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9s what is up my friends welcome back to
11s the happy power channel today we have
13s for you guys more leaks revolving around
15s the upcoming live event for chapter 3
17s season 2 the first time event of chapter
19s 3 and yes it will be very very amazing
22s now like always my friends if you want
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27s down below anything your favorite part
29s of this video why you dislike me or
31s maybe even what is your favorite
33s restaurant and that is all because the
35s more comments on the video the more
36s likely it'll hit the algorithm which by
38s the way it's been absolutely working
39s lately so thank you guys so much
41s uh hopping directly into it though we
43s have for you guys five brand new covers
46s for the upcoming ford 9x marvel zero war
48s comic books
50s and these tease some pretty significant
52s things such as new upcoming skins we
55s also see in the top right hand corner a
57s possible first look at the jurassic
59s world collaboration now i say that with
61s a grain of salt but we do know for a
63s fact that a lot of jurassic park things
66s were teased becoming in season 3 theme
69s so that also might be a little nod to
72s what's gonna be coming we can also see
74s some brand new upcoming skins such as
76s the bottom right hand corner so that
78s looks pretty fantastic and i'm sure you
80s guys are just overall pretty hyped about
82s this as much as i am so those were
84s pretty cool we also have free guys
87s obi-wan kenobi was announced today
89s officially obi-wan kenobi and is set
92s will be available in the fortinet item
93s shop on thursday may 26 2022 at 8 pm et
98s obi-wan kenobi outfit obi-wan's blade
101s pickaxe which completely missed the
103s opportunity to bring out a lightsaber
105s pickaxe not too happy about seeing that
107s jedi interceptor glider obi-wan's
110s message emote and kenobi surrounded the
112s loading screen
113s and of course here's his full set
116s now unfortunately speaking there was no
118s trailer for him just yet but there might
120s be one upon his release but so far they
123s released this teaser so overall not a
125s bad looking set but again was really
127s hoping to see an ob1 lightsaber pickaxe
130s we also have for you guys as a special
132s reminder the fortnite volcanic assassins
135s pack is still out right now and is
137s entirely free for pc players and on
139s console players right now now for pc
142s players it will be available right
143s inside of the item shop but for console
146s players you will have to go through the
147s geforce now beta and yes there will be a
150s link in the description down below and
152s tons of other youtubers have also made
153s tutorials on how to actually do so but
156s in case you guys do need one i will make
158s one for tomorrow's video so make sure
160s you guys definitely claim that today
161s it's an absolutely fantastic looking
163s pack
164s we also have for you guys from fortnite
166s assist the three snow claw bow mounts
169s have moved in 20.4 in his update they
172s have moved from the coastal cliffside
173s above logjam lumber yard much closer in
178s same as the desert ones it looks like
180s the combos have moved to a closer to the
182s center
183s which i personally think is because of
185s the radioactive activity going on or of
187s course the pulses that are happening
189s from the doomsday device
191s and i think they're kind of attracted to
193s in a waste so the combos might have
195s something to do with the fortnite
196s storyline as every single day it appears
199s they're getting closer and closer to the
201s middle of the map
202s three new club amounts appeared in
204s tuesday's 20.40 update two are needed by
207s rocky reels and more desert mount types
210s and one is near greasy grove and a new
212s dirt mound type the previous three
214s climate mounds of the desert have also
216s strangely disappeared either the new
219s three are the old three or they have
221s moved further to something else so
223s pretty strange activity going on around
225s clombos in case you guys missed that the
227s psn wards are now slowly coming out
229s today and today you have the chance to
231s earn uh the ps4 dynamic theme psn
235s avatars psn avatars more a lotto llamas
238s in-game cosmetic loading screen fresh
241s irredensity in-game cosmetic rap and the
243s mega team glider in-game cosmetic glider
246s now so far we are currently in stage 2
248s so a lot of people today receive the
250s fresh iridescent in-game rap so make
253s sure you guys keep contributing to this
255s in case you guys want some more free
256s rewards and in case you guys don't know
258s this the full link will be description
260s down below to claim and of course
262s contribute to these massive rewards now
264s speaking of free rewards from fire
266s monkey as spotted by megami uh epic
269s games did go through with a plan to
271s secretly enable fncs drops on youtube as
273s well unlike twitch it's impossible to
276s currently see what the drops are however
278s i would assume it's just going to be the
280s same as you would get in the legends
282s landing slash twitch streams
284s and here is a free reward you guys can
286s claim today the back bling is absolutely
288s fantastic i must say
290s now to the best part of the video and
292s make sure you guys click off right now
293s in case you guys do not want to be
294s spoiled for the upcoming live event this
296s will feature tons of brand new things
299s the first surge some animations what is
301s going to be happening during the event
302s in a full step-by-step process of every
305s single detail so make sure you guys stay
307s tuned and click off right now in case
308s you guys do not want to be spoiled so
310s that was your warning but hopping
311s directly into it as rain modder we left
314s off on this right in the background
315s video so this long screen completely
317s tells a massive story the seven
319s currently have a base over on the moon
322s so essentially speaking they own a moon
324s base
325s now this moon base is where the mecca
327s team leader went right after the final
329s showdown event after he does a little
331s dance now all this time they have
332s actually been rebuilding the neca team
334s leader on the seventh moon and now he is
337s very close to completion which means
339s he'll be coming down during the event
341s which is teased several times in several
343s trailers and even from epic games and
345s their first live event teaser
363s now to add to this today it looks like
365s pharaohs has also made its own concept
367s of the upcoming live event to add on to
369s the previous teaser so here's that crazy
371s animation in the background video
392s now it's also craziest today we see the
394s first surge coming directly from the
395s doomsday device
418s now this is gonna be happening pretty
419s consistently over the next couple of
421s days and even after that there'll be
423s some more surprises in store for you
425s guys to check out now in case you guys
426s really want some massive spoilers which
428s i'm not quite sure if i want to do just
430s yet make sure you guys leave a comment
431s down below and let me know exactly what
433s you guys want to see and what questions
435s you guys have for the fortnite live
437s event the most like comment i will
438s answer in the next upcoming video now
440s remember this we're going to be driving
441s the mecca team leader during the
443s official live event and this is t
445s several times in the upcoming dialogue
447s featured in game quest
449s so jones has filled you in on our plans
451s to repair the mech
452s good between you and i
454s getting that mech moving is our only
455s hope repairs are underway but
458s after the way we treated the paradigm i
460s don't know if she'll pilot it we're
461s communicating now but there's work to be
463s done if she refuses to help
466s we'll still need a pilot
468s and you've proven your loyalty to all of
470s us
471s i need you to complete our pilot tryouts
473s charles in speed agility and climbing
476s good luck i've recorded your score you
478s can move to the next trial okay
481s let's see the next one good work looper
483s we'll tabulate your results even if the
486s paradigm comes back she might need a
488s co-pilot now what's also featured in
490s game quest is this in the background
492s video a major teaser as far as the next
494s stage of the upcoming live event
496s doomsday device
519s now the countdown should appear over the
520s next couple of days from today and we do
522s assume it's probably one week out so by
525s the end of the week we should anticipate
526s a pretty cynical countdown inside the
528s four night lobby but last but not least
530s my friends this is not related to the
532s event but it's actually related to a
533s brand new fortnite tick tock so here's
535s that in the background to you
566s now guys that is all we have for you
567s guys for today's video i wasn't quite
569s sure if i want to add in some pretty
571s significant stuff that i found out about
572s but let me know in the comments below
574s how in depth detail do you guys want me
576s to go inside of this event i really do
578s not want to spoil it for everyone but
580s you do have the possibility of not
581s watching the videos so i'm not quite
583s sure so leave a comment down below we'll
585s see you guys tomorrow and as always stay
586s happy my friends
609s you