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0s so with the next update dropping two
2s weeks away we have for you guys having
4s to expect within the next update and we
6s also have already got some very cool
8s stuff to be happening throughout the
10s next couple of days so in case you guys
12s were bored well here you guys go the
14s next Fortnight update 22.10 drops on
17s October 3rd and that is from Tom
19s Henderson now a alternatively could be
21s on October 4th as of course we're not
23s entirely sure what time zone Tom is in
25s as he does in fact say that the update
28s should drop on Monday which doesn't
29s really make sense so it's probably
30s Tuesday the 4th so keep that in mind we
33s also have three guys and Andrew take
35s concept I know this guy is absolutely
38s controversial and gets a lot of people
40s canceled but he seems to be very popular
42s and very well requested that the
44s fortnite committee oddly enough so would
47s you guys cop fortnite X Andrew Tate with
50s a Bugatti emote or a Bugatti car inside
52s the game we also have free guys upcoming
55s Halloween boss code name freaky which
58s sounds kind of weird I can summon
60s creature drops an unreleased unknown
62s mythical weapon Andy pumpkin launcher
65s plus he drops two rocket ammo for the
67s pumpkin launcher he also drops two ammo
70s Stacks to consumable stacks and six
72s fireflies so this thing's absolutely
74s stacked also the Mythic weapon has its
76s own code name freaky as well so it's
77s most likely a new Mythic rather than a
79s reused one which I am super happy about
82s I am so sick of the exact same weapons
84s getting released vaulted released
86s vaulted and so on and so forth It's like
87s a never-ending Lottery of well-expected
90s garbage continuing on with our video we
92s have an upcoming Star Wars event uh Ford
94s and added new chest this season that
96s only drives Luke Skywalker's lightsabers
99s which means he's most likely releasing
101s this season here's the chest loot one
103s Luke's green lightsaber 1 Luke's blue
105s lightsaber and one medkit plus three
108s minis so yeah it's actually pretty crazy
110s that we're getting another Star Wars
112s event I mean I'm sure a lot of people
113s are requesting it but me personally I'm
115s a little bit tired of Star Wars I think
116s I want a new collaboration finally
118s upcoming display case chest they kind of
121s look like the io chest they spawn
123s randomly in the map and they show you
125s random weapons as Holograms then you
127s unlock one item with a key type 1 has
130s Exotics two keys two keys required uh
133s type 2 has heels and type 3 has normal
135s epic slash legendary weapons so that's
138s actually pretty cool uh you guys
139s actually use your keys rather than going
141s to you know unlock a door you guys can
143s use these special chests to unlock these
145s and select a weapon of your choice
147s basically so that's extremely a cool
148s idea and I think that's gonna be a very
150s very great meta coming forward moving
152s forward with the game The Loop pull of
153s these new chests as of right now is
155s Exotics Shadow tracker dub boom sniper
158s rifle chug Cannon and the chili chug
160s Splash he also need chug splashes and
162s shield keg the normal Prime shotgun
164s normal will be a prime shotgun lever
166s shotgun silence SMG rabbit fire SMG
169s Ranger AR Hammer AR and the hunter
171s sniper rifle so let us know your
173s thoughts down below uh are these
175s actually good for loot moving on with
177s our video it looks like epic actually
178s showed some upcoming map changes
180s floating point of address will move
182s around the map as the season progresses
184s as seen in the second and third pick
186s also some hexagon Chrome things will
189s appear around the map as a chrome
190s spreads as seen in the first picture
193s so yeah these were linked very very
195s early so definitely anticipating these
196s map changes coming out uh probably over
199s the next two weeks we're not entirely
200s sure if it'll drop the next update or
202s beforehand but both are definitely
204s possible that's actually pretty cool
205s that these locations actually move
207s around the map love to see it
218s we also offer you guys potential Chrome
220s stage 2 here is what stage two of the
223s Chrome spreadable look like and yeah so
225s big shout out to Street fly and chrome
227s Watcher for finding this out not
229s entirely sure like you know how fast the
231s Chrome will be moving but we do
233s anticipate again probably by next game
234s update so take all that stuff in uh
237s coming from rxb once again have been
239s pointed out that the rift in the sky is
241s definitely there and we kind of are
243s curious to see if their Rift in the sky
244s will start to grow you know the cracks
246s itself kind of kind of like back in
248s chapter one where the sand started
250s coming through then it is a brand new
252s point of Interest or locations and so on
254s and so forth so make sure you guys
255s definitely stay tuned as we will keep
257s you guys updated uh talk about next game
259s opted however we have for you guys some
261s upcoming items the grappler glider
263s Batman mythics got updated recently
265s explosive Goo Gone uh throwable launch
268s pad and a supply drop radio all these
270s stuff should be coming out probably my
272s next game update or over the next
274s several weeks Azure Burgers 3 season 4
276s uh back into season five potentially
278s chapter four by the way uh we also have
281s for you guys Theory we could be getting
282s Miles Morales or spider nor uh in
285s fortnite soon as well as the previous
287s evidence and Gwen arriving when he
289s talked to maximilian's NPC as Spider
291s Gwen he says I knew someone like you
293s once only he wore all black and talked
296s to himself which obviously mattes the
298s description of that new spider Noir skin
300s uh to coincide with this we have already
302s got some new info uh looks like from
304s fortnite brv they said Spider-Man Miles
306s Morales releases on PC this fall most
309s likely it will be on epic game store
311s like the Spider-Man remaster was maybe
313s this is when Miles Morales comes to
315s fortnite which honestly makes perfect
316s sense at the games in fortnite have been
318s doing this for a long time now so I
320s would say that's almost guaranteed to be
322s the time frame of Miles brah's X4 Knight
325s uh into our next topic the Herald's
327s description mentions nothing is coming
329s paradigms dialogues also mentioned that
332s nothing uh in the past oh crap I just
334s noticed I cut this off kind of a bit uh
337s in the past we've heard about uh the
338s nothing A lot of times uh could be
341s finally getting an explanation as what
343s exactly it is and we also notice that
345s the reality tree has been renamed to the
347s nothing tree and the files so we kind of
351s think that this reality tree is the key
353s to everything I mean honestly The Herald
355s also has her little bulb thing before
357s you guys bother her where she like you
359s know kind of shows the exact same
360s picture so I guess at some point we'll
362s be figuring out why this tree is special
364s last but not least graphic warning uh
367s yeah the comic books took a weird turn
369s so Josie said kind of seductively uh
371s well maybe someday you can ask nicely to
374s send you to visit me I'd like that and
378s well she responded with this you'd best
381s believe you would and she kissed his
382s cheek so the comic books are really
384s really weird don't really know what's
385s going on with those Bud they've been
387s relatively graphic throughout the entire
389s series and last but not least if you
391s guys enjoy this weird comic book lore
393s and you know weirdness uh we might be
395s getting some more fortnite X Marvel
397s comic books in spring and summer time in
399s 2023 and if the room is true these
402s Comics will apparently not be zero War
404s related so a whole new series a whole
406s new chapter potentially and a whole new
408s season of comics
410s uh but yeah guys that's all I have for
411s you guys for today's video thank you
412s guys so much for watching we hope to see
414s you guys in tomorrow's video with some
415s more content and uh yeah see you guys
417s then hopefully the hurricane doesn't
418s take us out
421s foreign
456s foreign