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0s season 4's villain was teased months ago
3s but we all missed it so back during the
5s Galactus event uh Donna mustard who of
7s course Works directly with epic games to
9s control the love events and of course
11s these storylines basically said this in
13s an interview revolving around uh the
15s future of fortnite marble bosses and all
17s kinds of crazy stuff the reason why we
19s called even this season Nexus war is
22s this is just the start this is the start
24s of
25s lots of stuff we have planned for many
29s years in this Marvel integration like
31s this is not
33s this is not the end this is the
34s beginning even now we're plotting out
37s kind of what are some of the big cool
39s things that we're doing in into next
41s year and the year after that and um so
44s that's really it is I have so many
45s favorite characters that take years to
47s get them all in into this world Modoc is
50s amazing and so it's really just thinking
52s like
53s again it has to all be in an authentic
55s way so it's like if Modoc learned that
59s there was a slice of reality where
61s fortnite exists and and you don't have
63s enough context yet and the players don't
65s have enough context said of what's
66s actually going on in the world of
67s fortnite but I think Modoc would be very
70s interested in what's going on there and
72s and then maybe there's a way he plays
74s into that at some point yeah so you guys
77s could probably tell he kept saying Modoc
78s which is this character in the
80s background video so we do speculate that
81s in season four or possibly five or six
83s that Modoc is gonna be the next villain
86s just like Galactus was for this upcoming
88s storyline event and we can also note
90s that battle mustard really really wants
92s to take the Marvel storyline to the next
94s level by bringing out tons and tons of
96s characters over years not months or
98s Seasons but years so he's got lots of
101s stuff in the works for us so definitely
102s anticipate years and years of more
105s collaborations between Marvel DC and
107s fortnite game so absolutely crazy stuff
109s overall want to definitely share that in
111s today's video we also offer you guys a
113s little mistake on my behalf so I'll let
115s you guys know that today we were
117s supposed to get a secret skin but I made
120s a mistake
121s John Cena was the Ohana's skin by the
124s way which he posted this after I made my
126s video because at first we were very
128s confused on the code names at first
130s we're like yeah it could be John Cena
131s but then again probably not but again it
134s turned out to be yes it was John Cena's
136s code name so there's no secret skin John
138s Cena was the secret skin so I do
140s apologize and I'm very sorry about that
142s so hopefully you guys can forgive me but
144s uh we also have for you guys for that X
146s Dragon Ball teasers could start any day
149s now considering its plan to last about
151s seven weeks and seven weeks from now is
154s season four remember the collaboration
156s starts with an umbrella chair table and
158s blue capsule appearing on the island as
161s a reference to the kame house which
163s hopefully I'll say that right this time
164s a lot of you guys kept saying wow he
166s said came house which just sounds
168s absolutely terrible but I don't watch
170s Dragon Ball Z for the fifth time so I do
171s apologize if I ever say something wrong
174s but again still my fault so again I'm
176s sorry we also have for you guys to add
178s to this from hypex new fortnite ax
180s dragon balls the info other than the
183s kame comic Mythic that we know of from
186s Mata radio orado uh there will be also a
190s sustainable item might be the capsules
192s that alters your movement and you can't
194s ride animals or use geysers while this
196s ability is actually active now a lot of
199s people are saying that we have the
200s possibility of flying so I don't know
202s much about that again I don't watch
204s Dragon Ball Z I've never actually seen
206s it but people in my comments below said
208s flying so maybe a flying ability could
210s be coming from the stanima item so let
212s us know in the comments below if you
213s watched Dragon Ball Z what kind of
215s stamina items the do these capsules
217s actually brand the main characters we
219s also have three guys twist drop bust
221s bounce emoji from now until 10 pm ET 8
223s hours from today you can watch specific
225s twitch streams with drops enabled for 30
228s minutes in order to earn the bus bounce
230s Emoji this Emoji has been given out via
233s drops before but if you did not get it
235s last time this is your second chance we
237s all said for you guys this skins release
239s date so the Sid skin shiversary
241s releasing on August 2nd at 8pm ET so I
244s know a lot of people are asking me when
245s does the skin pack come out because it's
247s one of the skin packs that actually
248s everybody wants yes it comes out over on
250s August 2nd and it will be about I
253s believe 1200 bucks or 1500 bucks so
255s between that uh probably more likely
257s 1500 bucks because it's a full bundle
259s but yes you guys get the point probably
261s 1200 for the skin 15 for the bundle so
263s definitely anticipate that relatively
264s soon we all set for you guys as a
266s reminder once again we are supposed to
268s be getting UFOs back at some point this
270s week and there will be six spawn points
272s it alongside that again we're supposed
274s to get the impulse grenades with new
276s side effects
289s thank you
294s now going back to a few videos ago I
297s said we got a concert stage but no other
299s info about it just yet what are we
301s thinking and Eco another fortnite leaker
303s said uh my best guess is we'll get more
305s news about this at our next update
307s around August and yeah so we are still
311s confused me there's such a weird theme
313s right now in fortnite where it's like we
315s get stuffed cheese but then it's either
316s scrapped or it never gets released and
319s the same can be said about uh the
321s skateboarding this person Denise said uh
323s how about the skate park like I was
324s really hoping we would get skinny
326s mechanics and I said according hypex
328s that appears to be scrapped sadly and
330s they said I know I heard a few things
332s about that it just doesn't make sense
333s though why tease it include all loading
336s screens someone hating at skateboarding
338s make a skate park to have it scrapped
339s right before The Summer Event goes live
341s like is there any chance we might get a
343s next update and yeah so I suppose so you
346s know I don't know what epic games is
348s doing maybe they did not want to release
349s like these major updates while their
351s application which honestly makes sense
353s like skateboarding the concert hurt
355s possibly a rift horror you know all that
357s crazy stuff so maybe when they come back
359s although it's closer to the end of
360s summer we might get a part two of The
363s Summer update where it's a concert
364s skateboarding skate parks all that great
366s stuff so I guess we'll simply wait and
369s see but I would not get your hopes up
370s too much because epic games these days
373s is not that reliable unfortunately
375s lastly speaking in case you guys
377s absolutely are looking forward to GTA 6
379s we have for you guys some new info new
381s GTA 6 details revealed by Bloomberg
383s focused on playable Latina female
386s protagonist it'll take place in
388s fictional Miami new cities will be added
391s over time so kind of like fortnite map
393s changes uh Gabe roll remains large with
396s more interior locations than any other
398s GTA game ever so that's actually pretty
400s special we'll want to share that because
402s I will be posting GTA 6 content
404s alongside fortnite content when this
406s does in fact drop if I'm still alive so
409s thank you guys so much for watching we
410s will see you guys next time and as
411s always stay happy my friends
413s foreign
456s thank you
470s I got nothing left to do
483s to keep