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5s [Music]
10s what's up my friends welcome back to the
11s happy power channel today we have for
13s you guys the official reveal of the ally
15s a skin and yes it's for the first time
18s in a very long time he is now joining
20s the icon series skin sets and in my
22s opinion he deserves it tremendously he's
25s got over 4 billion views on ford and
27s alone and alongside that he's been
29s making videos on fortnite as much as i
31s have for the past four to five years so
34s we're to go over every single part of
36s his skin uh as far as what we know so
37s far there is some stuff that's currently
39s hidden but we will go over the stuff as
41s best as possible so starting things out
43s we actually have for you guys of course
45s the official skin reveal so here's that
47s in the background video when it happened
49s live over on his fortnite map
59s [Music]
64s [Music]
68s come on
72s [Music]
74s oh my god this is this is crazy
79s [Music]
80s so you guys can tell it's a pretty hype
82s looking skin now we have for you guys
84s all the promotion type things so his
86s skin will feature eight styles and
88s alongside that some of the styles will
89s have reactive ability that actually has
91s blue green purple and orange colors you
94s can actually select from for the
96s reactiveness so again you guys could
98s definitely tell he put a lot of working
100s time to the skin and i think it could
102s tremendously paid off i honestly dare to
104s say that this is easily the best icon
106s series skin set so far the most detailed
108s and the skin pack that honestly is just
110s fantastic uh the alias skin will also
113s feature uh basically a pickaxe that
115s actually has this logo that apparently
117s when you guys hit something uh it will
118s actually spin around as if it's actually
120s cutting like a diamond so that's pretty
122s dang awesome on to the next part the
124s glider for the first time ever an icon
126s series skin is now receiving a glider
128s and his glider is also reactive as well
131s so you guys have to use it as a glider
133s or pickaxe depending on where you guys
135s are actually using it
137s so again pretty dang awesome man
140s and i think the best part of this is
142s actually the free rewards so actually
143s here's a free reward in the background
145s video and alongside that i should
147s actually say this is actually the best
148s part of it uh the alley a email so the
151s ally a e mode is actually from his
153s famous intro music so it might be
156s copyrighted so if it actually is
157s copyrighted make sure you guys go to my
158s twitter and watch it as the first link
160s down below i just simply do not want to
162s get a copyright claim just in case but
164s here's that in the back
177s [Music]
181s so yeah guys that is the gist of the
183s brand new alley a skin pack coming very
185s very soon and yeah i must say it's one
188s of the best skin packs i've ever seen so
190s far from the detail to the face down to
192s the eight styles the reactiveness and
194s just simply so many different
196s customization options for the skin set
198s itself so kudos the alia from us making
201s videos together from a very long time
202s ago before that was poppin uh we made
204s like several viral videos together uh
207s now to him actually just completely
208s killing it every single day massive
210s congrats to ali aliye without him my
213s channel would not be as big as it is
214s because with him with that viral concept
216s we made together that is what really got
218s me started so from bother my heart
220s congrats ally and best of luck to you in
222s the near future
230s [Music]
244s you