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0s so it's now day two of fortnite chapter
2s 3 season 4 and we are really curious to
5s see what level you guys are so exposure
7s no-living friends in the comments below
9s and let us know what you and your
10s friends are uh we have ready guys this
13s in today's video reboot rally is out now
15s so you guys can claim four free rewards
18s but there is quite the catch to it how
21s to earn these free rewards participants
23s earn in-game rewards by playing fortnite
25s with a new player or with players who
28s have played under two hours in the last
30s 30 days before September 18th 2022 so
34s yes you have to play with a friend that
36s has not played in 30 days for under two
38s hours or a brand new account which by
42s the way I would make a brand new account
43s if I were you guys way easier uh so good
45s luck to you guys and today's video looks
47s like uh the first person I've seen
48s actually get this so far was of course I
51s talk fortnite but that is not surprising
53s uh we have three guys from hypex some
55s pretty big findings and spoilers uh so
57s many people are speculating the next
59s season could be chapter 4 4 which is
61s backed up by the Asteria map leak the
64s storyline probably approaching its end
66s and the big similarities between the
68s season and chapter 2 Season 8 what do
70s you guys think and yes if we take a look
72s at this image going from top to bottom
74s left to right upcoming map for the next
75s season codename Astria some of the
77s chapter 1 season 2 and season three and
80s it says season 23 test Astria Harold's
83s Cosmetics description have the same
85s metaphor as the Cube's Queen uh fading
88s Ember cloak the last Light you'll see
91s uh her harvesting tool says mpf Edge uh
94s the Final Cut awaits and the herald skin
97s is the nothing is coming which by the
99s way here's the full set in the back
100s video as we currently talk about it part
102s of the nothing's forever set and chroma
105s spring just like season eight so yeah
107s this should be pretty dang fantastic and
109s we do speculate by the end of the season
111s the entire map will be Chrome which is
113s why uh essentially she's probably gonna
115s win the battle and we'll be seeing a
117s brand new map for chapter three season
119s five so definitely stay tuned for that
121s or I should actually say chapter 4
122s season 1. in other news however foreign
125s is currently working on rideable flying
127s animals uh you'll be able to boost an
130s idol and it's most likely what the
132s Sadler grape looking item is for so yeah
135s in case you guys forgot what this looks
136s like here's the sad Alert in the
137s background video this will allow you
138s guys to essentially well saddle a
141s rideable animal so it's gonna be pretty
143s fantastic I do believe it also work as a
144s grappling hook uh but only for animals
146s and to my knowledge at least so that
148s sounds pretty fantastic in other news
150s however the Luke Skywalker skin and
152s might be coming soon epic just added two
154s new versions of lightsabers to the files
156s one of them has a A New Hope branding
159s and the other one has a Return of the
161s Jedi branding to add to this it's Luke
163s Skywalker's blue blue lightsaber and
166s Luke's green lightsaber again some new
168s information just came out today for this
170s so it says epic may have hinted at the
172s upcoming Luke Skywalker collaboration
174s and the season 4 cinematic remember that
177s epic added two versions of lightsaber
179s and yesterday's update so the
181s collaboration definitely exists and we
182s can see a llama Luke Skywalker possibly
185s in this tank right here and a banana see
188s if you can see it in the background
189s video of this this may be a problem
194s this is wrong
211s so that sounds pretty exciting
213s definitely anticipate Luke Skywalker
215s coming out very very soon from high back
217s this weapon is called unstable liquid
219s gun and releases later this season and
221s we'll be seeing a lot of unvaultings and
223s a lot of new things come out slowly as
225s he progress to chapter 3 season 4 we're
228s both finally approached maybe even
229s season five in other news I showcase
231s raid gazi birthday rewards but I left
233s out well the birthday battle bus so
235s here's the birthday battle bus and it's
237s great form we also have for you guys
238s some fifth birthday uh supply drops
241s which look absolutely fantastic and to
243s refresh your memory here's the rest of
244s rewards you guys can get for free and
246s the fifth birthday
249s foreign
261s guys this from Kumar I have found this
264s image being used in the Herald's orb and
267s its name ends with zero five implying
269s the fifth iteration of the reality tree
271s this season it is surrounded by Chrome
274s hexes and has what appears to be a stage
277s in front of the tree so that is pretty
280s weird it's actually like a mini stage so
282s I have water we'll be having with this
283s maybe this is the key to funding out why
285s the entire island is trying to Chrome so
287s yeah sounds pretty fantastic if you guys
289s ask me in case you guys miss it there's
291s currently a rift right above the zero
293s point and this is likely because of what
295s happened inside the trailer with of
297s course Bray Larson which by the way
298s absolute Baddie aligning to reality six
302s five nine
306s and last but not least to refresh your
309s memory I know not much content today but
310s there really is not that much I'm trying
312s to decipher a lot of stuff and I'm
314s trying to break it up in the best and
315s easiest ways possible for you guys to
316s digest it so uh it's still gonna take
319s about another day or so to fully figure
320s out what's actually cool and what's not
322s like you know replayed and stuff like
323s that so sorry about that but here's the
325s upcoming crew pack for this month which
327s released over on October 1st and we
330s could definitely tell it is definitely
331s themed around four nightmares but it's
333s also of course themed around uh
335s essentially just Halloween in general so
336s that's actually pretty fantastic and
338s with that being said my friends that is
340s pretty much it for today's video I wish
342s there was more stuff to cover but
343s unfortunately we are kind of at a dead
345s end at the moment but it should be
347s ending relatively soon so stay tuned
349s we'll see you guys next time and as
350s always thanks for watching the happy
352s power Channel
354s foreign
388s foreign
442s foreign
476s everything will be all right