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0s so epic games is still on vacation and
3s the game is not feeling very fun but
6s that's about to change very soon so
8s let's go over everything new coming in
10s the next couple of weeks now before we
12s get to that point we still have a major
14s problem going on with the tilted tower
16s block 2.0 the block number three yet
18s again is winning the voting by a big
21s margin when you interact with the voting
23s board it puts you directly on option
24s number three and most people only go
27s here for their heals and challenges so
29s they spam the button do you think that's
31s why option number three is always ahead
33s it's epic games fault not the creators
36s i'm not saying number three's option
37s shouldn't win i'm saying the margin they
39s have is insane and yeah so apparently
42s number three has been winning every
44s single block so far and that's because
46s when you guys actually click on this it
48s is automatically defaulted selected to
50s number three and as we all know everyone
53s spams these for their free heals or free
55s midi shields so that's a kind of major
57s problem because the other two options
59s well don't get a fair voting right
62s so hopefully that is fixed in the next
63s game update now here's where stuff gets
66s very sad the 21.40 update is not next
69s week which is talking about this week so
71s it'll most likely release on august 16th
74s so two weeks from today oh my gosh and
77s it should have all remaining fortnite x
79s dragon ball assets cosmetics challenges
81s and free rewards so that is quite
85s unfortunate which is why i want to make
86s this video to go over some cool stuff
88s that is coming uh over these next couple
90s of weeks because well we have a long
92s time until then there are still four
95s encrypted pack files left in the current
97s update one of them contains hd textures
100s which means it could possibly contain a
102s skin but it also contains something else
104s that requires hd textures so maybe even
107s like some sort of event posters or
109s something like that for the upcoming
111s maybe concert for lady gaga which we'll
113s go over in just a few minutes epic begun
115s working on a new character mac-like
117s vehicle codenamed playtalk a few updates
119s ago it has a blocking ability primary
122s and secondary fire and it can sprint and
124s reload probably for season 4 thoughts on
127s what it could possibly be
129s and the current speculation is probably
130s going to be transformers or it could be
133s for modok a upcoming villain boss john
136s cena is already looking for more ways to
138s be involved instead of fortnite after
140s the overwhelmed response he got from
142s getting his skin inside the game do you
144s think the next update should be a
146s peacemaker skin or something involving
148s with more gameplay story and events
151s and yeah so honestly we were supposed to
153s get a peacemaker skin a long time ago
156s and maybe it will come out next so we'll
158s have to wait and see for that one now in
159s case you guys missed my previous upload
161s there's so many collaborations that
163s still have not released yet such as doom
166s lady gaga's concert and skin family guy
169s peter griffin samus iran the bride kill
172s bill john mccain from die hard beyonce's
175s single lady emo tyler ray chris
177s hemsworth skin snake pliskin or pliskin
181s escape from new york katniss everdeen
183s from the hunger games and so many more
186s now something pretty cool that's coming
187s very very soon is battle lab it's
189s planned to receive an update at some
191s point to add two new loopholes and game
194s mode options which are late game and no
196s loot which could also maybe even add
198s some ltn so that is definitely some look
201s forward to
202s on to the topic revolving run what could
204s be coming this week or next two weeks i
206s should say uh for the lady gaga concert
209s now of course this is a concept from
210s gouda who's absolutely killing it per
212s usual so definitely check him out down
213s in the description down below but he
215s made this concept as far as how cool a
217s lady gaga concert could be if it also
219s features some other returning music
221s artists such as marshmallow aaron grande
223s or maybe some other very popular artist
226s so this looks absolutely fantastic and
228s super official so great work to him now
231s in case you guys actually did not know
232s this apparently lady gaga's friends have
235s been commenting on a lot of tick tocks
237s lately revolving around 49x lady gaga
240s lady gaga's friend commented on my tech
242s talk video ford and riftor2 possibly and
245s guru also said oh another friend of lady
247s gaga's visited my instagram profile and
250s viewed my stories and liked my gaga riff
253s tour concept what a coincidence and even
256s an epic games employee has now put fire
258s emojis uh under gudo's actual post and
262s this guy works directly with epic games
264s as far as animation so yeah could be for
266s a concert some other honorable mentions
268s is it would be so cool if epic involved
270s with smoke grenades in zero builds or
272s just added them back to all game modes
275s honestly it would be a great addition to
277s zero builds and yeah so it's actually
279s like an invisible wall
280s as of course it's actually like you know
282s smoked so that would be a great addition
284s in my opinion as well
285s uh also don't forget that we're supposed
287s to get like ufos at some point during
289s this week so that's also pretty cool
291s in each season of this chapter so far we
293s have been given a new image of the
295s battle bus and with each season that
297s passes we slowly approach night time
299s more and more
301s could this be a metaphor to hint that
302s something bad is coming when night falls
305s and yes so as we actually discussed in
307s our previous video this is definitely
308s for the upcoming halloween season it's
311s gonna be extremely spooky extremely dark
313s and might also feature modock as a brand
316s new villain which by the way who the
318s heck is this person though we are still
320s waiting on the bloom watcher villain
322s that got teased but we still have no
325s idea who this person is and last but not
328s least we are expecting a dragon ball
330s collaboration so foreskins goku vegeta
333s beerus and of course i can't remember
335s the name was i think it was like bulma
337s or buma i can never say it correctly a
339s unique event screen in the lobby lots of
341s quests free rewards a capsule item in
344s bra creative mode a special point of
346s address code name preheat and attack
348s ball glider and we even have donald
350s muster's brother hopping on this and
352s creating some cool stuff for dragon ball
354s z so check it out i can't wait for the
356s dragon ball skins to come out in
357s fortnight so i decided to build snake
359s wave from dragon ball z and creative
360s mode primitive shapes were going to be
361s the only way this is possible let's
363s start by making a segment of the snake's
365s body this took quite a few pieces but in
367s the end it turned out pretty dang good
368s then i built the hardest part which was
370s the snake's head and this took a ton of
372s primitive spheres to build but after
373s putting on the eyes and putting in the
375s teeth and tongues turned out way better
377s than i thought it would now i need to
378s put in the platform and orange clouds
380s and the final touch is doing the snake's
381s body which would curve and wind and
383s weave to the back of the map and there
384s we have it goku will have fun running to
386s king kai and uh yeah guys so
388s unfortunately that is about it for the
389s content i know there's a lot of reused
391s content today's video but it's only a
393s reminder as far as you know what to
395s expect over the next two weeks when they
397s finally get back from vacation which has
399s felt like forever so far and i honestly
401s thought that the update was gonna be
402s this week as
404s i feel like they've already been gone
405s for a long time but i guess time has
407s gone by really slow in the fortnite
408s community so that is quite unfortunate
411s but thank you guys so much for watching
412s we hope to see you guys next video and
414s as always thanks for watching the happy
416s power channel and check out my alt mars
418s channel by the way
488s you