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0s so with fortnite season 4 officially
2s being here i'm sure we're all hyped to
4s see the leaks that are coming out
5s throughout the next couple of weeks what
7s we have for you guys all the stuff that
8s was updated today and as far as that
10s goes well there's gonna be a lot of
11s spoilers so stay tuned and let's get
13s right into it so first things first if
15s you did not know this uh meow skulls is
18s actually a female skin and she's
20s melsical's younger sister so libel did
23s not actually know this they thought this
24s was a male character or something like
25s that but it's actually a female and his
28s younger sister so pretty surprising but
30s although very cool it looks like epic
32s updated something about the charred
34s shotgun meaning that it could return
36s during this season
37s so a lot of weapons are actually coming
39s out soon which we'll cover in next video
41s as they're kind of all over the place
42s today as of course today's first day so
44s leaks are still slowly coming out and
47s we're still trying to clarify some
48s things uh before we officially talk
50s about them
51s ah the luke skywalker skin might be
53s coming soon epic just added two new
55s versions of the lightsaber to the files
57s one of them has a new hope branding and
59s the other one has a return of the jedi
61s branding to add to this it looks like
63s there will actually be two lightsabers
65s for luke skywalker's collaboration
68s luke's blue lightsaber and luke's green
70s lightsaber so this should be coming up
72s not relatively soon but probably over
74s the next couple of weeks or by next
76s update
78s if you guys currently own the og skin
80s the renegade raider you will now get the
82s rusty raider cosmetics and they're
84s absolutely free which are absolutely
86s fire looking i must say and i'm very
88s jealous to you guys who currently can
89s get this for absolutely free uh also in
92s case you guys don't know this the crew
93s pack was leaked early and it also shows
96s what appears to be the first look at
98s four nightmares in the background of the
99s image now what's also pretty interesting
102s is we can definitely see that these
103s zombies are definitely chrome so we
105s probably should be expecting during four
107s nightmares some chrome looking brand new
109s zombies or fiends we can also note that
111s this skin's mask kind of looks like
113s severe pk's logo so it's pretty weird
115s and cool coincidence but yeah uh with
118s that being said we also for you guys the
119s first look at the upcoming starter pack
121s for chapter three season four this
123s should be taking place very very soon
126s and in other news fortnite's fifth
128s birthday is right around the corner and
130s and they will feature four free rewards
133s a back bling a pickaxe and a moat and a
136s spray i'm kind of surprised after five
138s years we do not have another free skin
141s but hopefully at some point we finally
143s get that free skin i mean come on it's
145s been five years
149s continuing on with our video though uh
150s from hypebex there's a rift above the
153s zero point and i think this rift is
154s because of the trailer we seen the
156s paradigm aka brie larson jump inside the
159s zero point and she probably kind of
160s cracked reality when she went back in
162s time or maybe into the future kind of
164s forgot what she said so here's that
166s aligning to reality six five nine
179s so yeah that is probably why but i guess
181s we'll have to wait and see maybe we'll
182s be seeing some sort of og throwback
185s like we've seen in chapter one with a
186s rift in the sky and it's probably gonna
188s release some og stuff or like a crack or
189s something like that in reality uh from
191s height backs the chrome will start to
192s spread into big areas of the map uh as
195s the season progresses this trailer shows
197s a chromed greasy but the chrome is still
199s far away at the moment so that's
201s actually pretty interesting i'm pretty
203s sure by the end of the season the entire
204s map will be chrome which is also
206s probably why we're getting an entirely
207s new map for season five or something
209s like that so that link is starting to
211s make more sense now uh this weapon is
213s called unstable liquid gun and it
216s releases later in the season so yeah
217s this weapon was inside the trailer but
219s it's not out just yet
221s here's all the map features in today's
222s brand new season 4 update the herald is
224s turning the island into chrome this
226s strange creature will be getting more
228s powerful throughout the season expanding
229s the chrome to more points of interest
232s which we do anticipate the more she
233s spreads the more powerful she will get
235s so she kind of absorbs the island with
236s her chrome shimmering shrine previously
239s shuffled shrines uh has been transformed
241s to chrome furthermore the transportation
243s appears to be heading west
245s the no sweat insurance is ensuring the
247s island stays safe from the chrome
248s placing float balloons and serve both as
251s launch stations as a way to lift point
253s of interest and landmarks off the ground
256s condo cannon has been almost entirely
258s protected by no sweat insurance seems
260s like the herald will have a tough time
262s taking over this point of interest the
264s gas station at this location was
265s modified and now features what seems to
267s be a ramp similar to that of a
269s motorcycle racetrack so yeah motorcycles
271s are definitely coming soon and that's a
273s little subtle hint
274s uh formerly lazy lagoon but now lustrous
277s legume was also caught up in the chrome
279s mess though thankfully the pirate ship
281s remains untouched kind of
284s the brand new d launcher can serve as a
286s mobility item to move through this point
288s of address as well these are scattered
290s all around the map in season 4. though
292s the chrome invasion has not reached
294s tilted yet safety precautions are being
296s taken
296s only and only in this one building
298s however a high security vault can be
301s accessed inside of it the joneses have
303s put their own spin on the safety
305s measures seems like no sweat and
307s solution to the chrome wasn't convincing
309s to them to decide to elbow the entire
311s point of attract one floor and connect
313s the buildings with small bridges as seen
315s in chapter 3 season 4 cinematic trailer
317s the paradigm uses the zero point below
319s luke lake to travel to reality 6-5-9
322s this might have spawned a rift in the
323s sky that brought it back the chapter one
325s original house left us this little
327s present above it and yes so i just said
329s the exact same thing i think we're
331s slowly gonna be seeing some stuff follow
333s the sky kind of similar to chapter one
335s and we have two more for you guys i know
337s it's kind of long but it's a brand new
338s season uh multiple low security and high
340s security vaults were added today uh the
342s ones in these images are in loot lake
344s and to the towers the boat with random
346s spawn locations around the map no longer
348s floats on the water it just will now
350s flow seemingly uh the water isn't safe
352s from the chrome either i mean it's
353s better than safe than sorry but what do
355s you guys think last but not least hooray
357s the construction east of total towers
359s have come to the end a new greenhouse
361s has been built and for whatever odd
363s reason a redecorated i o blimp is now at
366s rave cave we have for you guys some more
368s stuff about four nightmares files
369s related to the horde rush caretaker boss
371s has been added back to this update epic
374s is currently working on four four
375s nightmares npcs hey man mitch meet
378s nighthair and willow semper pk's brandon
381s exotic is out now here's some gameplay
383s wait that's not the right image
400s the fortnite server pk twitch drops are
402s now live and now until september 23rd at
405s 8 pm bt uh watch when our total to earn
408s the dark dragon rap and yes all that
410s stuff will be linked down below
412s and last but not least did you guys know
414s you can now pet animals inside the game
416s well check this out
425s so that's all i have for you guys for
426s today's video make sure you guys come
428s back tomorrow when the leaks are a lot
429s more i guess organized that we can
431s figure out you know the coolest stuff so
433s stay tuned and we'll see you guys
434s tomorrow
457s so
483s you