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0s hey guys welcome back to the channel
1s today we have for you guys gwen stacy
4s might be coming to fortnite as epic
6s games has now teased her out on a brand
8s new ford x marvel zero war cover gwen
11s stacy can be spotted on a new fortnite
13s slash marvel cover and yeah so these
15s brand new covers pretty much tease that
17s gwen stacy and a few other characters
19s might be coming to fortnite very very
21s soon definitely curious to see what you
22s guys think about this there's so many
24s awesome characters that could be coming
26s to fortnite and even yesterday we get a
28s bunch of 4chan leaks that showcased off
31s new star wars scans new naruto scans and
34s a few other collaborations so in case
36s you guys also missed that make sure you
38s guys watch my previous video i had to
40s re-upload it and from that point on it
41s kind of just didn't get recommended and
43s it kind of flopped entirely so
45s unfortunately that video is not doing so
46s well so if you guys could be a favor and
48s check out that video as well i would
50s highly appreciate that but uh yeah guys
52s let us know your thoughts down below
53s because this is actually a pretty big
55s collaboration and i think that this is
56s gonna be coming out relatively soon
58s considering it was now teased in a brand
60s new cover and they would not put on a
62s cover unless she was coming to the game
64s because she doesn't really make sense in
65s the comic books without also coming to
67s fortnight as usually whatever happens in
69s the comic books directly correlate to
71s the fortnite franchise
73s so that's it thank you guys so much for
75s watching we'll have a full news video in
77s just a few hours so enjoy that and we'll
79s see you guys next time
101s you