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0s hey guys welcome back to the channel
2s today we have for you guys upcoming
3s vehicle and mechanic that should be for
6s the summertime event epic began working
8s on skating recently it'll be just like
11s the sliding physics slow when you're
13s going uphill and fast when you're going
15s downhill and etc and motorcycles have
18s been updated again so they're definitely
19s working on them too
21s so yeah guys skateboarding ice skating
24s possibly the motorcycles all the stuff
26s should be out by the summertime so it's
28s gonna be a very very great summer and
30s alongside that people are already making
32s crazy concepts as we still have not
34s gotten those summertime skins they are
36s all currently encrypted or they are set
38s to release next tuesday in a brand new
40s update so great work to rain on making
43s this actual concept we also have you
45s guys confirmed there will be more summer
47s event stuff this year one more summer
50s vibes no sweat more summer is coming
52s stay tuned for more so there is your
54s clarification and your proof that we are
56s definitely getting a lot more summer
58s stuff very very soon in other news
60s though from fortnite intel here's a look
62s at the free amanda glider in game you
65s can earn this glider by completing the
67s challenges available on the nindo
69s website which goes live tomorrow
83s so on the subject of naruto yes all the
85s naruto skins will be out in tomorrow's
87s item shop which by the way in case you
89s guys cop those use cutouts mars to
91s support this channel but there will be a
93s custom item shop so here's that gameplay
95s in the background video
108s so definitely look out for that tomorrow
110s night at 80 at 8pm est we also have for
113s you guys epic are working on a new
115s shape-shifter skin similar to maeve this
118s new skin is set to change when swimming
120s and also reacts to swimming speed i
122s believe so yeah definitely for summer
124s time a new shape shifter skin sounds
126s very very cool especially reactive to
128s water that's probably the first time
130s i've seen that
131s uh the summer sets locker bundle will be
133s available in item shop over on the 27th
136s and of course includes all the stuff in
138s the background video
140s honestly pretty happy to see this emote
141s also included because not many people
143s actually own this emo for some reason uh
146s from hypebex there's an upcoming npc
148s with the evil summoning ability probably
150s for next season's halloween upcoming
153s skid code name and theme desert blade
156s so epic games has kind of worked out a
158s numerous amount of things and it's kind
160s of just right at this point you know
161s halloween christmas uh summer time all
164s that stuff is currently being worked on
166s in their recent update and speaking of
168s the recent update midas might be added
170s back to the game very soon maybe even
172s for summer time from the egyptian leaker
175s this midas book from the agency was
177s re-added to the files there's a new
179s meowsicles npc that has a special
181s dialogue for all midas skins whoa are we
184s back online this could be a stretch but
187s it's epic teasing the return of midas
189s now i would say probably so i mean they
192s did say wow are we back online and
195s that's actually from meowsicles talking
197s about midas so yeah i would say minus is
200s definitely still alive and there's no
201s real proof that he's indeed dead so ah
204s yeah i think at some point we'll be
206s seeing midas back now someone else we'll
207s be seeing back is from shino apparently
210s epic is either working on a second
211s version of the inferno outfit or the
214s original infernals challenge pack will
216s return to the item shop very soon a
218s gameplay tag that includes the words
220s challenge style infernal v2 was added to
223s the files in today's update now i really
226s hope it's a v2 version maybe with a
228s different flame color or maybe it's
230s actually 4g or something like that so
231s that sounds very very cool
233s after more than a year the xander skin
236s might be released soon yesterday epic
238s added a rap called immortal oasis and
240s the files it has the same code name as
243s the xander outfit epic also added a back
245s bling and pickaxe for him late last year
248s but both are still unreleased
251s so yeah after about a year or so this
253s skin likely will be released very very
254s soon and i wonder if it might have a
256s summer variant style upcoming luke
258s skywalker npc and skin epic added a new
261s green lightsaber for luke's npc that we
264s do not have just yet
266s so definitely anticipate just like a
268s darth vader boss a luke skywalker boss
270s and how could it be to see them fighting
272s in the game as npcs so hopefully that
275s actually comes true uh from j key
277s reality root watch a new route from the
280s reality tree can be found south of tilde
282s towers so yeah guys the actual reality
284s tree is still expanding and the reason
287s behind this is actually this in the
289s background video next points of interest
291s to be changed are butter barn condo
293s canyon and sleepy sounds the same thing
295s will happen with these points of
296s interest
298s that happen with logjam these point
300s dementors will also have the same themes
302s pirate neo roman and atlantis
304s so i was really hoping to see some
306s different points of interest and i do
308s believe there's like one or two more
309s coming soon but
311s aside from that most of the actual
312s locations will get the same points of
314s interest and i think that someday all
317s four of these will be on the fortnite
318s map once again before the end of season
320s three
322s another upcoming collaboration galaxian
324s owned and made by the same people as
326s pac-man expect similar cosmetics
328s ex-paxman's collaboration emote and
331s edible backbling so that's actually
333s extremely interesting so that should be
335s coming out very very soon the scratch
337s burst squad heal item from chapter 3
340s season 1 is supposed to heal you and the
342s teammates around you
360s so not quite sure why this was scrapped
361s as it's such a cool item but yeah
363s unfortunately speaking it was removed
365s from the files in today's update
367s upcoming fund of building feature
369s players will soon be able to fund new
371s buildings that are made by other players
373s seems like it's related to the block 2.0
376s so of course the gun below is definitely
378s a placeholder but there will be like a
380s voting system in the game where you guys
382s can vote as far as you know what block
384s you guys want to see over at tilted
385s towers so that's actually a very very
388s interesting idea and a very unique idea
390s as well so great work type of games for
392s being original
393s last but not least i want to revisit
395s these stranger things trailer created by
397s pharaohs as it's just insane man i did
399s not expect to see this so so crazy but
403s yeah here's that in the back of video
409s theory
427s so
442s how stupid is it that epic games
444s completely flopped these styles these
447s styles look exactly like the previous
449s seasons and not only that where is the
451s darth vader style that was such a
453s flopped idea they could have brought out
454s a white version exclusive styles so many
457s crazy things and even these super styles
459s that the colors are okay but not that
462s exciting
463s so kind of a flop there from epic games
465s but that's all i have for you guys for
466s today's video if you want to support the
468s channel all you guys got to do is
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473s the more likely it will hit the
474s algorithm so thanks for watching and
476s we'll see you guys tomorrow
499s you