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0s hey guys welcome back to the channel it
2s looks like fortnite is completely broken
5s so in case you guys were wondering why
6s your fortnite game is all completely
8s messed up well hypex said this just a
10s few minutes ago fortnite is so bugged
12s right now lmao you can see enemies on
15s your minimap edit enemies builds reboot
18s and solos and friendly fire so this is
21s an absolute crazy crazy random event
24s happening right now and we aren't really
26s sure if it's for the fortnite storyline
28s or it has something to do with the
29s reality trees or the game itself is well
32s completely broken
56s so we're definitely curious to see what
58s you guys think about this down below and
60s if you are currently experiencing issues
62s make sure you guys let us know in the
63s comments below what weird issue you guys
65s are currently experiencing uh so far
68s we've seen games and early
84s again friendly fire and being able to
85s see teammates early inside the game
90s at the same time
91s that's me when i play these games what
94s hi no you're not gonna raise that other
96s player sorry
110s as soon as i heard you shall say that
112s you're not rebooting that guy i knew
114s that that was you
117s and completely being able to see enemies
119s on the map which is completely just
121s messed up and yeah several other things
123s so again we're not entirely sure if this
125s is epic games messing with us or doing
127s something but it is definitely something
129s to take note of
130s in other news though at the beginning of
132s the season epic added siphon to
134s overshield basically it fully recharges
137s after every kill but they never enabled
140s it so we might be getting this at some
141s point later this season so that's a very
143s cool idea instead of like 50 overshield
146s you would get 100 overshield we also
148s have for you guys from cause ah dear
151s fortnite see you soon cause 2022. so we
154s are definitely anticipating another
156s cause collaboration and considering it's
158s showing a banana it's likely that we'll
160s be seeing a caused banana skin so kind
162s of similar to the skeleton peely so that
165s should be pretty awesome apparently
167s according to shana though it should be
168s releasing at some point by tomorrow we
171s also have three guys from fire monkey
172s announcing the july four day playstation
175s cups a fortnight platoon cup for ps4 and
178s ps5 players begins on july 7th 2022
181s compete for a chance to win a share of
183s two hundred and thirty thousand dollars
185s and eight hundred dollars uh read for
187s more details players that earn at least
189s eight points in the qualifying cups will
191s earn different cosmetic rewards
193s qualifier one falcon stance brave
196s qualifier two boogie for spray qualifier
199s 3 blue striker spring spray so again
202s sounds absolutely fantastic for those
204s playstation players uh you guys have
205s another chance to earn some free rewards
209s coming directly from fortnite assist
210s summer update leak in this year's
212s fortnite no sweat summer 2022 event
215s there will be at least three new npcs on
217s the island to interact with boardwalk
220s ruby summer drift and unpully
222s this tells us we can definitely expect
224s some kind of vr updates for the
226s summertime in 21.20 update taking place
229s this tuesday so like we talked about for
231s quite a long time now epic games is
233s currently going vacation very very soon
235s in july and upon that time period or
237s while they are gone we'll be receiving
239s the summer time update so no sweat
241s summer 2022 is the official name and
244s there'll be lots of free stuff new scans
246s and just so much incredible stuff
249s in other news though we have for you
250s guys finally the announcement and the
252s first blog post when it comes to
254s fortnite x fall guys so here's a trailer
256s for that
280s free fall in a free-for-all that's free
282s to download fall guys is now free to
284s download on playstation 5 playstation 4
287s xbox series x and s xbox one nintendo
290s switch and the epic game store on pc to
293s celebrate though fortnite rocket league
295s and fall guys are putting their heads
297s together to create a crown and clash
299s event
300s during crown clash play fall guys to
303s earn rewards in all three video games
305s including the major man cake outfit in
307s fortnite clown clash runs from july 27
310s from june 29th at 6 00 am et to july
314s 11th 2022 at 6am et
317s learn how to earn free rewards down
319s below now of course to get the free
320s rewards it's simply to play 100 matches
323s and fall guys that is completely it upon
325s doing so you'll get rewards in all three
328s video games so it's actually pretty
329s awesome and extremely easy to do
331s although very time consuming
333s finally speaking i know already at the
335s end of the video rumor according to
338s supposed 4chan league a steve harrington
341s outfit is currently in the works
344s so this is not that far fetched we are
346s now getting tomorrow or today for some
348s of you guys the last part of the new
350s straighter thing season and the final
352s two episodes this friday which is
354s probably for some of you guys today so
355s with that being said whatever the
357s outcome might be steve might be dying so
359s if that's actually the case it will
361s likely be featured in fortnite next as
363s the next main character
365s and alongside that tons of people keep
367s creating concepts so here's a great
368s vector concept that could come to
370s fortinet at some point
372s uh but yeah guys if i can find some more
374s gameplay of what's going on right now in
376s fortnite i will definitely add it at
377s some point during the video but thank
379s you guys so much for watching
380s i hope to see you guys next time and as
382s always stay happy my friends
421s yeah i was hustling i could turn the
422s eighth to a 28 let me show you well they
426s can kiss my heart yeah see them lights
428s but you know i got the strap go right up
430s now he getting paid every single day
433s i can turn the 8 to a 28
442s i pushed
454s again
465s yeah okay my timing is critical then all
467s my ramen is pivotal homie the dash is
469s digital gas residual farming smart like
471s i'm leading the rituals you bet my cash
472s is wrong i hit the gas i'm gone running
474s my wave i've been stuck in my zone i'm
476s gonna blast them all