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9s what is up my friends welcome back to
11s the happy power channel today we have
13s ready guys the 20.40 update and most
16s importantly the lab event for chapter 3
18s season 2 finally the first event of
21s chapter 3. now this one is pretty
23s special and like always guys if you want
25s to support the channel and see leaks
27s like this every single update and every
29s single day make sure you guys comment
31s down below anything for the youtube
32s algorithm again it could be absolutely
34s anything what was your favorite part of
36s the video your mom's name absolutely
38s anything will help this video as in more
40s comments on the video the more likely
41s gets pushed to the algorithm so hopping
43s directly into the 20.40 update map or
47s minimap is now available so here's what
49s it looks like in the background video
50s now you probably cannot see that many
52s changes however over at lou lake well
55s that's the most significant change the
57s doomsday device is now here but before
59s we get to that point we have for you
61s guys a cosmetic breakdown so here's
63s every single brand new cosmetic added in
65s today's 20.40 update now we could
68s definitely tell there's some pretty
69s awesome looking skins in here the season
71s 3 starter pack a free bundle set that is
74s going to be exclusive to the epic game
75s store the ally a skin an fncs skin
79s chapper 2 default skins that are able to
81s be purchased and we even have paradigm
83s so overall was a very very great lineup
86s and do not worry we'll get into a lot
88s more details about skins at the end of
89s the video and alongside that a full
92s in-game showcase of every single brand
94s new cosmetic in case you guys absolutely
96s love to see in-game showcases this skin
98s from the survey is currently in the
100s files but has no name or icon so expect
103s to release next update now speaking of
105s season 3 the volcanic ash assassins pack
108s is said to be an epic game's exclusive
110s skin bundle which hence could very well
112s be a free skin bundle so make sure you
114s guys stay tuned for my next video to see
116s if it's indeed going to be free now into
118s the best part of the video the brand new
120s doomsday device so just so you know
122s massive spoiler warning will be going
124s over the entire doomsday event but
126s leaving out some key details so of
129s course there's something to still
130s imagine and of course a little surprise
132s so introducing the doomsday device 2.0
135s an absolute unit over at loot lake
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167s [Applause]
170s [Music]
175s doomsday machine tags launch enabled low
178s gravity enabled lighting enabled thermal
181s enabled speed enabled allow redeploy
184s the doomsday device is said to have some
187s periodic pulses that either enable
189s glider and redeploy low gravity or extra
192s speed i might be wrong or this might be
194s scrapped so we'll see new free gifts
197s straight from the event collision we've
198s got your back here is what the countdown
201s for this season's event will look like
202s very rough looking but yes a first look
205s more info on the pre-lobby event
208s we can expect some animations and
210s sequences in the lobby before the main
212s event but i won't say more about this
215s so it's going to be a very very special
217s event full of surprises and for you guys
220s in today's video for watching this far
221s here's two bonuses there's a lot of i
224s don't knows floating around sanctuary
225s right now we don't know what that thing
227s in loot lake does we don't know if the
229s mech will be enough to stop it and most
232s annoyingly we don't know if paradigm is
235s trustworthy patch me into the
237s loudspeakers it's time to inject some
239s certainty into our situation here
241s there's been a lot of questions around
243s the loyalty of one of our ranks
245s the paradigm so i just want to go on
248s record very loudly to say that i stand
252s with her she has helped us every step of
255s the way
256s to judge her based on rumor
259s well it's criminal i don't remember my
262s past
263s i could have done
266s i don't want to think
268s about what i could have done but i am
270s here now
271s i am ready to fight
273s and ultimately
275s i think that's what matters it's time
277s for us to stand together to unify
280s to fight
282s and save reality
284s if she refuses to help
287s we'll still need a pilot
289s and you've proven your loyalty to all of
291s us so yes guys we have the ability to
293s not only see the mech
295s actually being rebuilt or fully rebuilt
298s but we may even have the chance to
299s actually use the mac for ourselves and
302s drive the mac very similar to the battle
304s bus that was it will be driven in the
305s last chapter so definitely a very large
308s live event the doomsday device being
310s able to drive a mech and so many more
311s surprises that i really wish i could
314s tell you
315s night night has been re-added to the
316s game files for the armadillo event for
318s those unaware this is what activates to
320s be continued in season black hole
323s screens we also have pretty guys the
325s upcoming event skins so we have the
327s paradigm and prisoner jonesy so not
330s really sure what's going on but prisoner
332s jonesy is definitely a skin in chapter 3
334s season 3 alongside paradigm probably
337s even battle pass skins
339s for some reason today this was added
340s back to the files now this was the event
342s back in chapter 1 which i fully
344s documented over my channel a few years
346s ago so i wonder if we'll have some sort
349s of arg and real life event coming up
351s soon we also have for you guys some
353s pretty significant teasers so make sure
355s you guys actually click off in case you
357s guys don't want any teas for the
358s upcoming event so here's a mini map that
360s will be featured during the event no
362s idea what it's actually for but we could
364s definitely tell it looks like chapter 2
366s but a very unique looking chapter too we
369s also have for you guys a full breakdown
371s of every single step of the event so
373s make sure you guys pause the video to
374s check it out or skip over completely to
376s not be spoiled and i think we'll wrap
379s things up right there as far as the live
380s event i do not want to tease any more
382s stuff as we've already shown pretty much
384s the entire live event aside from very
387s very key details that we'll leave out
389s and of course leave to the imagination
391s so make sure you guys stay tuned as i'll
392s be dropping subtle hints up until the
394s event hypex the block is now in the
396s works once again but this time it's
398s related to creative mode 2.0 lastly
401s speaking we have for you guys a full
402s in-game showcase of every single brand
404s new cosmetics so sit back relax and
407s enjoy and thanks so much for watching
408s the happy power channel
532s oh
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602s [Music]
610s you