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0s hey guys welcome back to the channel
2s were you ever curious to see what pele's
4s point of interest looked like during the
5s live event well now we have for you guys
8s that in today's video
12s do you copy
14s copy
16s we're down
17s all systems damaged
19s we're not going anywhere without repairs
21s don't worry i know a guy it's your time
24s to shine buddy
34s it's worth a shot
45s different power to emergency recovery
47s system
48s so yes guys that is pele's point of
50s interest during the live event and we
52s also have the point of interest of these
54s two main characters going at it right
56s before the foundation and jonesy uh
59s basically jumped into the zero points so
61s yeah these two characters uh gunner and
63s i believe the imagine fell inside of the
66s actual zero point so they might be still
67s alive right now in the fortnite map or
70s they might be under control of gino or
72s this new mysterious character so just
75s want to update you guys in case you guys
76s were ever curious as far as where the
78s fortnite storyline is going
80s we also have for you guys from hypebex
82s an unreleased lobby background now this
85s lovely background is supposedly in the
87s colors of ukraine so there might have
89s been a scratch background that was
90s supposed to take place around that time
92s period blue sky for of course the blue
94s color on the flag and of course the
96s actual wheat field that is in the color
98s like yellowish for of course the rest of
100s the flag and also apparently ukraine is
103s actually known for like wheat and stuff
104s like that so apparently that is all like
106s for ukraine so kind of hard to explain
108s but that's probably a scrapped
110s background we also have free guys from
113s kumar come on down to the butter barn
115s coliseum
116s one of the four upcoming butter barn
118s updates it's taken a while to piece it
120s all together but i will get the rest of
123s the butter barn as well as the other
124s locations that have yet to be mentioned
127s asap so it must take quite a long time
129s to animate this stuff so here's an early
131s look at the upcoming butter barn
133s coliseum so it's a new point of address
136s that will be on the ford island
137s relatively soon thanks to the reality
139s tree
140s so that's prettying awesome as and as
142s soon as we get some more locations we
144s will definitely update you guys in
146s today's video
147s from hypebex not really a big thing but
149s in creative 2.0 you can actually send a
152s specific player back to the main lobby
155s i'm not quite sure about how it's useful
157s but you can probably make an
158s anti-teaming system and stuff like that
160s only the math maker can decide whether
163s this can be done or not and how and
164s where it can be done
166s now personally speaking i play in the
168s pit a lot and this would be such a great
171s addition because if someone's being
173s extremely toxic or targeting me just
175s because i'm a youtuber i could actually
177s be like hey can you kick this person
178s he's being toxic and follow me around on
180s purpose and annoying me and being you
182s know dad saying bad stuff to me and
184s something like that so it's an
185s absolutely great thing for youtubers
186s content creators but also simply just
188s normal players who are getting bullied
190s by the exact same player or a person as
192s being toxic vocally to someone inside
194s the game
195s so a great addition to fortnite coming
197s very very soon
199s we also have for you guys a pretty big
200s shock in the fortnight community so
202s benji fish says he's quitting
204s competitive fortnite yo what is up boys
207s um i'm gonna try to keep this as short
210s as possible but i am officially quitting
213s competitive fortnight to pursue valorum
215s recently i've fell out of love with
217s fortnite i used to be able to play
218s fortnite like eight ten hours a day but
222s even last season i was only playing
223s during the tournaments just because i i
225s really couldn't force yourself to get on
226s the game the reason i always wanted to
228s be a pro gamer was because i always
230s wanted to have a job that i enjoyed so
232s for me right now it seems pointless
234s carrying on something that i don't enjoy
235s i've been playing a ton of valerian
237s recently on and off stream um and it's
239s genuinely the most fun that i've ever
241s had gaming uh probably since the
243s fortnight world cup or me and manga
246s mitchell playing trio together now you
247s guys can definitely tell within two
248s hours eric has 60 000 likes and
251s apparently he is going to valrant so not
254s quite sure what's going on with the
255s fortnite uh competitive scene but it
257s looks like they're actually losing every
259s single pro player so is this truly the
262s end of fortnite competitive honestly it
264s might really be
265s now really enough keemstar also said
267s thank you veggie fish for all their hard
268s work and entertainment you brought to
270s the fortnite community good luck in
272s valerian which is extremely unexpected
275s not quite sure what the relationship is
276s but yeah very unexpected uh we also have
279s free guys from fortnite assist and fire
282s monkey more cosmetics that already had
284s dav2 shop support were updated again in
287s a fortnight 21.10 update to use a new
290s background all of them now have the same
292s color and all these items are not seen
295s for a very long time it's likely we'll
297s be seeing a vaulted a year or more tab
299s very soon
301s so yes guys all these cosmetics in the
302s back video will start to return in one
305s massive item shop so we have like stuff
307s from 800 days ago and even up to 1 000
310s days ago so feel free to pause video to
313s see all the upcoming collaborations
315s scans and all that great stuff now
317s speaking of coming skins from sheena he
319s said theory we might get a new cause
321s cosmetics soon epic just added a cost
324s shop section which never existed before
327s at the moment we only have one cosmetic
329s in his entire set so a shop section only
332s for this does not seem likely
334s so that sounds pretty dang awesome i
336s would definitely cop another cause
338s collaboration
339s now some other stuff that might be
341s coming soon is stranger things i know
343s pretty big surprise theory straighter
345s things collab nope number two uh there's
348s curly on the character set code name
350s waffle warrior and in the series that
352s character 11 only eats waffles it could
354s be a stretch but if it is a string
356s things collaboration could be seeing
358s some new skins on july 1st with season 4
360s volume 2's release
362s so if that's actually the case i would
363s be extremely surprised as of course it
366s looks like epic games and netflix itself
368s aren't really doing that many
369s collaborations anymore so we'll have to
370s simply wait and see as far as what the
372s actual outcome of this will be but
374s there's so much potential for more
376s stranger things skins and need to remind
379s you guys that uh pharaoh was made of
381s vector crazy crazy concept tons of
383s people made some crazy concepts of the
384s skin so it would be a great addition to
386s fortnite
388s from in the shade we have reality
389s sapling riffs gameplay it is pretty
391s unfinished but we will be able to spawn
394s rifts and portals from saplings as well
396s as sky beam from the saplings
410s so that sounds pretty dang awesome for
412s mobility uh these saplings will actually
415s pretty much give us like rips and stuff
416s like that so definitely looking forward
418s to that were you ever curious to think
420s about what ford would look like if it
422s was completely of rated r well here it
424s is in the backup video
435s so very very very gory but very very
437s cool at the same time so that is all we
439s have for you guys for today's video as
440s always you guys so much for watching if
442s you want to support the channel simply
444s comment down below absolutely anything
446s thank you guys so much for watching and
447s we'll see you guys tomorrow
483s you