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0s fortnite bonus styles i'm sure we're all
2s curious as far as what it's gonna look
4s like and in the previous video we kind
5s of gave you guys a first look at that
7s possibly now i'm sure we all want darth
9s vader to have his own pickaxe and it's
11s definitely gonna be of course a
12s lightsaber pickaxe that we've all been
14s waiting for for quite a long time and
16s even at the games has kind of been
17s teasing up for quite a while now so
20s i think right now is the absolute best
21s time to bring out this lightsaber
23s pickaxe and what better way to do it
25s than to bring out some bonus styles for
27s the lightsaber pickaxe and even for
29s darth vader and all the current battle
31s pass skins so in today's video for you
33s guys some concepts revolving around that
35s but we also have for you guys tons of
36s news revolving around upcoming
38s collaborations we have for you guys the
40s summer update and so much stuff so let's
42s get into it due to epic working on a new
44s clavo spawner in creative mode epic has
47s recently added a new animation for
48s colombo for when you emo close to combo
51s the club will now perform some dance
53s moves which are kind of cute
64s so that's actually extremely unique i
66s did not actually know before this that
68s they are working on a combo spawner so i
70s kind of wonder if clavo will in fact
72s return at some point we also have three
74s guys from sheena here's a new survey
77s that was recently sent to players by
78s epic games in the past these surveys
81s often showed upcoming collaborations so
83s it's very likely that this also includes
85s some upcoming collabs
87s now this list is absolutely massive so
90s let's speed run through it so i just
91s realized this is probably gonna take way
93s too long so i'm gonna pause with it for
95s like 30 seconds and feel free to take a
97s screenshot and let me know in the
98s comments below what are you guys most
100s looking forward to but now definitely
102s take note of the cartoon anime music
104s artists and video game characters
106s because all these could be
107s collaborations that have to do with
108s concerts upcoming like massive
110s collaborations uh music videos and all
113s that great stuff so this list is quite
115s extensive and i'd really suggest you
117s guys read through this entire thing now
119s for the bonus styles we all know the
120s fact that we are receiving bonus styles
122s in just a few short days and a guy named
125s reef fortniter who of course remakes
127s fortnite characters has not been a bunch
129s of stuff revolving around darth vader
130s and he's also made some stuff revolving
132s around the upcoming pickaxes that could
134s be for a lighter pickaxe for darth vader
137s obi-wan kenobi and we also kind of think
140s that anakin might also be a free bonus
142s style but alongside that miles per alice
144s and gwen stacy also might be featured as
147s a bonus free style so that's what's
149s currently going on right now the
150s fortnite committee and the current
152s speculations
156s room
204s moving on with the video we have for you
205s guys from ford and assist fortnite
207s chapter 3 season 3 unreleased battle
209s pass items they're all sprays by the way
212s x out tower escape dragon fight king's
215s vision shining sword speed demon
217s upcoming skin code name barium burning
220s up upcoming skin codename chaos and
223s peace peace sign quest yeah those two
226s skins are actually coming very very soon
228s as ford and assist also said these are
230s the two skins we can expect to see
232s arriving soon since they both have
234s sprays add to the game in a 21-0 update
238s uh their code names are chaos and barium
240s according to the sprays ids so these two
243s lovely skins should become the game very
244s very soon and let me know if you guys
246s are going to be copying these we also
248s have for you guys from fortnite assist
250s uh fortnite idiot jones hitting cosmetic
252s you can currently preview page one of
254s any dutch cosmetics uh in the section of
256s the battle pass but page two is
258s currently hidden two of six of the items
261s on page two should be indies dust-off
263s built-in emote and indies escape spray
266s so those are two early looks at some
268s upcoming bonus rewards and alongside
270s that the page will also feature first
273s this adventure loading screen uh dr
275s jones emoticon which are not in the
277s files themselves but added to epic's
279s asset pack meaning we have four to six
282s new items seen with a secret page total
286s five if you also count the gliders seen
288s in the loading screen as well so yeah
290s very very cool stuff for indiana jones
292s and overall the bonus rewards we also
294s have for you guys from ponzip fncs
297s master clash which of course is a brand
299s new concept
313s so this guy makes some absolutely crazy
316s concepts and here's some other audible
318s mentions of today's video we have for
320s you guys a summer version of tiantina
322s which looks again very very professional
324s and we also have for you guys from adi
327s gaming art who has made well a brand new
329s peely version of the summer skin so the
331s summer update is actually right around
332s the corner in case you guys actually
334s missed that here's the current promo art
336s that we've gotten so far for the no
338s sweat summer so that's actually pretty
339s awesome uh in other news though some
341s secret map changes uh the reality tree
344s growth another set of roots have
345s appeared on the edge of the biome south
348s of tilted towers so yeah the biome is
350s currently spreading and the reality tree
352s might be taking over some points of
354s interest very very soon lastly speaking
356s we have for you guys a discussion from
357s hypex and top five gaming two of the
359s biggest creators right now in fortnite
362s is season three the downfall of most
364s fortnite youtubers for reference every
366s creator seems to be getting one third of
368s normal views and many seem to be just
370s quitting and hypex said people don't
372s want to watch gameplay anymore unless
374s it's a big new item people watch
375s storyline stuff nowadays which you can't
377s really make daily or weekly different
379s videos out of it or leaks both are
381s carrying fortnite's content a lot
383s nowadays i just hope that creative 2.0
386s is coming out soon i'd rather watch a
388s really fast gameplay video with so much
390s stuff going on which is what c day
391s achieves but with editing uh and i
394s believe uh credible 2.0 will provide
396s that to you
397s as they expand on it so yeah let us know
399s in the comments below how do you guys
400s feel about the current state of fortnite
402s content uh so that's all i have for you
404s guys for today's video let me comment
406s below if you guys actually like the
407s webcam inside the videos so thanks for
409s watching and we'll see you guys next
410s time
425s easy
484s you