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0s so we finally have for you guys the
2s biggest leaks for chapter three season
4s four and we even have for you guys some
5s information about a brand new map coming
7s in chapter 3 season 5 and you're not
10s gonna want to miss this so make sure you
11s guys stay tuned and have that Bell
13s notification on for the next upcoming
15s days uh so first things up is a brand
17s new glider coming soon from Uncharted so
20s check this out
37s so that looks pretty fantastic in case
39s you guys do in fact cop this with a
40s brand new game release be sure to use
42s code on Mars inside the epic game store
44s alongside that Abe beloved skin pack is
47s now returning tonight the graveyard
49s drift pack is set to return by tonight
52s so in case you guys wanted this OG pack
54s well it's no longer OG so enjoy and
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59s the fortnite item shop
60s comment comment directly from Hasbro
63s pulse before you hop off the battle bus
65s join the Hasbro pulse con fortnite
68s Victory Royale series panel on September
70s 30th as we explore epic content and
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75s team uh and joined by some very special
78s guests which is likely YouTubers uh stay
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83s con so that's actually pretty
85s interesting in case you guys collect
86s toys revolving around fortnite or POP
89s vinyls well there you guys have it
91s uh about season four however we have for
94s you guys a brand new t-shirt that's
95s taking place right now in Times Square
97s in New York City
134s foreign
139s so that is actually very very cool
141s looking I'm not quite sure what they're
143s pushing this cereal so hard but it
144s obviously has something to do with the
146s fortnite storyline and well season 4 in
149s general now this is the biggest leak of
151s today's video and so far the biggest
153s leak for season 4 and season five
156s here we have some Spark Notes according
159s to upcoming content season 4's theme
161s will officially be dark futuristic
164s season 5 will also have a massive update
166s and it's not credible 2.0 which could be
169s like a massive map change or something
171s now apparently for season five it
174s actually will be some sort of branding
175s map according to several leakers so yeah
178s that is actually pretty crazy uh not
181s entirely sure how you feel about that I
183s don't really know if chadra 3 will end
184s at season 5 but I do believe that we're
187s gonna be seeing a quite the actual map
189s change for some reason whether that's
191s because season 4 will feature a love
193s event which we already know about or
194s whether it's actually for credible 2.0
196s we still have no idea but needless to
199s say there's a lot of crazy content
201s coming in season 4's dark futuristic
202s theme and alongside that season 5's
204s brand new huge huge overall 100 map
207s change now what's pretty funny is
209s yesterday that kind of coincides with
211s the brand new Chrome theme that people
213s think that's gonna be uh it looks like
215s what's trending over on Twitter and it
216s says Chrome fortnite appears to be
218s teasing a collaboration with Google
219s Chrome uh following a series of Tweets
221s in which the capital letters within each
223s phrase spell the name of the web browser
226s which is incredibly funny because
228s obviously the person who runs Twitter
229s and this like viral section does does
232s not even remotely know anything about
233s fortnite or what's going on right now
236s they legit think that it's fortnite X
237s Google Chrome which is absolutely
238s hilarious but that is definitely not the
240s case if you're watching today's video
241s however we have for you guys some more
243s crazy stuff coming in season 4 so it
245s says fortnite chapter 3 season 4
247s competitive details by the fortnite team
250s competitors it's almost time for a new
252s fortnite season and with a new season
254s comes a new competitive update in
256s chapter 3 season 4 the competitive
258s fortnite team is shaking things up with
260s a brand new fortnite division cup format
263s and a raida hype reset at the beginning
265s of the fortnite Season late game cups
267s zero build cups uh Cola gate cups and
270s more continue reading on for full
272s details of a competitive fortnite has a
275s store for chapter 3 season 4. now this
278s promo image for season four definitely
279s teaches some upcoming things returning
281s from the vault in chapter 3 season 4.
283s the rocket launcher has been seen in the
286s recent blog post and it uses an updated
288s version of the guided missiles
289s projectile which might be a teaser for
291s the items is returning after four years
293s in the matter of two days severpike's
296s outfit should be announced four battle
298s pass teasers will be announced Chrome
300s trending on Twitter atks and he got a
303s missile possibly returning with a brand
304s new blog post plus the content marketing
307s team forta has been doing about fortnite
309s Paradise this does he think that's going
311s to be remembered I hope for a long time
313s which I completely agree they've been
315s spending a crap ton of money on this and
317s likely when they do this it usually
319s means that it's going to be a great
320s season spending this much money is
322s usually not normal so it should be a
324s brick it should be a great season full
326s of great stuff returning stuff from The
328s Vault and possibly a huge other event
330s that will potentially change the game
332s forever during season 5 or the end of
334s season four so definitely stay tuned for
337s that uh well last but not least we have
339s for you guys a little bonus it's a brand
340s new fortnite tech talk that honestly I
342s think we all feel like this
345s foreign
355s it was at this moment he knew he was
357s eliminated
360s uh so yeah guys that's all I have for
362s you guys for today's video thank you
363s guys so much for watching enjoy the
364s battlefield gameplay and we will see you
366s guys in tomorrow's brand new teasers
369s the year is 1991. birds and people are
373s living together in seemingly Perfect
375s Harmony until one day a young man
377s catches fire this is Phoenix
388s you've been knocked down and got up
390s again in the corner you're surrounded no
395s Defenders
435s foreign
472s don't let that ruthlessness prevail
476s s