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1s thank you
36s foreign
55s so fortnite season 4 officially Begins
57s by tomorrow and today we'll be going
59s over all kinds of crazy stuff for 7pk
62s skin release and so much more so we hope
64s you guys enjoyed this video and like
66s always in case you guys do make sure you
67s guys definitely have notifications on as
69s tonight is chapter 3 season 4's official
72s launch date now according to Mark Rand
74s he has now T season 4 with a single word
77s which is shiny very interweling and very
80s much of a letdown but apparently it
82s stands for Chrome shiny or shiny Chrome
84s which means that season four well we'll
86s feature shiny Chrome at some point so
88s crazy stuff overall uh not too happy
90s about that once again he really could
92s have said a lot better word uh to
94s coincide with this Don mustard has also
95s posted this video where he seems to
97s mention Bray Larson quite a few times
99s which likely means because seven the
102s seventh character the Paradigm is
104s supposed to be unmasked and revealing an
107s icon series skin for Brie Larson so
109s check it out I'm on the most amazing
112s mountain bike ride this morning look at
114s this
116s that's why I love Utah so much in the
119s fall it's incredible
121s man I'm like on my ride I'm listening to
124s Brie Larson's version of black sheep
127s from metric it's incredible from Scott
129s Pilgrim and just so excited football's
133s back on tomorrow is a new season of
136s fortnite paradise it's gonna be
138s incredible and man I just love the fall
140s I love being on my dope bike
143s and riding these amazing Trails I hope
146s everyone's having an awesome weekend and
147s uh
148s see you tomorrow
150s in other news having to expect coming
152s out today the story trailer will be
154s coming out tonight and it will be 1
155s minute and 35 seconds long we'll go
158s ahead and Link that down below just so
159s you guys know the battle pass trailer
161s will be one minute long so quite a bit
163s shorter uh several BK is reeling the
165s skin today at 12 pm EST which by the way
167s uh he essentially actually did way way
170s earlier which we'll go over in a few
171s minutes and of course Mark rain also
173s teases word very early so with that
175s being said everything has led to this
177s moment Unleash the Power of the Audi
179s with the Cyber BK icon outfit available
182s 9 22 22 and check it out
189s questions
225s foreign
230s so that trailer was absolutely fantastic
232s and I really thought it was made by epic
234s but apparently he could mention that to
236s be made by one of the people in our
238s community so that's actually pretty dang
239s insane so about severpk uh he actually
242s posted a trailer on his live stream but
244s he will also post the official trailer
246s uh relatively soon probably by tonight
248s uh but but as far as a breakdown and as
250s far as the actual trailer itself I don't
252s actually have that but but fire monkey
254s covered this entirely so we'll using his
256s tweets to go over all the important
258s points because he actually made it
260s completely super easy to read and Digest
263s so from fire monkeys stuff spotted in
264s cyberpk's trailer for The set regarding
267s map and loot changes for season 4. no
270s sweat hot balloons are all over the map
272s a new weapon which looks pretty dang
274s awesome I must say a chrome-ish looking
277s tree or probably a lot of them and point
279s of Interest changes at the Joneses and
281s of course probably some more stuff we
283s can't really see thanks to grainy images
285s so I must say once again the new weapon
287s looks absolutely fantastic and the skin
289s is also pretty dang awesome now about
291s those balloons according to squatting
293s dog here's his speculation Chrome will
296s randomly select destructible things
297s across a map that will become
299s indestructible for no builds offering
301s cover maybe a chrome item to throw
304s offering strategic cover and these
307s balloons might be redeployable drops
309s kind of like Apex has now that's the
311s case it honestly sounds pretty dang spot
313s on and the image to the right looks very
315s similar to the image to the left so
317s we've seen this quite a few times where
318s fortnite game will indeed copy or you
320s know use some silver things from Apex
323s Legends and other games and vice versa
326s so very very possible as far as the free
328s rewards for 7pk goes there'd be one
330s spray one emoticon one animated weapon
332s wrap and one loading screen which yes
335s we'll get to very soon uh this emoticon
338s will be earned in the silver BK cup if
340s you get a points it is animated and
342s absolutely free as well the spray and
345s weapon wrap items can be earned for free
346s in summer BK's icon series creative map
349s that launches by tomorrow the Cosmetics
352s can be unlocked by completing quests on
354s the map plus three XP Quest it is a pit
357s style combat mat that I'm pretty sure
359s was created by Greasy so yeah great work
362s to him absolutely fantastic cannot wait
364s to actually play that and of course with
366s that being said we offer you guys some
367s images of his brand new Cyber PK's skin
369s set and I must say the phase is
372s absolutely spot on so they really did
373s kill it with the skin set and yeah it's
375s overall very very clean big congrats to
378s 7pk cannot wait to see what else this
380s guy brings to the table but overall
381s absay fire
398s uh to coincide with all the stuff
399s however after every elimination the
401s Flames get more intense and the purple
403s gets more purple until he turns
405s completely purple uh summer PK's icon
408s cup is happening on the 21st it is a Duo
410s zero build cup summer BK's cup will have
413s a special item exotic certificate trap
415s Tower the Cyber PK cup will have two
417s leaderboards normal leaderboard
419s eliminations placement Etc trap Tower
422s and elimination you can earn the skin
423s for free by placing the top three of the
426s either leaderboard so you guys can also
428s win the skin for absolutely free and uh
431s yeah guys so that is pretty much it as
433s far as what we know as far as what to
435s expect in season 4 however I think it's
437s for the first time ever we're probably
439s just leave it up to you guys to figure
440s that out but we've covered it so many
441s times to this channel so if you really
443s are curious feel free to scroll back a
445s few videos to watch some of the stuff
447s that is highlighted I'll it actually
449s leaked out early that it's coming in
450s chapter three season four but we do
452s thank you guys so much for watching we
454s hope to see you guys in the next
455s upcoming video if you'd like to support
457s the channel as always use cut off Mars
458s in the item shop and we'll see you guys
460s tonight
481s foreign