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0s what's up guys welcome back to the
2s channel today we have for you guys a
3s bunch of brand new topics so today is
6s the two year anniversary of fortnite
8s chapter two season three i cannot
10s believe it's already been two years time
13s is flying by at a crazy crazy fast rate
17s so yeah i kind of feel a little bit old
18s today but let us know in the comments
20s below what was your favorite memory from
22s chapter 2 season 3. now if you played
24s fortnite today you were probably
26s wondering why on the top right hand
27s corner it said record and it's pretty
30s much due to this glitch in the
31s background video due to an issue we have
33s turned off the ability to manually start
35s and stop recording mid-match capturing
38s replays of your entire match will still
40s work as usual because of the errant
43s record icon displaying on screen we have
46s reverted this change
48s so yes guys it was completely just a bug
50s for a manual record option and no
53s upgames was not watching you
55s uh we also have for you guys from glitch
57s king how to level up insanely fast in
60s fortnite chapter 3 season 3. i know we
63s are all feeling the insane xp drought so
66s he found an absolutely insanely easy way
69s to get free xp while even afk so here's
72s that method in the background to you in
74s this video i will show you two xb maps
76s this is the first map code
82s go here and do an emote
87s make sure to interact with the fk xb
89s button now go here and interact with
90s this invisible button
93s now you will start getting xb the afk xp
96s will never stop you can either far more
98s xp or just go afk
101s this is a second version of the map
103s where you receive the xp after the map
104s gets calibrated this is the map code
109s the xb icon will be added to the map
111s when it gets calibrated some of my
112s subscribers were able to get more than
114s 400k xv when my last snap got calibrated
116s form xp now and you will receive it when
118s the next week it's enabled i also added
120s a countdown for a button that will give
122s you out
123s so it does not get simpler than that and
125s big shout out to glitch king for you
126s know making this video today we also
129s have three guys from sheena gwen can be
131s spotted on the new fortnite slash marvel
134s cover and yes so it looks like gwen
136s stacy from the spider-verse might be
139s coming to fortnite a lot sooner than we
141s think or it might be around the time
143s period of when the new spider-verse
144s movie comes out which by the way
146s unfortunately was indeed delayed now
148s with that being said we should also
150s expect miles that gwen is also coming
152s out so maybe miles and gwen stacy will
154s come out together as a brand new bundle
156s pack around the time period when the new
159s the new movie drops so should be a
161s pretty exciting time now if you're ever
163s curious as far as what we should look
164s like inside the game it looks like this
166s crater has now created gwen stacy in
169s fortnite so here's some clips of that in
170s the background video as well
187s me
200s oh
224s so it looks pretty fantastic and on the
226s topic of comic related skins we also
229s have rain guys from finn who showcased
231s off all these skins should be coming to
233s the game at some point
235s x-23 winter soldier silk shuri sam
239s wilson captain america miles morales joe
242s fix it iron fist hellcat captain carter
246s spider-man 2099 spider-man gwen new
250s captain america new hawkeye new iron man
253s new kate bishop new wolverine and new
256s thor
257s so a lot of the time from the actual
259s comic books of fort and x marvel zero
261s war those skins do in fact come around
263s to fortnite and get released in the
265s fortnite item shop so all these skins
267s have a huge possibility coming out at
269s some point before the comeback franchise
271s officially ends with fortnite's
273s collaboration so let us know in the
274s comments below what skins are you most
276s looking forward to me personally
278s spider-man 2099 spider-gwen miles
281s morales and let's mix up a little bit
283s let's go with uh the winter soldier he's
285s actually a pretty cool character so
287s those are my picks but look in the
289s comments below what would you guys pick
290s to come to the game next in other news
292s we know for a fact that epic games is
294s kind of trolling us at this point with
296s the brand new lightsaber pickaxes and
298s someone said now they have to be messing
300s with us at this point because every new
302s star wars skin does in fact feature a
304s lightsaber but lightsabers are currently
307s vaulted and there's still no lightsaber
309s pickaxe however if you guys were ever
311s curious as far as what it would look
313s like in the game to see darth vader with
315s his actual pickaxe instead of this
317s frying pan well here's that in the
319s background video
355s so i must say looks pretty fantastic in
357s other news though over on reddit players
359s have now noticed that uh essentially
361s spiderman's brand new skin is not really
364s even usable because if you compare the
366s two skins the eyes do not match up
368s meaning that spider-man well he cannot
370s see anything so if that was actually
371s pretty funny to share in today's video
373s from cndr we have the showdown which is
376s a remake of this chapter 1 loading
379s screen and man do i feel nostalgic
381s looking at this original loading screen
383s so great work to see on dr uh i actually
386s muted him over on twitter so i finally
387s unmuted him and it revealed this
389s beautiful artwork so check him out down
391s below he's an absolutely great artist we
394s also have for you guys did you know you
395s can still ride on sharks and most
397s notably in no build mode
434s i honestly completely forgot this was
436s actually a thing i mean i really really
438s thought for the longest time that it was
439s not possible but it looks like it's
441s still possible in chapter 3 season 3 and
443s even possible in no builds mode so a
445s great way to have mobility if you can
447s find a fishing pole and well sharks and
450s with that being said that is all we have
451s for you guys for today's video thank you
453s guys so much for all support we hope to
455s see you guys next time and as always
457s stay happy my friends
484s you