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9s hey everyone welcome back to the happy
11s power channel today we have for you guys
13s a continuation on the fortnite leaks for
15s the upcoming doomsday event v2 now like
18s always there will be several spoilers in
20s today's video so if in case you guys do
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50s so first things up is a brand new
52s collaboration before we get into the
54s doomsday device
56s the brand unofficial has announced a
58s collaboration with fortnite unofficial
60s has released eight sunglasses and four
62s nights design that you can order
64s starting today
66s so that is pretty interesting although
68s it's not directly inside of fortnite
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89s so big shout out to alia once again for
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95s icon series skin we've ever gotten so
98s far the amount of detail in every single
100s style is absolutely fantastic and
102s throughout this video you'll see me
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111s video definitely anticipate some pretty
112s extensive spoilers so there's your
114s warning and let's hop directly into it
116s so today we got a brand new lobby
118s background now this lobby background
121s might look familiar to you guys but also
123s might not look familiar for those who
125s really pay attention to the fortnite
126s storyline you will know this is actually
129s on the moon and in case you guys did not
131s know that well let's break it down so
133s during the final showdown live event
135s where i see the mech face off against
137s the caddis monster we know for a fact
139s that the mech ended up winning but he
141s lost an arm and at the very end of the
143s final showdown event we can see what
145s appears to be the mech now take off into
147s the sky and we actually never knew where
150s the mag actually went until now we now
153s know for a fact the mech went directly
155s to the moon now you might be asking
157s yourself well why is it the moon well in
160s lamest terms it's actually not the moon
162s that we are currently thinking of you
164s know when we think of the moon i think
165s we're thinking about our earth and the
167s moon that's revolving around the actual
169s earth but that's actually not the case
171s in the fortnite storyline this moon is
174s completely different it is magical it is
176s completely made up but for the fortnite
178s storyline so with that in mind the mech
181s went directly to the moon to be rebuilt
183s by the seven the seven currently owned
186s this particular moon over in the galaxy
188s and inside the moon itself they have a
191s full command center where again they are
192s rebuilding the mech to now fight what
195s appears to be something from the
196s fortnite storyline during the doomsday
198s event v2 which we currently speculate
201s will kind of be the final showdown v2
203s because we definitely speculate
204s considering this entire storyline we've
206s been seeing uh the actual caddis monster
209s uh being revealed or of course teased
211s throughout the storyline that again he
214s might be fighting him once again so the
216s mech versus the actual caddis could be
218s happening v2 during the final showdown
221s v2 or the doom to device v2 i know it's
224s very confusing but that is kind of the
226s gist of it and this also explains what
229s the seven every time they've been seen
231s on the fortnite map came down on
233s asteroids or meteorites it's because
235s they're coming from this moon
237s so with that being said to summarize
239s after the final showdown the mech
241s disappeared and went directly to the
243s sevens headquarters which happens to be
245s a massive moon headquarters this is also
248s teased in the actual live event because
250s if we break down the actual event files
253s we can see several times the moon is now
256s being essentially mentioned
258s moon montage moon resumed moon pod enter
261s moon statistics and so on and so forth
263s and that's essentially what they're
265s referencing the seventh ownership of
267s this particular moon so during the live
269s event we'll be seeing the mech fully
271s rebuilt and a brand new variant come
273s down from the moon and from that point
275s on well i'll leave it to your
276s imagination as i do not want to tease
278s too many things so i must say the
280s fortnite storyline is absolutely
282s detailed and the more you look into it
284s the more fantastic it actually is there
286s are so many surprises within the actual
288s storyline and i must say again kudos
291s epic games are making such a great
293s storyline now here are some more teasers
295s revolving around
296s the upcoming event so the egyptian
298s leaker said this season 2 event spoilers
301s last spoiler that i'm going to tweet
302s about for the event no need to ruin the
304s entire thing the event will be
306s interactive like the season 8 event we
308s will fight tanks mounted by i o npcs not
311s sure about the weapon pool but there
313s will be lots of explosives maybe we'll
315s even pilot the mech
317s and it's now confirmed we will indeed
318s pilot the mech which is coming directly
320s from the 7th moon and it's also
322s confirmed that this scene in the
323s background video will actually take
325s place during the event which again from
327s that point on we're not going to give
329s you guys any more details that already
331s is a very very huge hint at the start of
334s the season i tweeted about a moon
335s teleporter that hasn't been released
337s just yet the latest event teaser shows
339s the mech on a different planet maybe we
342s will use this moon teleporter to
343s teleport to the moon where the mech is
345s being fully rebuilt and again that is
348s completely true in case you guys missed
350s it we have for you guys the first teaser
352s of chapter 3 season 2's live event so
354s here's that in the back video case you
355s guys missed it
372s now during the pre-in-game lobbying in
374s case you did not see our previous video
376s we will get a custom animation that will
378s bring you directly into the live event
380s and essentially teleport you to the
382s game's loading screen
390s now during the event we'll also be
391s seeing something that has to do with a
393s mini map that looks like the chapter 2
395s minimap now this mini map is quite
397s significant but also very different from
399s the previous map we've seen before in
400s previous events
402s now what's also pretty strange is during
405s the actual storyline right now and
407s during some of the challenges we kind of
409s get a sneak preview of what's gonna be
410s happening directly inside the event so
412s here's that in the background with you
437s so that is pretty soon again and as of
439s right now i think we'll leave it right
441s there for today's video stay tuned for
442s tomorrow's video to see some more
444s upcoming teasers and of course leaks for
446s the upcoming event now i forgot to talk
448s about this during the beginning of the
450s video but pc and console players today
452s can now claim the volcanic assassin
455s quest pack and it's absolutely free on
457s pc and on console the way to claim it on
460s console according to a lot of people is
462s to simply use the geforce now beta which
465s apparently is extremely easy to use the
467s last time i did in fact use it by the
468s way it was indeed very easy so i will
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