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0s hey guys welcome back to the channel
2s update 21.30 is out now so here's
5s today's brand new update map we can
7s definitely note a few major things which
10s honestly looks like that lucky landing
12s might officially be back now
14s unfortunately downtime is still down so
15s i cannot officially confirm that yet but
17s we can confirm some other points of
19s interest which we got early inside the
20s game so darth vader is a brandy boss on
23s the fortnite map right now and he has
26s his own point of interest located right
28s on the mountaintop
29s now at this location you guys can also
31s find the lightsabers as a brand new
33s mythic but we can also actually find
35s these brand new chests called reality
37s chest and these chests of course will
39s just include those lightsabers so that's
41s actually pretty dang awesome i must say
44s we also have for you guys to the towers
46s is now starting to be rebuilt and the
48s first building going up is right here in
50s the background video it's still unknown
52s as far as who actually won the contest
54s to get their blog 2.0 inside the game
57s and to be rebuilt over at tilde towers
59s but we will definitely keep you guys
60s updated in a future video we also have
63s for you guys from fire monkey it appears
65s we will start having reality clouds
67s added in the near future so this is a
69s pretty cool addition to the fortnite
71s island moving on with our video here are
74s some brand new cosmetics so we have a
75s bunch of brand new bundles i believe
77s about three of those
78s and we also have already got a bunch of
80s brand new pieces for the snap skin so
83s here's all the pieces you guys can add
85s in today's bonus rewards now speaking of
88s bonus rewards we also have really guys
90s all the current super styles which
92s you'll be very unhappy to see that darth
94s vader unfortunately did not get any
96s bonus styles just yet but they might be
99s in a future page but as it currently
101s stands it's not looking very good my
103s friends we are really hoping to see a
105s white darth vader or maybe even the same
107s color variants of these other super
109s styles so epic games really flopped as
112s far as that skin but the only good thing
114s they did with darth vader is to have his
116s own point of interest in the map make
118s him a boss and pc and also bring out a
120s mythic lightsaber smg and also bring out
123s a mythic lightsaber so i guess that's
125s actually pretty cool but was really
127s hoping to see those super styles for
129s darth vader and a few other characters
131s naruto 2.0 was also added today so
134s here's those two bundles and alongside
136s that the exclusive gameplay
154s foreign
188s now today we had a little scare so ford
191s and intel said the scar returns in a new
193s form but unfortunately about five
195s minutes later he said never mind it's
197s actually for save the world
198s which i would assume that a lot of
200s people these days simply don't play save
202s their world because this is indeed from
204s save the world i think it's called like
206s nautical or something similar to that so
208s unfortunately speaking the scar is still
210s not back on the fort and island now
212s however what is actually back on the
214s fordham island is the flare gun and we
216s also have for you guys that this
218s chainsaw weapon will be out either by
219s today or of course over the next couple
221s of days so look out for that as well
235s uh we also have for you guys the actual
237s star wars blasters are now back and i
240s believe that's about it as far as the
241s weapon pool now according to hypex there
244s might be an encrypted scan coming very
245s very soon that's codenamed galaxian
248s which definitely could be for an
250s upcoming galaxy cell phone so this might
252s be another exclusive skin so we'll
254s definitely keep you guys updated when we
256s find out some more information we also
259s have for you guys these star wars
260s spaceships will be located near the
262s darth vader location if i'm correct not
265s a vehicle we can drive though
266s unfortunately so a pretty big letdown
268s but again very very cool now getting
270s towards the end of the video we have
271s ready guys there is some weird new emote
273s code name character group.banana
276s developer comments for the string is
279s peely and friends so it might be a brand
281s new peely bundle again we'll have to
283s wait and see
284s ballers now consume less fuel when
286s driving and boosting
288s now as far as these summer skins we
291s didn't really see anything special
293s however we do have free guys well this
295s in the background to you no sweat summer
298s free cosmetic rewards tropical inferred
300s rap tropical in fair ravaged ravaged uh
303s spray
304s tropical and fair raven spray uh in fair
308s gigi emoticon and yeah that is pretty
311s much it as of right now uh supposedly
313s there's gonna be a lot more free reports
315s such as brand new skins and possibly
317s even a free skin so we'll have to wait
319s and see but that is so far a pretty big
323s letdown now there actually is a few free
326s naruto rewards such as these in the
327s background videos so feel free to
329s actually enjoy those as well so yeah
331s guys that is uh unfortunately it for
333s today's video will cover us a lot more
335s stuff as we find out some new
336s information but thank you guys so much
338s for watching and we will see you guys
340s next time
388s it could go either way it's probably the
390s first thing which reminds me we should
393s celebrate our decisive victory with a
395s party you get to the venue while i do
396s some back of the napkin astrophysics
399s just to be sure our doom is no longer
401s impending wow the setup crew did not do
404s their jobs hey can you finish this i
406s don't really host parties i'm more of an
409s esteemed guest of honor type of guy well
411s they didn't forget the party poppers
413s these things are the worst but they're
415s very effective at getting a party
416s started why don't you guys set them off
418s while i run these numbers again because
420s that cannot be right oh
422s these things are kind of fun when you're
424s the popper instead of the poppy huh
427s maybe i would have liked these at my
428s birthday after all enjoy the party my
431s favorite and only surviving research
433s assistant because after this we're going
435s to need to look into a few things so
437s don't drink too much i'm getting
439s complaints from loopers about the old
440s imagined order junk all over the place
443s i'm very busy with the very scary
445s theoretical modeling and i'm trusting
448s you to handle this
449s this is going to take forever and i have
451s way more important things i need you to
453s work on right now we need a simple fast
455s solution something anybody could do even
458s peely got it turn this pile of junk into
460s a modern art installation wow is that a
463s neodataist interpretation of the fluxus
466s movement because it's hideous but a
468s different type of hideous than it was
469s before so mission accomplished look i
472s loved saving reality as much
496s you