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0s fortnite season 4 is officially here so
3s I have for you guys everything new to
4s expect in today's brand new chapter 3
7s season 4 update and well let's talk
9s about some bonuses so what's new in
11s fortnite Battle Royale chapter 3 season
14s 4. in fortnite chapter 3 season 4
16s Paradise a mysterious substance has
19s appeared on the island Chrome will
21s consume oh Chrome will be all embrace
24s the Chrome by turning structures Chrome
26s making yourself Chrome and providing the
28s power of chrome weapons check out this
31s trailer
33s tell me you're getting somewhere we've
37s already lost so much of the island to
38s that Chrome that's not surprising given
42s the samples Behavior I've never seen or
45s seen such accelerated cytokinesis whoa
51s starting to think this may be a problem
63s get out of here
67s foreign
78s this isn't How It Ends
97s student Integrity compromised
109s there has to be a way to fix this
111s aligning to reality six five nine
126s you can now face through walls yes phase
129s through walls essentially walking
130s through walls not even wood stone brick
134s or metal is a match for Chrome an enemy
137s built a structure or for defense uh
140s throw a chrome Splash at the walls and
142s make the walls penetrable this is gonna
144s end so badly right now with uh jump
146s right through the building and get the
148s drop on your opponent Chrome splash
151s the best shape of your life which looks
153s absolutely fantastic honestly reminds me
155s of some Nintendo thing but yeah you
157s cannot beat it so be it uh throw down a
160s chrome Splash to chromeify yourself
162s you'll be pure Chrome for a limited time
164s meaning you'll be impenetrable to fire
166s damage and become a blob when sprinting
169s but don't let that bubble list form fool
172s you uh well blob you'll move faster be
174s immune to fall damage and gain the
176s ability to air dash dash into any
178s villain piece to chromeify it then phase
180s through it I'm gonna say this right now
183s this sounds like almost like hacking but
185s completely allowed so I don't know how
187s this is gonna end with several people
189s having the ability to be like
190s impenetrable not be able to die and walk
193s through walls that might be a little bit
195s interesting home sweet Chrome Chrome's
198s not only taking over a point of interest
200s it's built a brand new one Ascend Harold
204s sanctum near the abandoned sanctuary and
207s stand upon the tower of honorable and
209s hexagonal foundations that sounds like
212s Doctor Strange very cool a new kind of
215s high ground in their fear of chrome some
218s Island locations are seeking safety in
220s the air most notably condo Canyon now
223s called cloudy condos attack from the
226s above and this expanding point of
228s Interest one way to get up there use a d
230s launcher available in different places
233s on the island to help you gain higher
234s ground so I would assume this is like a
237s kind of like a launching type thing so
238s that's pretty cool uh there's a brand
240s new shotguns called better with age uh
242s Evo Chrome shotgun Chrome's introduction
245s caused the creation of the Evo Chrome
248s shotgun and the Evo Chrome burst rifle
250s find these weapons from chrome Quest
252s then see their Rarity increase the more
255s you damage opponents with them take him
258s from a common to Mythic that is
260s absolutely freaking awesome I cannot
262s believe these weapons can automatically
264s upgrade themselves over time
266s weapons BCE before the Chrome era so
270s unvaulted weapons
271s some pre-paradise things are alright use
274s strategies from yesteryear with
276s unvaulted weapons and returning Vibe and
279s weapons
280s sidearm pistol the prime shotgun lever
283s action shotgun rapid fire SMG suppressed
286s submachine gun Ranger assault rifle
289s Hammer assault rifle designated Marksman
292s rifle the DMR Hunter bolt action sniper
295s rifle grenade launcher grenade Firefly
297s jar Harpoon Gun Shadow tracker as an
300s exotic weapon the dub exotic weapon boom
303s sniper rifle exotic weapon Boogie bomb
306s technically not a weapon but still
308s sounds like one Shockwave grenade also
310s technically not a weapon but it is here
313s and that is unfortunate I do not see the
315s pump shotgun my friends uh bring me some
317s sniper love the punter bolt action snipe
320s rifle was debuted in chapter 3 season 1
323s flipped speaking of weapons sniper
325s weapons across the board including this
327s one still vaulted had have had their
329s damage and their headshot multipliers
331s increased expert Marksman and
333s trickshotters rejoice because now one
336s shot could be all it takes to send
337s someone back to the lobby Keep Your Head
339s on a swivel and if your aim is on point
341s one shot opponents with certain snipers
343s are once again even possible and zero
346s builds hamburger bolt action sniper
348s rifle damage and headshot multiplier
349s increased Hunter rifle damage and
352s headshot multiplier increased automatic
353s automatic sniper rifle uh damage and
356s headshot multiplier increase lever
358s action rifle damage and headshot
360s multiplier increased so press sniper
362s rifle damage increase semi-auto sniper
364s rifle damage increased the railgun
366s damage increase bolt action sniper rifle
368s damage increased heavy sniper rifle
370s headshot multiplier increased storm
373s scout sniper rifle headshot multiplier
375s has been increased and last but not
377s least the boom snap rifle explosive
379s damage increase so now most of these can
381s do One-Shot kills
383s key to success becoming Chrome isn't the
385s only way to unlock your potential
386s there's a good chance it'll come across
388s keys on the island use them to have
390s opened vaults containing loot low
392s security vaults require one key to open
394s while high security vaults required too
396s for the reward or for more items where
399s do you find the locked loop after
401s collecting one or more keys you'll see a
402s keyhole signs on your map to help you
404s out bunker down under assault from
407s enemies deploy potent cover fast with a
410s port a bunker taking the plays of the
412s portafort for this season throw down a
414s port a bunker to create an instant one
417s by one structure featuring reinforced
419s metal walls a versatile ramp doors and
421s defensive tires to bounce away from
423s would-be Invaders nobody required that
426s is absifier uh the chapter 3 season 4
429s battle pass assemble and electric crew
432s if you're re in your Rejoice Paradise
434s With The Season's battle pass purchase
435s you'll immediately unlock Paradigm
437s reality 659 if enemies at Chrome are
440s your thing progress to the battle pass
442s to unlock Gwen spider Gwen plus the
444s following characters white Grizz meow
447s skulls Lennox Rose and Twine for those
450s who votes the Chrome don't worry the
451s herald becomes available to unlock later
453s this season uh honestly guys the rest of
456s it is actually not that surprising so
457s it's kind of just stuff we already knew
458s about but yeah that is pretty much
460s everything new to expect in chapter 3
462s season 4. let us know how you guys do
464s about the Battle pass not feeling it too
466s much right now but I think when we get
467s once we get in the game it's gonna be
469s absolutely fire so thanks for watching
470s we'll see you guys next time
475s soon
486s foreign
518s foreign
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