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0s fortnite is just not what it used to be
2s so let's talk about it it's no surprise
5s this game's been out for quite a long
7s time since september 26 2017 and ever
10s since then the game has felt a little
13s off something's just simply not right
15s which is why i want to make this video
17s as a real just down to earth discussion
19s with you guys my fan base but overall
21s the fortnite community so yesterday i
23s tweeted out we are currently fifty
24s percent through season three what's your
26s number one complaint of the season so
28s far
29s and honestly i think the complaints are
32s extremely valid and i think they
34s actually correlate to the rest of the
35s game entirely either the loop pool or
37s how new gen graphics still look messed
39s up since the start of the last season a
42s distant lack of week 8 updates boring
45s loot pool the entire game is my one
48s complaint alright so why do people
50s complain so much about the loot pool
52s bluepool but even that is improving the
55s game does feel boring but mainly because
56s of burnout sniper headshots are not
59s insta-kill anymore my lack of dedication
62s to grind the game i'm probably just
64s burned out from playing 4 years plus i
66s need a little break every flipping
68s season we get explosives taken away
70s where are the clingers grenade launchers
72s rocket launchers quad launchers anything
75s fun and stupid clappo is not in the game
78s anymore really liked feeding him back in
79s chapter 3 season 1. spraying in zero
82s build sweats in build mode epic not
84s giving us stuff in creative mode save
86s the world having no new maps or at least
88s remastering stonewood or canny valley
92s and the map changes are completely
94s boring only one boss would need more
96s bosses like chapter 2 season 2. i have
98s many most of which aren't even afford an
100s issue but rather a community issue
103s as for my main fortnite issues lack of
105s story content io just ceases to exist
107s with little to no reaction
109s from anyone involved with the i o or the
112s seven the x i o agents don't even
114s attempt to rebuild the threat of the
116s reality tree remains a mystery had a
118s bloom watcher not been revealed we
120s wouldn't even know he was a villain the
122s foundation is off with jones and we
124s never got closure on what they are
127s actually doing or anything involving
129s gino it's like the content it's there
131s but not there and it feels dry worse
134s than it's ever been cosmic summer
136s brought us crazy content i just want to
138s go back so that is where the community
140s heads are at so far and we can
142s definitely tell that these are all very
144s very valid uh reasons to not like the
147s game currently or especially the season
149s i know that the tweet was primarily
151s based on the season itself but this
152s correlates to the rest of the game
154s ever since 2017 and through the three
157s chapters we've gotten a lot of updates
159s and of these updates there hasn't been
161s stuff that really just
163s hit
164s if that makes sense i'm still waiting on
166s an update where it's like dang this
168s really feels like fortnite because the
170s last couple of seasons or chapters
173s simply do not feel like fortnight but
174s rather a commercial in the game i love
177s collaborations but the same time it kind
179s of feels like it's ruined the game
181s almost because it's getting rid of that
183s original wacky funny story lines or
186s highly highly detailed story lines and
188s it honestly is just starting to feel
189s like a marvel game at this point because
191s as donald mustard said we still have
193s years and years left of marvel
195s collaborations only which
197s i don't know how i feel about that i
199s really miss the old classic fortnite
202s which could just simply be nostalgia
204s talking i'm sure we're all feeling that
206s nostalgia and want that back because
208s let's face it right now in the universe
210s it's not a good time for anybody
212s financial crisis the game is just simply
214s not what it used to be and i think we're
216s all looking for something that is
217s comfortable which of course was old
219s fortnite that is the game that we all
221s religiously played every single day with
223s our friends and family and now we don't
226s have that now we're just left with the
229s current new fortnight which is okay but
232s it's not amazing
234s and that directly correlates to tons of
236s fortnite content creators and pro
238s players now leaving the game itself and
240s we see the biggest critters on the
242s platform barely even posing at this
244s point so does that mean the forehead is
246s dead uh not really but it does mean the
249s content side of fortnite is 100 dead
252s which is why you'll also see decline on
254s this channel pretty often
255s the views are what they used to be for
257s me myself i talk fortnite for item shops
260s several people for other niches it just
262s simply isn't what it used to be and the
264s community has been honestly cut in half
266s at this point so what can we do well
268s there is definitely hope for the game
270s and to say that there wouldn't be would
272s be a complete understatement before we
274s get to that point i also tweet up do you
276s guys feel like the season has just has a
277s weird vibe to it where it's like cool
279s content but also like it's just not it
282s like it's cool and all but it doesn't
284s feel like the previous summer seasons
285s have i don't know how to explain it and
288s someone said i don't really like it all
290s that much i feel the exact same way yes
292s very much so and the list went on and on
295s and on i think the game just simply gets
297s boring way too fast or we are completely
300s burnt out of fortnite i mean we have
302s been playing it since 2017 and
304s especially us as content creators have
306s been posting videos every single day
308s religiously since 2017 and even here on
312s the channel i haven't missed that many
314s uploads to be honest and the only
316s uploads i've ever missed was because
318s there was not enough content like there
320s used to be
321s back in chapter one we had so much
322s content every single day that
324s realistically if i wanted to make two
326s eight minute videos every single day i
328s would still have leftover content for
330s the next couple of days and so on and so
332s forth there was a never ending amount of
335s good good content wacky stuff to cover
338s amazing in-depth story lines that are
340s completely original and wacky items to
342s go over basically or just have fun with
344s but now it's like what do we really have
346s summer update that gets boring within
348s two minutes because after you do your
350s challenges what else does her do we get
352s stuff in the game that is promised but
353s never releases
355s family guy concerts rift tours so many
358s things and even other collaborations by
359s the way but as a fortnight news channel
361s that's seen so many leagues over the
362s years and so many skins cosmetics and
365s just simply collaborations that never
367s released it's a huge disappointment like
370s what are we doing with this game now
371s again there is definitely hope because
373s apparently there might be a rift tour
375s with lady gaga and so on and so forth
377s but is that enough to make the game feel
379s amazing again probably not so
382s yeah i don't know man i'm feeling pretty
384s burned out myself because every single
386s day i post or if i try something new
389s people are like why are you trying
390s something new you were a fortnite
392s channel but the same time it's like man
394s what else do we have to do i feel like
396s i'm getting to the point where it's like
398s another one of those channels that have
400s fell off and are completely gone or have
402s quit fortnite because what else is there
405s to do
406s so hopefully
407s at some point we see a great season or
410s great chapter where there's content on a
412s weekly basis with map changes great loot
414s pools and overall listening to our
417s community rather than listening to their
419s pockets
420s so that's my two cents i left out so
423s many topics but i just want to have a
425s heart-to-heart conversation with you
427s guys the fortnite community and my fan
428s base so i guess that was in the comments
430s below what would you change about
432s fortnite so we can go over it in the
433s next upcoming video and a more in-depth
436s level so thanks for watching we will see
438s you guys next time and as always thanks
440s for watching the happy power channel
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470s so
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482s you