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10s what is up my friends welcome back to
11s the happy power channel today we have
13s for you guys a bunch of leaks revolving
15s around the lab event for chapter 3
17s season 2 the first of the event of
19s chapter 3. now just so you guys know
21s there will be a lot of spoilers in this
23s video so in case you guys do not want to
25s be spoiled for the upcoming live event i
27s highly suggest you guys skip to the
29s video or of course simply watch a
30s different video this will feature leaks
32s when it comes to animations upcoming
35s events and of course a full step-by-step
37s process of what's going to happen during
39s the event so for those who enjoy that
41s stick around but for those who actually
42s do not want to see that again click off
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62s thanks for watching and let's hop
64s directly into the leaks so from
65s yesterday hypex said there's an upcoming
67s io npc with the codename doom and now
70s today we got the fourth issue of the
72s upcoming marvel x zero war comic book
75s covers and interestingly enough we can
77s now see the upcoming mech returning but
79s also doctor doom and this is pretty
82s strange it kind of makes me think that
84s we might be seeing dr doom during the
86s live event which honestly don't really
89s know why but i guess what does somebody
91s wait and see now yesterday we let you
93s guys know there's an upcoming free skin
95s bundle the volcanic ash asin pack which
98s sounds bad i know sorry about that
100s but it will be an epic games exclusive
102s bundle and now today it's now confirmed
104s that this will indeed be a free bundle
107s the volcanic assassin quest pack is a
109s free bundle only available on pc
112s available may 19th at 11 am et
114s so yes guys tomorrow this bundle will be
117s absolutely free if you play over on pc
119s now do not worry if you do not play on
121s pc you can still claim the bundle simply
123s make an epic games profile over on the
125s pc or use a friend's pc to sign into
128s epic games over on a pc to claim the
131s bundle because no matter what you guys
132s claim it on as long as you claim on pc
135s it will still transfer over to xbox ps4
138s all that great stuff and even switch so
140s very easy overall for everyone to claim
142s this free bundle set in case you guys
144s missed it here's the first starter pack
146s for chapter 3 season 3 the min june skin
150s pack
150s so looks pretty fantastic definitely an
153s easy cop
154s we also have for you guys possible first
156s look at season 3 skins these two emojis
159s are labeled as season 21 emojis could
161s this be for something else though not
163s sure and honestly this looks like raving
166s rabbits that very popular game back a
168s few years ago so i wonder if we'll be
170s seeing a collaboration with them and now
172s into the best part of the video but also
174s the most spoiled part of the video so
177s make sure you guys click off right now
178s in case you guys actually do not want to
180s see upcoming event leaks so first things
183s first epic games posted a teaser last
185s night so here's that
202s all right so that is most definitely
204s teaching the mech now returning now like
206s always several leakers have put the
208s actual audio through a spectrograph and
209s well we can see this when you put the
211s latest event teaser into a spectrogram
213s an image resembling a pulse lightning
215s strike from the collider can be seen so
218s it's just to be another teaser for
220s essentially the actual live event
222s we also have for you guys season 2 event
225s spoilers characters to have dialogue in
227s the 11 event the paradigm origin
230s foundation sloan and computer the
233s computer is most likely something that
235s is from chapter 2 season 8 event when
237s there was a sound saying rotation at 30
239s degrees if you remember now during the
242s lab event there will be a custom
243s animation upon being in the game lobby
245s so for example if you are not in the
247s game yet and trying to go into the
249s pre-game lobby you will get this custom
251s animation
258s now a lot of people keep saying this
260s looks like power rangers which honestly
262s you're probably not too far off it is
264s very very close to power rangers however
266s after scrolling through the files i have
268s never seen anything for power rangers
269s yet so far so honestly it's still simply
272s just for the upcoming live event we also
274s have for you guys these dialogues
276s contain spoilers for the upcoming two
278s weeks especially ending so be aware of
280s that origin dialogues contain spoilers
284s pilot or co-palette the mech the
286s dooms of devices is activated with two
288s keys
289s simulate the effects of the doomsday
291s device
293s so jones has filled you in on our plans
294s to repair the mech good between you and
297s i
298s getting that mech moving is our only
299s hope repairs are underway but
302s after the way we treated the paradigm i
303s don't know if she'll pilot it we're
305s communicating now but there's work to be
307s done if she refuses to help
309s we'll still need a pilot
311s and you've proven your loyalty to all of
314s us
314s i need you to complete our pilot tryouts
317s trials in speed agility and climbing
320s good luck i've recorded your score you
322s can move to the next trial okay let's
325s see the next one good work looper we'll
327s tabulate your results even if the
329s paradigm comes back she might need a
332s co-pilot we don't have a lot of time
334s this is urgent looper the strange
336s machine in loot lake is activated with
338s two keys and we've located both of them
341s i need you to break into the imagined
343s order locations on your map and steal
345s them now you've got one sid rep
348s foundation they've got one keep moving
350s we need both with these keys we should
353s be able to reverse engineer what they're
355s planning you did good work today
358s reality saving work maybe thank you for
361s cutting io's power their security
363s systems are now in safe boot mode now we
365s can log on into an i o holo table to
367s simulate the effects of the machine at
369s loot lake you'll need to use a generator
372s and the two control keys you collected
374s earlier head to the marker on your map
376s plug everything in and i'll input the
378s override password hurry generator is
381s live one more key activate the
383s simulation everything in the loop
386s gone
387s just like that i won't watch another
389s world end we are going to win this
393s alright so that is actually pretty
394s unique and in case you guys also missed
396s us we have a weird mini map inside the
399s files which looks like the trap or two
400s mini maps so we're not exactly sure what
403s this is gonna be for but feel afraid to
405s scroll through the event files to see if
407s you guys can figure it out and yes the
409s actual event does mention a moon so
411s something pretty significant is gonna
412s happen to the fortnite sky
414s during the live event so in case you
416s guys missed it there will be two skins
418s featured in the event which of course is
420s gonna be the paradigm obviously but also
422s prisoner jonesy
424s there will also be a free reward during
426s the event that's called collision we've
427s got your back which we are currently not
429s sure what it's going to look like here's
431s the first look at the doomsday countdown
433s now the spool appearance of the game but
435s also inside of the lobby so here's two
437s screenshots of that
439s we also have for you guys some music
441s that's brought to you by of course the
442s countdown now this will be the
444s pre-in-game lobby countdown music and
446s it's not gonna be the official music the
448s official music is actually copyrighted
450s which we're not able to showcase on this
452s channel but i will link down below the
454s official video over on youtube as it was
456s late completely early
469s do
488s so as of right now that's all i want to
490s showcase for you guys in today's video
492s about the upcoming event there's a lot
493s more to cover so make sure you guys stay
495s tuned for the next upcoming video
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540s looks like over on the italian discord
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557s have for you guys for today's video
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562s and stay tuned for tomorrow to see some
563s more teasers for the upcoming live event
566s thanks for watching and have a great
567s rest your days
616s you