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0s hey guys welcome back to the channel
2s today we have for you guys a huge
3s announcement from mr beast and ninja
6s which is very surprising big
8s announcement tomorrow ninja your trash
10s kid so this is very speculated to be a
14s league of legends uh kinda like a little
15s collaboration but also kind of like a
18s competition so we don't really think
19s it's gonna be like something crazy like
21s a mr beast icon series skin or something
24s like that but yeah it's been going on
26s for quite a long time now where mr beast
28s has been calling ninja trash and it's
30s likely due to a league of legends
32s tournament i may or may not be hosting a
34s league of legends tournament soon
36s also ninja sucks
38s do you guys know how bad mr beast is
41s at league of legends this guy's like one
42s of the worst support players i've ever
43s seen in my entire life
45s and it's not it's not even close i mean
47s if you i don't know if he's hosting the
48s tournament or if he's a part of it
49s either way man i would absolutely
50s dominate mr reese in a 1v1 situation or
52s in a 5 situation in league of legends
54s and it wouldn't even be close
56s it wouldn't it would not even be
58s remotely close
59s so in case you guys see that today or
61s people clickbaiting it well that's
63s actually the real case
64s we have for you guys a brand new update
66s coming tomorrow so sheena just gave us a
68s full overview as far as what to expect
70s and yes we'll break down every single
72s topic what to expect in tomorrow's
74s update and by the way this is the first
76s actual update of chapter 3 season 3.
79s battle pass super styles now of course
81s we talked about this for the past two
82s days this could be for darth vader
84s having some new styles lightsaber
86s pickaxes possibly if they come out
88s tonight then we can actually get some
89s bonus styles and so on and so forth so
92s every single battle pass skin will
94s essentially get a new upgraded version
96s of its current self so new variants
98s summer themed it could be for you know
100s numerous themes but it could be a white
102s darth vader golden silver we'll have to
104s suddenly wait and see as far as what the
106s colors are going to be for this season
108s we also have for you guys the naruto
110s collaboration which awesome enough we
112s got some new photos today so here's the
114s actual collaboration early and as far as
116s what to expect in it
118s it should be four new skins a few new
119s gliders and i do believe one emote so
122s it's gonna be a pretty big collaboration
124s and right now you guys can go to this
126s website and see it early however it is
129s not active just yet but it will be
130s active by tonight so that's also pretty
133s awesome to expect as far as tomorrow's
135s update uh we also have for you guys
137s summer skins so alongside the super
139s styles and the free bonus rewards there
142s will definitely be some summer skins
143s which we actually collected a bunch of
145s them from the fortnite surveys and these
147s are the skins that should be coming out
149s at some point over the course of this
150s summer event now obviously we're not
152s entirely sure as far as what skin will
154s come out tonight or tomorrow but these
157s are the current skins of the theme of
158s summer time so could be summer mouse
161s goals or a few other different variants
163s more snap styles which of course it's
165s very very likely being
167s actually based off the bonus styles as
168s well so it could be for some new skin
170s summer theme and so on and so forth
173s uh next weekly quest which of course is
175s self-explanatory summer event files
177s which of course coincides with these
179s summer skins and the super styles so all
181s the stuff for this year and this season
183s is definitely going to be based on
185s summer themes so definitely anticipate
187s lots and lots of summer event files as
189s epic games is also going on vacation
191s very very soon so it will be gone for
193s about two weeks and in that two-week
195s time period what we should definitely
196s expect of course all the summer event
198s stuff free rewards challenges and all
201s that great stuff so just simply the same
202s thing every single year and by the way
204s now that we're talking about the summer
206s subject height banks also said this
208s today uh fortnight summer 2019 event was
210s unbeatable 17 plus new skins new ltm and
214s unvaulted weapon every single day and
216s much more
217s and yeah so that was a god tier event
219s man i really hope that this year's
221s summer event is going to be of this
223s ranks but the last couple of years have
224s been extreme letdown so i wouldn't get
227s your hopes up too much but yeah 17 new
229s skins is absolutely insane and all the
231s skins and all the event and the summer
233s rail and the surfboards all that great
236s stuff was just absolutely fantastic and
238s it's what made fortnite so so fun so
241s hopefully epic games goes on the sprout
243s once again relatively soon and brings
244s back all this amazing stuff the july
247s crew pack will be unvaulted by tomorrow
248s which again we have absolutely no idea
250s as far as what's gonna look like it
252s could be for the mecha team leader it
253s could be for a summer skin we'll have to
255s simply wait and see but yeah leave your
257s comments down below and your guesses i'm
259s personally going to guess though it's
260s probably going to be geno possibly a new
263s weapon or unvaulting so yes guys there's
265s a bunch of weapons that are currently
267s set to be released relatively soon so we
269s have for you guys upcoming weapons this
271s season firework gun chest floor loot
274s supply drops sold by some npcs and by
277s the way on the firework gun we actually
278s have really got some early gameplay
280s somehow here's our first look at the
281s upcoming firework gun that is coming
283s this season it can be found in chest
285s floor loot supply drops and sold by an
287s npc and i'm assuming it can be like a
290s grenade launcher
296s so that's actually pretty fantastic but
298s more weapons to expect possibly by
300s tomorrow would be the saw blade as seen
302s inside the fortnight season three
303s trailer uh the overload shotgun and the
306s charge smg so all these have a chance of
308s coming out tomorrow but i would say that
310s firework launcher is definitely gonna be
311s first as of course july is right around
314s the corner
315s and pretty much last but not least uh
317s end of arena pre-season and even more
319s cool stuff so we could definitely
320s anticipate that within the summer update
322s they're probably gonna add a lot of cool
323s stuff such as maybe the motorcycles or
326s something like that so yeah definitely
327s expect a lot of stuff for tomorrow and
329s brand new skin variants uh we also have
332s for you guys though in other news uh
333s from 12th hour who makes some pretty
336s crazy stuff for the game uh he just made
338s fortnite x among us events so here's
340s that in the back of video
370s uh
384s so pretty unexpected but although very
386s very cool looking that would be
387s absolutely terrifying though to see a
390s massive among us character and the super
392s sus by the way
393s fun fact in a recently dumped fortnite
395s alpha build we can find what appears to
397s be an unused character in the files his
399s name is jerry it has a it has animations
402s for forward swinging attack looking left
404s and right lunging forward as well as
406s multiple test animations so this jerry
409s character used to be a new boss but it
411s looks like i actually got scrapped the
413s skatepark royalty pack will be available
415s by tonight so this is the first they
417s them skin by the way and it should be
419s out by tonight so in case you guys
420s actually want to count that make sure
421s you guys use codel's mars last but not
423s least from g matrix games upcoming
426s vitatos or minitos uh shadow male outfit
429s and npc curve colors and yeah so it's
432s actually a bunch of weird textures which
434s the only skin that kind of lands up with
435s this would be this skin in the
437s background video so this game also might
439s be featured in tomorrow's update so yeah
441s guys that's all i have for you guys for
442s today's video i wish there was more
444s stuff to cover but finally we have you
445s guys the first big update coming
447s tomorrow and it will add tons and tons
450s of stuff so stay tuned for that we'll
451s see you guys then and as always stay
453s happy my friends
496s you