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0s fortnite season 4 is said to be a very
2s dark theme and they've been teasing us
4s for a few seasons now so let's go over
6s the stuff that you missed so before we
8s get to that point we have for you guys
10s today's small content update hypex
12s crashpads have now been unvaulted found
14s in chest floor loot supply drops and not
17s in competitive game modes so that is
19s always a great thing to see today so
22s great work to epic games and fortnite
24s releasing some more updates while on
26s vacation we also have for you guys some
28s map changes blooming bungalow mouth
30s change the desert town of condo canyon
33s is now under the manipulation of the
35s reality trees magic four new forms of
38s condo canyon cannot be found when
40s landing at this location tilted town
42s coral castle lazy lagoon and colossal
45s coliseum here's some screenshots of each
48s one in case you guys actually want to
49s check out the entire thing check out the
51s game right now or of course go to jk's
53s twitter now to the best part of the
55s video so as i just mentioned in the
57s intro the video we missed out on a very
59s key feature when it comes to fortnite
61s season four so it's going to be a very
64s dark theme so sheena and a person over
67s on reddit notice this in each season of
69s this chapter we have been given a new
70s image of the battle bus and with each
72s season that passes we slowly approach
74s night time more and more could this be a
77s metaphor or a hint that something bad is
80s going to happen when night falls
82s and yeah so that is absolutely crazy to
84s actually kind of back this up we have
85s for you guys from ford and assist and
87s fmbr intel uh next season would also be
90s a halloween and spooky season as well
93s seems pretty fitting for the bus promo
95s to fall at night time for that one maybe
97s the loading screen after events has been
99s teasing something bad this whole time
101s night night and yeah so this is
103s something we all missed out on every
105s single season the sun is slowly going
108s down and now by season 4 it will be
110s night time so what does this mean well
112s season 4 is gonna take place at some
114s time during halloween which means it's
116s gonna be a very spooky season hence why
118s they're teasing night time is gonna be
120s something bad or of course the battle
122s bus is now approaching season four's
124s night time so
125s that's actually a very cool idea i
127s haven't really seen other games do this
129s before but it's a cool small subtle
130s feature that we all missed out on
132s now what we know so far about this
134s upcoming season is this in the
136s background video from aco everything we
138s know about season 4 starts september
140s 17th and 18th the blue launcher is most
143s likely going to be a battle pass outfit
145s and of course the skin the backup video
147s uh there's a leaked boss with a spawning
149s ability there's a leaked mech with
151s blocking shooting and sprinting
153s abilities and yes so let's talk about
155s this brand new mech that honestly might
157s be a transformer epic began working on a
160s new character mech-like vehicle code
162s named plate hawk a few updates ago it
165s has a blocking ability primary and
168s secondary fire it can sprint at reload
170s probably for season four thoughts are
172s what it could be and guys i really do
175s think it's going to be a transformer
177s this to me sounds like a transformer 110
180s and as we know there was somewhat of a
182s teaser when it comes to transformers x
185s fortnite so could it be for this
187s honestly probably but again it could be
189s for something completely different maybe
192s even it's modok that has been teased out
194s as the next upcoming villain so sounds
197s absolutely crazy i know but we just
199s simply never know some sort of weird
201s tech is coming in season four's
202s halloween theme and it's gonna be an
204s absolute banger now in case you guys
205s have never seen this before pharaohs who
208s of course used to make my intros and
209s outros before he i think got employed to
211s epic games made this custom trailer
213s which by the way has copyrighted music
215s so it's going to be muted i'll check it
217s out over on his twitter
228s are you back to me
243s me
264s so that is a possible early look as far
265s as you know what could be coming this
267s halloween and for of course for this
269s brand new mech also from hypebex seen a
272s lot of debates recently and i want to
274s ask you guys about this are you enjoying
276s this summer event personally i think
278s that the summer event is not it and it
280s won't be memorable like the previous
282s ones it only brought cosmetics and even
284s the unvaulted choices are not it except
287s the ufo that's coming soon but again
289s some games don't even get summer updates
291s or events and i'm still grateful for the
293s effort they put in but i'm just
295s comparing it to the old summer events
297s which honestly i don't see anything
299s wrong with that i think that this actual
301s summer event is 110 a flop so i said
305s this as far as his tweet it doesn't even
307s feel like a summer event to me like they
309s literally scrapped anything cool skating
312s honestly feel like the main problem of
313s fortnite right now is that they think
315s they can throw some trash free rewards
317s at us and call it an event
319s rewards aren't fun challenges are
321s definitely not fun wacky items however
323s map changes fun loot pools vehicles and
326s skating would have been fire
328s and yeah so that's actually where i
329s currently stand the event is not fun i
332s mean free rewards does not make an event
334s wacky items surfboards skating
337s let's see just a million things could
339s have made this event so so much better
341s but they just simply gave us free
343s rewards not even a free skin but just
345s trash free cosmetics that i think we're
348s all sick of this point i think we're
349s sick of collaborations i think we're
351s also sick of like seeing just free
353s reports as an event where's the cool
354s stuff bring back ltms and bring back 50
357s 50 and all that great stuff they used to
359s make fortnite as great as it was so
362s that's where i currently stand but where
363s do you guys stand last but not least
365s could we be seeing lady gaga x fortnite
367s well it seems like it's coming true
369s slowly lady gaga's friend commented on
372s my tech talk video for night rift tour
374s 2. and this person named cheryl who's
375s friends with lady gaga apparently said
377s see you on fortnight divas and to back
380s this up we also have for you guys from
382s our friend guru uh oh another friend of
385s lady gaga's visited my instagram profile
387s and viewed my stories and liked my gaga
389s rift tour concept what a coincidence and
393s now today a person that works directly
395s with epic games to actually do the 3d
397s animations or the animations in general
399s for the events
400s posted a fire emoji underneath this so
403s honestly considering that epic games is
405s not going to involve commenting that
406s stuff and we see her friends commenting
408s on instagrams tech talks of these actual
411s concepts i think it's safe to say that
413s it's probably coming soon and they know
415s something so
416s we'll see you guys then hopefully we see
418s that at some point thank you guys so
419s much for watching and i hope to see you
420s guys in the next upcoming video be sure
422s to check out my second channel for daily
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427s oh what happy he doesn't understand what
430s to say ben didn't mean that's adorable
433s shut up kid you got
435s which
444s 200.
461s you lost
471s somebody like me
489s somebody like me