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0s hey guys welcome back to the channel
2s today we have for you guys the entire
4s dragon ball z collaboration we have for
6s you guys the release date the first
8s teaser and everything to expect with
10s inside that teaser but we also have for
12s you guys the final update of chapter
14s three season three and alongside that a
15s few more surprises so
18s speak name your wish 8 16 20 22 which is
22s the first teaser for dragon ball z x
24s fortnite now this is quite special as it
27s does actually show that the reality tree
30s has a secret ability of hiding well this
33s massive dragon from dragon ball z i
35s don't actually watch dragon ball z yet
37s so i don't really know who this
39s character is but i do know he is
41s important to like the whole storyline or
43s the characters inside of dragon ball z
46s so somehow somewhere the energy inside
48s the actual reality tree also has like
50s the dragon ball z like energy if that
52s makes sense it doesn't really make sense
54s to me but you guys get the point it's
55s like a huge collaboration that was
57s secret now it's something else that's
59s pretty crazy as currently as it stands
61s the last time we seen a huge
62s collaboration was naruto and that got
64s 251 000 likes on twitter well now it
68s looks like this might be the next
70s biggest liked tweet uh from fortnite
72s game as it already has 160 000 likes
76s which it's approaching very very fast to
77s that 200 000 mark so i think it's safe
80s to say that this is definitely the most
82s liked tweet uh from ford i gave
84s themselves so should be a huge
86s collaboration we also have for you guys
88s in case you guys missed it the v 21.40
91s update was added to the staging servers
92s about an hour ago it will be released
94s next tuesday and not tomorrow which of
96s course was talking about the last
98s tuesday so yes guys at the exact same
100s time of dragon ball z x fortnight we'll
102s be seeing the last update of chapter
104s three season three so it should be
106s absolutely astronomically huge
109s we have for you guys fortnite dragon
110s ball z map changes located at the kame
113s house you are now able to find a capsule
116s corpse bottle as a reference for the
118s upcoming collaboration with dragon ball
119s z
120s so in case you guys thought that teaser
122s somehow somewhere was not for dragon
124s ball well there you guys have it don't
126s forget we all set for you guys the kame
128s house over on the map right now and
130s alongside that a brand new lobby screen
132s is now available so this looks
134s absolutely fantastic and now we have for
136s you guys all the stuff you probably
138s forgot about that is featured uh within
140s this collaboration so from fortnite br
142s intel he said uh forded x dragon ball z
145s all we know so far goku vegeta beerus
148s are the skins we know of so far and
149s there's a fourth skin but nobody knows
151s who which is actually not true i'm
153s almost completely positive as this
154s person the backer video so yeah don't
156s worry about that the skins will have an
158s emote to transform all the skins into
160s their super saiyan forms so that's gonna
163s look cool uh the collab is set to last
165s seven weeks and will contain some
167s challenges and possible some free
169s rewards as well
171s a kame kame can never say it right will
173s be a part of the game and will most
175s likely be a mythic on the map a dragon
177s ball z themed point of interest will be
179s featured and attack mog ladder will also
181s be featured now let's talk about that
183s dragon ball z themed point of interest
186s as we all know for a fact uh right now
188s inside the game the daily bugle has a
190s reality tree or sapling currently at
193s that location which means it is set to
195s change which we always kind of speculate
196s now that it's gonna go from the daily
198s bugle to well something with dragon ball
201s z
201s maybe some massive castle or maybe some
204s massive dragon point of interest we
206s currently have no idea but it should be
208s absolutely crazy looking
211s heads up competitors a northeast point
213s of address will be getting a major
215s change in the next game update ahead of
216s our battle royale console championship
218s cup make sure you have more than one
220s drop spot you're comfortable with so
223s it's not going to be just simply a
224s takeover but a complete point of
226s interest change so it's definitely for
228s dragon ball z if you guys ask me
230s watch and cheer for your favorite rlcs
233s team in rocket league live go for the
236s gold and earn in-game rewards like the
238s rocket league trophy back bling and
240s regal rocket glider so yes those are
242s available today make sure you guys check
244s it out in the description down below
245s uh from a guy named winzo uh photonic
248s striker eight the new crew progression
250s pickaxe equip animations
265s so that looks super cool i honestly
267s didn't even know about this but yeah it
269s looks absolutely fantastic
271s coming directly from ako we now have a
272s concept for what season four could
274s possibly look like or the last update
277s right before season four takes place as
279s of course you guys definitely know been
280s talking we've been talking about this
281s all week long that we get a teaser every
284s single season of this chapter and it's
286s actually slowly approaching night time
288s so this is the concept as far as what
290s night time could look like as far as the
292s last teaser coming directly from kumar
294s here are all the six upcoming ufo
296s locations for the ufo wild week if you
298s do not hang from these with a grappler
300s are you even doing wild week right and
303s that is completely true that's gonna be
304s a brand new meta and let's just
307s appreciate this map because it looks so
308s detailed finally speaking map changes no
311s sweat construction the last building is
313s now under construction the newly voted
316s shop complex is now being constructed
318s until the towers and this is what's
320s going to look like with a 21.40 update
322s this tuesday and unfortunately guys that
324s is all i have for you guys for today's
326s video if you want to support the channel
327s in the best and easiest ways possible
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333s for multiverses leaks thanks for
335s watching and we'll see you guys next
336s time
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