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0s hey guys welcome back to the channel
2s today's freebie is multiverses is now
4s free on the epic game store right now so
7s go ahead and claim that and if you guys
8s actually want to play with me my gamer
10s tag is happy power i'll see you guys
12s there we also got somewhat of a small
14s content update today the sweaty sailor
16s umbrella is now unlockable in a summer
19s update we also have for you guys for
21s night reality route watch a new set of
24s routes from the reality tree can be
26s found west of tilted towers and this is
28s getting ready to actually change over to
30s a brand new point of interest so super
32s happy to see that and alongside that
35s fortnite reality root watch growth a new
38s reality tree bloom has appeared at condo
40s canyon which again is going to be a
42s brand new point of interest let us know
45s in the comments below what do you guys
46s speculate these will turn into lastly
48s speaking in case you guys missed it the
50s only update to the daily bugle in the
52s files currently is the closed bloom that
55s will appear outside of the main building
57s i would assume that this will appear
59s after the condo zone starts to get its
61s changes
62s so yes guys after condo canyon changes
65s we'll be saying goodbye to spider-man's
66s point of interest rift tour featuring
68s aeronaut grande has been nominated for a
71s vma and you guys can vote down the down
73s in the description down below this is
76s pretty game changing as
77s since it's actually so big this also
80s makes room for a brand new rift or 2.0
83s which we do spike like could be for lady
85s gaga and we also speculate it could be
88s even bigger than ariana grande's
90s especially when it comes to the graphics
92s and overall the feel of the whole album
95s playing inside the game so death look
97s out for that i've covered that several
99s times and especially my last video which
101s is not doing so well so please boost
103s that video because it took a lot of work
105s from the epic game store big news epic
108s summerslam is coming to fall guys game
111s fortnite game and rocket league check
113s out what's happening in each game in the
115s comments below so john cena x fortnite
118s john cena x rocket league and john cena
120s x fall guys will be out this week and
123s guys it is absolutely special so first
124s things up is fortnite the time is almost
127s now john cena steps into the fortnight
130s ring by the fortnite team the champ is
132s here soon as part of the epic summerslam
135s 16-time champion holy crap does not know
138s that many times john cena gives
140s opponents an attitude adjustment in
142s fortnight the john cena outfit is
144s available in the item shop starting july
146s 28th at apfet complete with the entrance
150s gear and rain gear styles check out the
152s outfit down below and obviously
154s johnstone is invisible as we all know so
156s we cannot see the skin no the outfit
158s doesn't actually have invisibility
159s feature that's a complete lie but it
161s will have magic accessories available
164s also coming to the item shop are more
166s items from the john cena set the wwe
169s championship title back bling included
171s with the outfit the open-handed 5-digit
173s slapper pickaxe and you can't see me
176s emote pictured above if you can even see
178s him make your opponents no match for the
180s big match jon and yes so here's the
182s actual emote in the back video it's
184s absolutely fantastic
219s [Music]
221s so hopefully that was not copyrighted if
223s it was i do apologize but it is over my
225s second channel all bars in case you guys
227s actually want to check that out
228s uh now for the other games so fall guys
231s so for the fall guys one uh the fall
233s guys summerslam set has three costume
236s bundles representing each superstar in
238s item shop uh for those pick up the full
241s bundle you'll receive an additional
243s xavier woods emo and undertaker victory
246s celebration why does fortnite game not
248s get the cool stuff stumble into the game
250s store at 5 am et on thursday july 28th
253s to pick up your favorites alright so i
255s think that every single collaboration is
256s coming out on the 28th just so you guys
258s know lastly speaking we have for you
260s guys the rocket league one six time wwe
263s world champion and current wwe universal
266s champion is celebrated with a wwe roman
270s reigns decal tagged head of the table to
273s acknowledge the trials chief plays above
276s with all wwe
278s the wwe john cena decal might say you
281s can't see me but it's bold bright and
283s has stars so it's going to do its best
285s to be seen and you can see both octane
288s decals and rocket league's item shop at
290s 12 pm et on thursday july 28th so yes
294s that's actually confirmed that every
295s single game will get john cena's
296s collaboration over on the 28th so
299s overall absolutely fantastic much better
302s than expected i must say and big shout
304s out to epic games for sending me this
305s early just kidding this is actually from
306s hypebex but that was actually pretty fun
308s to share as well
309s in case you guys actually did not know
311s this uh this was actually not the secret
313s skin that content creators were actually
315s receiving they are getting that secret
316s skin by tomorrow i just want to shout
319s out epic games because giving away
320s summer stuff through us and other
322s craters is such a cool thing to do and
325s i'm so glad winterfest went well so they
327s did it again there's a code in here
329s called it's a surprise but i have no
331s idea what it is and we thought it was
333s actually the john cena skin but it turns
335s out that's actually not the case
337s everything we know about the encrypted
339s skin ohana ohana means family in
342s hawaiian it's a male skin and has a
344s special reaction to its backpack special
347s item shot background a surprise thing
349s arrives in fortnite tomorrow according
351s to not paulo leakes might be ohada's
354s skin and yeah guys so we thought it was
357s john cena skin but no it's actually not
359s john cena's skin but according to
361s leakers it actually might be a family
364s guy's skin i know that is absolutely
366s crazy it makes absolutely no sense but
368s apparently uh the code names never
370s really make sense as far as game files
372s all the way back in april we got this
374s leak from the unreal engine live stream
376s where they showed doom family guy and
378s darth vader which so far we've received
380s vader i don't think we received doom yet
382s and we definitely did not receive family
384s guy yet so
385s these are actually coming soon and if it
387s actually were to come to the game this
388s is what it's gonna look like so
390s absolutely crazy looking but we still
392s think it's probably family guy and
394s mostly peter griffin what a crazy world
397s we live in man in case you guys did not
399s know this we were supposed to get a
401s content update today but it just simply
403s did not happen we only got the john cena
405s skin which is so annoying there was
408s supposed to be six ufo spots in today's
410s update and of course yes it will be in
412s zero builds as well and alongside that
414s we were supposed to get the new impulse
416s grenade and the new sound effect that
418s coincide with the brand new impulse
420s grenade here's that in the back video
439s so unfortunately we did not get this
440s today but we might get it over the next
442s couple of days or possibly next tuesday
445s which is such a letdown
447s so thank you guys so much for watching
448s we will see you guys in the next video
450s let us know in the comments below what
451s you guys think that free skin will be
452s for tomorrow and as always stay happy my
459s [Music]
463s cause it's friends enough
466s [Music]
480s true
483s [Music]