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9s hey my friends welcome back to the happy
11s power channel today we have for you guys
13s the 20.40 update and everything to
16s expect in tonight's 20.40 update now
19s this will indeed be the last update of
21s fortnite chapter 3 season 2 and this
23s update will include some pretty
25s significant stuff the ally a
27s collaboration for the first time ever in
28s chapter 3 a live event and numerous
31s other collaborations that are now said
33s to come out to end of chapter 3 season
35s 2. now like always my friends if you
37s want to support this channel uh the
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57s to the fortnite waiting list in
58s tonight's update shinna what to expect
61s in tomorrow's 20.40 update obi-wan
64s kenobi collaboration which is a perfect
66s time considering that lightsabers
68s weirdly enough go away tomorrow uh what
71s if we finally get lightsaber pickaxes
72s for the ob1 collaboration lightsabers
75s will be vaulted by tomorrow it would fit
78s to finally give a jedi a lightsaber
80s pickaxe and since dark vader is most
82s likely included in the battle pass next
84s season a red lightsaber will also fit as
87s a pickaxe and there you guys have it so
89s we are currently expecting lightsaber
91s pickaxes to come out in tonight's update
93s alongside the ob1 collaboration uh the
96s doomsday device which we've been talking
98s about this for quite a long time now so
100s in case you guys want the small summary
102s of this uh the 11th for this season will
105s feature a doomsday device 2.0 and
107s there's numerous stuff to back this up
110s so definitely by tonight we'll be seeing
111s the first map change over by loot lake
114s where the doomsday device should be
116s added the ally a icon series cosmetics
119s which here's a quick rundown of all this
121s brand new cosmetics
134s the june crew pack should now be
136s introduced and released by tonight's
138s update and currently as it speaks we
140s have no idea what the skin pack is gonna
142s look like so pretty awesome stuff
144s overall
144s event files knocking my hopes up to be
147s honest now he is saying that simply on
149s the fact of of course we don't really
152s know why we don't get love event stuff
153s anymore i think it's pretty much because
155s epic games does not want us leakers to
157s see it early and to leak it out early
159s like the good old days so i would assume
161s it's probably gonna be added but
163s completely encrypted to the point where
165s again we have no idea if it's actually
166s there a new fncs skin will be added by
169s tomorrow a new starter pack is also
172s coming out by tomorrow the unvaulting of
174s the shadow bomb
176s the anime legends pack is currently
177s leaked but it could be released by
179s tomorrow the blunder bundle again is
181s currently unknown and should be released
182s by tomorrow and even more unknown
186s obviously definitely expect some
187s cosmetics such as emotes skins pickaxes
190s and all that great stuff to expect
192s usually in every single update and
193s alongside that some bonus map changes
196s so that's kind of just as far as what to
198s expect for tomorrow and there's actually
200s some other stuff to expect for tomorrow
201s as well v buck purchases on playstation
204s joined fortnite's shared wallet by the
206s fortnite team starting with the upcoming
208s 20.40 update tonight vbuck purchases on
211s playstation may be used across platforms
214s that support fortnite's shared wallet
216s playstation xbox pc android and cloud
219s gaming services so there you guys have
221s it a brand new update is now coming
223s tonight now to kind of add to this stuff
225s take full advantage of this benefit
227s players should make sure they've linked
229s an existing playstation and or xbox
232s accounts to their epic games account
234s fortnite's shared wallet is not
235s currently supported by the nintendo
237s switch platform beating vbuck purchases
239s on other shared wallet systems and
241s platforms will not be usable on nintendo
244s switch and vice versa as always v bucks
246s earn on any platform through the battle
248s pass quest packs and save the world are
250s shared across all other platforms zuri
253s tattoo contest to enter the zuri tattoo
255s contest post your original concept using
258s the zuri tattoo contest hashtag
261s the top entry will have their concept
263s turned into a tattoo on the zuri outfit
265s and will receive the zuri outfit and a 2
268s 500 cash prize
270s so that is pretty awesome and of course
272s down below is actually the rules so make
274s sure you guys read that but yeah overall
276s a very very unique skin update this was
279s peak fortnite the news tabs and yeah i
281s must say i completely missed the
283s fortnite news tabs especially back in
286s chapter 1 and even we got the shopping
288s carts the blast of event which of course
290s was the first rocket event bratty
292s shotguns coming out and just so many
294s incredible updates
295s i really hope that someday we get back
297s the updates that we've all been looking
299s for in the fortnite community these
301s updates you know kind of made the game
302s as great as it is so let's go back to
304s chapter one nostalgia and bring back
306s these quality updates
308s other news in case you guys missed it a
310s fall guys collaboration just happened
312s today so as an added bonus for my
313s fortnite viewers as it will translate
316s eventually to fortnight tomorrow or
317s probably tonight as of course we're kind
319s of expecting this actually happened but
321s fall guys just said this
324s hey there bean
325s looks like you need a friend well you're
329s in luck because soon four guys will be
331s beaming to you live on even more
333s platforms including playstation xbox
336s switch and the epic game store and with
338s cross play and cross progression playing
341s with friends has never been easier but
343s wait there's more four guys is going
349s party up with your friends across the
352s entire range of full guys seasonal
354s content
355s and for those of you who've been with us
357s for a while enjoy a free legacy plan
366s for newcomers we've got four guys fun
369s guys prize guys and
371s this guy
376s we've got more challenges outfits and
378s obstacles than you can honk a kazood
395s silence could you give pink a hand
404s ball guys are not responsible for any
405s basketball infused diamonds friendly
406s fire team tails injuries sustained from
408s having too much fun high blood pressure
409s and broken pressures caused by federal
410s swappings internet classification of
411s local scrubs micro magazines shows how
413s listed draws from your equal power
414s malfunctioning beambots or any tall guy
416s small guy long guy white guy low guy or
417s high guy nightmares so fall guys will
419s now be free to play over the 21st of
421s june and it will feature tons of awesome
424s stuff such as being able to be played on
425s all platforms free skin packs new
428s collaborations and of course a brand new
430s editor coming to fall guys where you
432s guys have the ability to build your own
433s fall guys map overall was a pretty
435s significant update and even said
437s protocrater is now being featured in
439s fall guides very very soon so definitely
441s anticipate by june that fall guys might
444s be back on top relatively soon for a
445s short period of time if not the second
447s top game lastly speaking today is my
450s anniversary of hitting 100 000
452s subscribers so thank us so much for all
454s the support i appreciate you guys more
456s than you'll ever know and of course
458s let's all take a piece of cake together
459s and enjoy this together thanks for
461s watching and have a great rest your day
462s guys
484s you