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0s welcome back to your daily dose of
2s fortnite
3s [Music]
15s this reddit user made a compilation of
17s everyone reacting to peeley
27s [Music]
29s [Applause]
40s no way
44s based on what i know about fortnite lore
46s we're in space because the batman who
48s laughs might be tearing open a portal to
50s the the omniverse right now with the
52s cube queen and the abductors
55s and we have to stop her
56s and suffocate geno or something maybe
60s this has to be the luckiest unluckiest
62s player in fortnite right now
77s so
88s the leg that is all 49x morbius hmm what
92s do you guys think
98s i think we all know that this season is
99s full of grinding so this person made a
101s concept called chapter 3 grinding
103s instead of vibing this pickaxe made your
105s footsteps completely silent that's all
107s the time we have for you guys in today's
109s daily news refresh be sure to come back
110s tomorrow for another video everybody
112s it's me as one all i just wanted to say
114s to you all have a good night have a good
116s sleep dream big dream safe and guys
121s remember you're loved by god have a
123s great night everybody see you tomorrow
126s [Music]
133s so
134s [Music]