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0s so is season four starting in just a few
2s days we have read guys four brand new
4s teachers that were released today and we
6s also have already got some stuff
7s revolving around the battle pass
9s including four of the eight scans now
11s officially confirmed so we'll talk about
13s in today's video alongside Mouse Rallis
15s and a few other audible Mansions coming
17s throughout the season so hopping
19s directly into it we have three guys dead
21s AKA dead Veil dead reveal not quite sure
24s don't watch this person but he said uh
25s was contacted by epic games to get his
27s own locker bundle in the future his
30s bundle was picked out by his community
31s and is set to contain Caster skin for
34s barrier pickaxe magma rap Flappy flower
37s glider at a spring loaded emo I think
40s these bundles are always great but for
42s some reason the actual uh emotes are
45s always completely lagging I just I don't
47s know why man I think that emotes are
48s always so basic but let us know your
51s thoughts down below is it a cop or is it
52s a drop we all suffer you guys from fire
54s monkey upcoming fortnite twitch drops
57s coming through emoticon which of course
59s starts on September 4th 18th at 4 pm ET
62s and goes all the way till September 15th
64s at 5 PM EDT and this will be an animated
67s emoticon that says beep beep so don't
69s have for you guys any gameplay of it but
71s honestly who even uses emoticons at this
73s point uh getting to season 4 teasers and
76s chapters and all that great stuff
77s apparently uh we have for you guys some
79s big news coming soon so in real life a
82s lot of people are now receiving llamas
84s which of course is from this commercial
97s right
101s so that was a teaser for an in real life
104s ARG event for the upcoming season now
107s apparently again a lot of content
109s creators are now receiving this early
110s typical gamer cipherpk and so on and so
113s forth so it's actually pretty exciting
114s and we have a lot more stuff to get to
117s so before I get to that point though uh
119s Denny who of course we all know is one
121s of the best concept artists inside the
122s community has now made this for top five
124s gaming so it looks absolutely fantastic
126s in case you guys do not know this very
128s well could be the tier 100 skid AKA
131s possibly even the secret skin for
133s chapter 3 season 4 as of course this is
136s Gino from the comic books a younger
138s version of himself now if you guys
140s watched my previous video you will know
141s that in southern comic books the reason
143s that Gina looks like this inside the
145s trailer is literally because the zero
147s POI or something like that is
149s essentially like eating him like they
150s fell into it and now they're getting
152s disintegrated over time so we assume the
154s younger version of him will give the
156s full back story as far as you know what
157s happened before this for him to even end
160s up that way so it's pretty cool and it
162s should be taking place very very soon we
164s also have for you guys some more big
166s news so apparently some of the following
168s Cosmetics among others have been
170s blacklisted from the release uh by epic
172s games and this is from dead stream
175s grin medicine set for plague of doctors
178s apparently controversy around this is
180s actually for the sea Warrior covid
182s hopefully I can say that now without
183s getting monetized I know it's kind of
184s weird who demonetizes people for that in
186s real life thing but it happens little
188s red set the root outfit which apparently
191s looks like a well Nazi outfit I know
194s very very weird and fresh tidy and
197s rambunctious emotes which apparently are
199s actually blocked from uses usage into
200s the locker bundles and that is because
202s there was some sort of like copyright
204s issues with that but uh to go into more
206s detail hypex said apparently craters
208s cannot put tidy rambunctious and fresh
211s emotes in their locker bundles they have
213s not returned over 1400 days and they're
216s probably vaulted until the copyright
217s issues are solved
219s so the Skins kind of have like a
221s controversy around them for a different
223s way but the actual evotes have
225s controversy revolving around copyrighted
227s music and stuff like that or dances and
230s that is essentially why apparently it's
232s actually a lot more coming soon that
233s will be blacklisted but we will keep you
235s guys updated as much as possible so make
237s sure you guys do in fact stay subscribed
238s uh some big news a fortnite is testing
241s something called Astria or Astera for
244s chapter three season five most likely
247s related to creative mode 2.0 which had
249s leaked about multiple times in the past
251s two seasons and I heard from a rival
253s source that some creators are already
255s testing it now if I had a guess I would
258s definitely say
260s um cyber BK is definitely testing it as
261s of course his skin takes place in season
263s four and we know for a fact he's
264s directly working with epic games now so
266s is a brand new map if it's not for a
268s credible 2.0 apparently it will be a
270s brand new map as Spotify gmakers games
273s and his bot epic games has been testing
275s some different launch options for
277s chapter 3 season 4. Sundays include
279s tests do not use Artemis curly
282s betoreal's map and Astria possibly a
285s brand new map that would be absolutely
288s crazy if chapter 3 was only 4 to 5
291s Seasons so uh well I guess we keep us
293s updated in the next couple of months as
294s we pass through season 4 into season
296s five
298s and last but not least we're talking
299s about all about the brand new teasers
300s that came out today so it looks like
302s epic are going to have a spider reverse
303s glitchy cell shading uh for Gwen so yeah
306s glitchy version of Gwen it was teased
308s over on the PS5 and epic games has been
311s posting these teasers all day long today
313s and it's actually teases for all the
315s Skins you guys see in the background
316s video Paradigm goth kit or musicals not
320s quite sure who it is just yet I will set
321s for you guys spider web from in the
323s spider-verse which by the way that also
325s confirms that Miles Morales is most out
327s they come to the fortnite item shop at
328s some point last but not least the other
330s teaser for the Chrome hand everyone
332s thought this was Midas but apparently it
334s is actually the survey skin which
336s honestly I would rather have minus 110
339s all day long I don't even know who this
341s person is it's a brighter skin coming
343s soon and I don't like the way it just
344s looks like that but like the body is
346s looks just kind of weird uh proportions
348s are off the eyebrows look kind of
349s strange and overall I just don't like it
351s now to kind of add to this stuff Donna
353s Buzzard has now updated this location
355s and banned her teaser 2 uh from the
357s reality trade 2 chro so no idea but it's
360s like this weird Sandy look which
362s honestly looks like the bottom of the
364s ocean which kind of makes sense because
366s apparently this was also posted as a
368s teaser over the last couple of days
370s which of course is a zero point
372s underwater so the season four might very
375s well have a a large part of it under
377s water possibly underwater battles yes
380s please
381s uh so with that being said my friends
382s that is about it for today's video if
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390s you guys tomorrow
393s foreign
446s but you know
459s boy
463s foreign