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0s hey guys welcome back to the channel
2s leakers vs an epic games employee i know
4s it sounds absolutely crazy but let's hop
7s directly into that
8s so as well for fact hypex is currently
10s the biggest fortnight leaker but we also
13s have really guys an epic games employee
14s named ludi which i'm sure we all know of
17s great guy by the way but there's been
19s this ongoing battle between looney
21s highbacks sheena and a few other
23s leaguers which is probably because i
25s think looney controls the cosmic side of
28s fortnite and of course leakers such as
29s hypex sheena and a few of the leakers
31s leak out dates of upcoming skin releases
34s well we have a crazy story for you guys
36s so basically hypebex tweeted out that
38s the sid skin would be releasing at a
40s certain date but it looks like i don't
42s know for sure if looney like made this
44s happen early but it came out way earlier
46s than expected and from that point on
49s moody sub tweeted hypex's tweet
50s confirmed the date that was confirmed
52s the date of the original release date
54s but he said confirm so it's kind of
56s weird to explain i'm absolutely terrible
57s explaining things but basically it was
59s like one of those remarks like ha got
61s you so that's pretty crazy highbacks
63s responded with chill on leakers a little
65s bit men uh we get it you hate leakers
67s but don't be suffering those same
69s leakers who have been in the community
70s since the first month of the game with
72s all respect to people epic but you're
74s always doing crap like this to sheena me
77s and other leakers so some pretty crazy
80s drama was unfolding today but looks like
82s it's going to blow over relatively
83s quickly these are all great people in
84s real life luna's a great guy very very
86s friendly hypex amazing person behind the
88s scenes sheena again absolute sweetheart
91s and so on and so forth so yeah overall i
93s think it's gonna blow her but i thought
94s it was actually pretty interesting to
95s share because this is the first time
96s i've seen inept games employee kind of
99s argue with the leaker so crazy stuff
101s overall now with also that being said we
103s have the melody skin releases on july
105s 30th at 8 pm et so i don't know if this
109s fgm's employee will change this but if
111s it does actually happen again he might
113s also do the same thing so i guess we'll
115s simply wait and see but i am all here
117s for this crazy weird drama between epic
119s games and fortnite creators we also have
121s for you guys in today's video uh season
124s 3 is now 50 complete now that you've
127s experienced the first half of the season
129s would you say that you were fan of the
131s season or not and that's an extremely
134s valid question so let us know in the
135s comments below do you guys like this
137s season or do you guys absolutely hate it
138s now that we are halfway through the
140s season me personally it's honestly a
142s pretty great season but every time i go
144s on vacation i am so bored with content
146s there's absolutely nothing to do aside
148s from the challenges but
150s once you do your challenges what else is
152s to do so yeah i really do not like the
154s summer events that much because of that
156s in case you guys missed my previous
157s video uh wolverine0 was today's
160s announcement uh for the brand new august
162s crew pack and he looks pretty cool
163s looking but a lot of people are
165s complaining that we did not see
167s wolverine's claws you know his signature
169s claws as part of the actual skin set
171s however that's actually coming at a
173s later date because if we look back to
175s the codes for the zero war comic books
178s one of the rewards mentioned it's
179s actually and actually it's the next
180s reward that wolverine-based pickaxe will
183s release on august 17th and it's
184s available for purchase inside the item
186s shop as well so wolverine's claws come
189s out on the 17th which of course will go
191s directly with this skin
219s wow
250s so now that we know the claws are coming
252s soon now the question has been raised as
254s far as will we finally be seeing peely
257s with these claws i mean will the claws
259s translate to pulley or could we be
261s seeing like a peeley's claws version at
263s some point which i really really hope so
266s that was such a funny thing to see and i
267s really hope that yeah you know maybe the
268s claws will work on every single skin so
271s that we can actually finally use it on
272s peely and maybe we'll get a secret
274s variant where it's actually peely banana
276s looking claws so yeah cool stuff overall
279s in case you guys missed our previous
280s video talking about donald mustard
282s talking about the next couple of years
284s of fortnight and modoc being a nuke
286s villain coming soon after probably this
289s weird little creature in the background
290s video but yeah weird stuff overall but
292s here's the video the reason why we
294s called even this season nexus war is
296s this is just the start this is the start
299s of
300s lots of stuff we have planned for
303s many years in this marvel integration
306s like this is not
307s this is not the end this is the
309s beginning even now we're plotting out
312s kind of
313s what are some of the big cool things
314s that we're doing in the next year and
316s the year after that and um
318s so that's really is i have so many
320s favorite characters that's going to take
321s years to get them all in
323s into this world modoc is amazing and so
326s it's really just thinking like
328s again it has to all be in an authentic
330s way so it's like
331s if modoc learned that
334s there was a slice of reality where
336s fortnite exists and you don't have
338s enough context yet and the players don't
339s have enough context out of what's
340s actually going on in the world of
342s fortnite but i think modoc would be very
344s interested in what's going on there and
347s and maybe there's a way he plays into
349s that at some point yeah so how do you
351s guys actually feel about modoc i didn't
353s really get a chance to read the comments
354s in yesterday's video so let us know in
356s the comments below how do you guys feel
357s about what donald mustard said of the
359s years of marvel collaboration still
360s coming soon and modoc being a future
363s villain boss we also have for you guys
365s the results of the first half of the
367s block 2.0 so here's your winner for
369s round one which of course this will
370s start being built very very soon so
372s congrats to ben
374s uh we also have for you guys uh some new
376s map changes no sweat construction the
378s restaurant being located to the towers
380s is now under construction which building
382s do you think won which we already know
384s what won but yeah overall very very cool
386s stuff we also have for you guys a little
388s secret in the fortnight lobby as far as
391s animation so gg noticed that we have
392s just discovered confetti and fireworks
394s after switching the language so
397s i believe she switched her language to
399s something like chinese or japanese and
401s from that point on we can see some
403s custom animations in the lobby that we
405s generally wouldn't be able to see unless
407s we're on a certain platform or certain
409s language so fireworks confetti and kind
411s of just like background animations so
413s really really cool to see but here's
414s that
439s uh lastly speaking for our miscellaneous
441s section i hope ford explores the
443s gameplay altering point of interest
445s ideas again uh we've got to the point
447s where we lose interest and new point of
449s address very quickly because we've
451s already seen it all they got great devs
453s and i hope they can find time for this
455s again at some point which i completely
457s agree i miss when collaborations also
460s featured game changing points of
462s interest or simply map changes very very
464s often those are my favorite by far
467s last but not least we have for you guys
468s mr fees just had 100 million subscribers
471s the first actual channel to actually do
473s so aside from t series but doesn't
475s really count it's a whole organization
477s with thousands of channels built into
479s one but yeah the first soul channel hit
481s 100 million subs so congrats to mr bees
484s absolutely crazy milestone and that's
485s all i have for you guys for today's
486s video so thank you guys so much for
487s watching we will see you guys next time
489s and as always stay happy with friends