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0s the block 2.0 is rigged but by accident
3s so let's talk about it so it's no
5s surprise that the block 2.0 over at the
7s tower is quite popular however there's a
10s problem with it so to better explain it
12s a guy named flowtown hockey over on
14s youtube has now posted this which makes
16s completely perfect sense and i actually
18s looked over this so here it is the first
20s being that the voting stations need to
21s be adjusted mechanically for all players
23s whenever i go up to a voting station the
25s default option automatically adjusts to
27s the far right option which in this case
28s is the map for charlie brown this 1 000
31s affects the voting for this contest
32s because players will naturally spam the
34s vote whenever they open up the menu at a
35s voting station this means that no matter
37s how good the contending maps may be the
39s default option will always have a higher
40s success at winning than all the other
42s maps combined i believe that epic games
44s needs to readjust the layout for all
45s these options so that each player
47s individually can go and manually choose
48s their favorite design without having one
50s option by default automatically provided
52s to them another concern i have with
54s these contests is that players do not
55s have the proper access to these maps in
57s person before voting on them at a voting
59s station for example epic games will go
61s online and supplies with a link to all
62s the finalists and their island codes
64s through a twitter post or other social
65s media account however these maps are not
67s featured on the home discovery page
69s whenever you open up fortnite this makes
70s it very difficult for users who want to
72s see these maps that may not be active on
74s social media accounts to actually access
76s these maps for personal gameplay i
77s didn't even know we can actually play on
79s these maps until a friend of mine
80s brought it up that we can actually go
81s into any of the finalists maps and see
83s them in person it's rigged but by
85s accident because we all know for a fact
86s that most people when they open this up
88s they don't really care about the voting
90s they will just spend the bars like
92s absolutely crazy for challenges or xp or
95s whatever it grants and that is
97s completely it so whoever was actually
98s defaulted tends to actually win whether
100s by accidental clicks or doing it on
102s purpose or being lazy yeah that's the
105s problem anyway guys into the next topic
107s we have for you guys reminder you only
110s have eight hours left to get the feldira
113s or feldera outfit before wolverine takes
116s her place as a current fortnite crew
118s outfit the outfit will most likely not
120s return for a few years alright guys so
123s now's your last chance to get the crew
125s pack skin before it switches over to
127s wolverine 2.0 so yeah make sure you guys
129s definitely cop this and if you guys
131s actually do get a subscription make sure
132s you guys use cutoff bars at the checkout
134s from fitzy what if fortnite announced
136s their seasons like marvel which in case
139s you guys missed it they just announced i
140s think like phase three or phase four of
142s marvel and what if fortnite did the
144s exact same thing yes they would
146s completely get rid of the whole like uh
149s surprise of the seasons but it actually
151s might build up some hype because people
152s would look forward to certain seasons
154s but again it might kill off the game
156s entirely so it probably cannot be this
159s way but
160s it does look pretty dang awesome i must
163s say so let us know your thoughts down
164s below as far as what you guys actually
166s prefer this way or the current type
168s theme where it's like completely
169s surprises and it's always keeping us
171s guessing me personally not quite sure
174s but i think i just like the surprises
175s anyway because it's better for the game
177s overall this one was actually quite
178s surprising today from john cena
180s overwhelmed with a response from the
182s fortnite game community and so grateful
184s that now i have a skit inside the game
186s already looking for more ways to get
188s involved thank you
190s alright guys he says he's looking for
192s more ways to get involved which
194s what does that mean well we do have an
197s unreleased peacemaker skin so maybe
199s peacemaker x fortnite might be coming
201s out soon however in case you guys did
203s not actually know this there's quite a
205s bit of collaborations that still have
207s not been released just yet but we're
209s actually leaked early
210s doom lady gaga family guy samus auron
214s the bride from kill bill john mclean
216s from die hard beyonce's single lady
219s emote tyler rick chris hemsworth uh
222s snake pliskin escape from new york and
225s katniss everdeen from the hunger games
227s so all these still have not come out the
230s game so far so yeah we could be seeing
232s all this stuff and include with that i
234s don't think he actually added on
235s peacemaker for some reason yeah he did
237s not so yeah peacemaker was also leaked
239s out just so you guys know so we could be
241s seeing peacemaker or something else that
243s has to do with john cena x fortnite
245s maybe even some new wwe variants or uh i
249s don't know man there's so many movies
250s he's been a part of so it could be
251s absolutely anything
253s anyways though into the next topic in
255s late chapter 2 epic had the skin plus
257s back bling and pickaxe bundles in the
259s works but have not released them just
261s yet so which one are you interested in
264s moss legends moss knight moss bright
266s bomber and moss omega sweet legends
269s sweet guff sweet cuddle team leader and
271s sweet fish dicks
272s sweet fish dicks was a gummy fish stick
274s from last four nightmares so maybe
276s they'll release the rest of it or the
278s bundle as standalone skins so i don't
281s really know why epic games always does
282s this they have so much content skins
284s cosmetics collaborations that they just
286s simply do not release for quite a long
289s time but it gets added to the game super
291s early like why is that i'm really
293s curious about that so yeah guys there's
294s a bunch of stuff coming soon that we
296s still have not received just yet
298s we also have free guys from donald
301s mustard who has now just posted uh
303s horizontal yeah i know it sounds like
305s absolutely nothing and it looks like
306s he's just something on vacation which by
308s the way they actually are on vacation
310s right now but here's the problem every
312s single thing on donald mustard instagram
314s has been a teaser for something so
317s let's go down the rabbit hole together
318s and talk about it so this could be a
319s teaser for in my opinion one or two
322s things number one zero dawn
324s collaboration which of course is this in
326s the back of you horizon forbidden west
328s which very very possible in my opinion
331s number two it also might be for dragon
333s ball z x4 that because in the sky we can
336s see a few similarities between dragon
338s ball z
339s and of course four night games so yeah
341s it kind of seems like this might also be
343s for dragon ball z as that is actually
345s coming soon for sure so who knows man it
347s could be perhaps anything but that is
349s our current speculations
351s last but not least we have for you guys
352s a little concept trailer for clavo now
354s returning which looks absolutely
355s fantastic i think i missed this a few
357s days ago but it just looks so cool so
359s here it is
373s so
388s three
400s so hopefully that's up when we get
401s global back in the game and in case you
402s guys did not see my previous video
404s talking about the state of fortnite make
405s sure you guys definitely check it out as
407s i'm really curious to see what your your
409s mindset is at for the game of fortnite
411s currently so thank you so much for
412s watching we will see you guys next time
413s and as always thanks for watching the
415s happy power channel
434s so damn
455s somebody like me
473s somebody like me
476s took you out and showed
479s somebody so pretty is what they said to
482s me