coral castle now
79s apparently there's also these points of
81s interest neo-tilted coral castle and the
84s colosseum so not entirely sure if
86s they're all out right now but i'm pretty
88s sure they actually are
90s so log jam lotus colossal coliseum looks
93s like this logjam lotus lazy lagoon looks
95s like this
97s logjam lotus tilted town again looks
99s like this and some more map changes
101s butter bloom butter barn is changing the
103s reality bloom has appeared at the
105s landmark foreshadowing coming changes
108s according to league files it will be a
109s butter barn and neo-tilted merge so that
112s sounds freaking insane lord vader is
115s here spread out around the map you will
117s find various outposts randomly chosen
119s each match vader will land at one of
121s them and his ship and you can face the
123s wrath of the dark side and obtain his
125s mythical lightsaber upon unlimiting him
127s be careful he does not play nice can we
130s build it till the towers is undergoing
132s more repairs and restoration the clock
135s tower is now fully rebuilt and one of
138s the central buildings is currently under
140s construction too that shop shop the
142s factory located north of logjam lotus as
145s an upgrade has an upgrade and is now
148s called the chop shop upon landing there
150s you can find the new ripsaw weapon the
152s adventures continues the henchman bros
154s and alien trespasser can now be found
156s east of log jam lotus it appears they
158s have spotted a lonely hunchman and they
160s are trying to get his attention feeling
162s the summer vibe although the rock
164s parents haven't moved they are soaked up
166s the sun it appears the rock kid is
168s making more sand castles and the rock
170s dog has found himself a slurp barrel
173s so those are all the map pages for
174s today's update uh from height back
176s social attacks and looking for party
178s have rolled out for 10 of the community
181s soon they will roll out for everyone
182s looking for a party is a new way to find
184s players based on your common social tags
187s add social tags to your profile and
189s start finding players now upcoming fun
191s of building feature players will soon be
193s able to fund a new building that are
195s made by other players seems like it's
197s related to the block 2.0 so that is
200s extremely cool idea
202s players who earn at least eight points
204s in this month's playstation cup will get
206s the star mapping wrap for free so again
209s very very cool stuff lots of free
211s rewards today and other news some more
213s free rewards confirm there will be more
215s summer event stuff this year a lot more
218s summer vibes no sweat more summer is
220s coming stay tuned for more so likely
223s speaking there's gonna be a lot of
224s summer skins as we did not get any in
226s today's update these are some new
229s cosmetics that are part of the of the
231s nevermoor raven set they will be free as
233s part of the next creative promotion
235s summer event so yes guys these are all
238s absolutely free in this year's summer
240s event
240s this is a free back bling you can get by
243s completing this season's narrative quest
245s so again another free reward lots of
247s those in today's video
249s luke skywalker could be coming to
251s fortnight sooner than we think in the
253s latest update a new slash updated
255s lightsaber got added for him with a
257s codename npc so his npc could work
260s similar to how darth vader one is
262s currently doing so he should be coming
263s out very very soon upcoming vehicle and
266s mechanic epic begun working on skating
269s recently and it's just like the slotting
271s physics slow when you're going uphill
274s and fast when you're going downhill and
275s etc and motorcycles have been updated
278s again so they're actively working on
279s them as well
281s so these are definitely coming for this
282s year's summer event motorcycles and what
285s appears to be rollerblading or
286s skateboarding so definitely look out for
289s that and of course thanks to in the
290s shade we also have where you got some
292s early gameplay
312s finally speaking a new hologram screen
315s thing can now be found on the fortnite
317s island which i'm pretty sure is not
319s actually true i'm pretty sure he
320s actually glitches in the game but yeah
321s you guys got the point it's a brand new
323s hollow screen thingy which we have no
325s idea what it's for and uh i believe that
328s is pretty much it aside from epic games
330s it's also working on a zero build
332s version of team rumble as data for the
334s zero build big battle ltm was added this
337s update so yes guys that is all we have
339s for you guys for today's video currently
340s but i'm sure there's a lot more stuff to
342s cover so make sure you guys definitely
344s are subscribed we'll see you guys later
345s on today and as always stay happy my
347s friends first things first everything is
350s fine and you should not tell anyone
352s otherwise i'm definitely not concerned
354s about the sudden explosion of biodiverse
357s flora across the island i'm sending you
359s out to get these energy scans of the
361s reality tree just for fun got it it's
363s fun well that's a lot of zero point
366s energy and the roots are
368s pulsating ominously uh it's cool wow
372s that's that's normal right it's normal
376s grab another scan for me please i'm
378s training a new ai and she might want
380s some data to crunch on as a snack this
382s is fine the zero point is just doing its
385s thing what saying is that exactly why am
388s i not saying thing instead of fang look
390s it's secret i can't get over how normal
392s my stress level is feeling right now
394s it's time to root around in the dirt
396s like a loam loving garden monger
398s again
400s turns out if you take care of these
402s things they grow i need to talk to
403s someone someone who speaks plant i have
406s a plan to get us a man on the inside of
408s all this reality tree zero point stuff
410s you've met bushranger right plant guy
413s struggles with grammar willing to sign
414s any release form i give him i secured
416s permission to take a clipping maybe a
418s fingernail of his newest form to the
420s reality tree just to see what happens oh
423s if you wouldn't mind could you take our
425s brave volunteer to the big scary tree
427s radiating zero point energy okay bushy i
430s need you to start keeping a sleep
432s journal food journal dream journal
434s maybe a vision board oh you did let's
437s see what you got
438s darkness darkness big scary
441s huh hey you want to help me grab some
443s zero-point energy readings i could use a
445s sounding board so the zero-point energy
448s across the island is unprecedented
450s best case scenario i publish a brilliant
452s paper and get a ton of awards worst case
455s scenario well
457s you can guess i feel like the zero point
459s is trying to tell us something and if i
461s don't figure it out in time
463s who will i'm beginning to think that
465s maybe freeing the zero point was a
467s mistake i thought i had all this math
469s right but clearly i missed something
472s ultimately if something goes really
473s really wrong
475s it's my fault
497s you