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0s everything dude coming to fortnite over
2s the next couple of weeks so let's hop
4s directly into it so coming out tonight
6s the sapphire Hagerty Quest pack with the
8s sapphire serpent located Charlotte and
10s her blade can now become whole unlocking
13s her true potential complete uh quest to
15s earn V bucks with a sapphire hackery
17s Quest pack and of course release date is
20s tonight and it will be 11.99 USD so case
22s God's actually cop that he was cut off
24s Mars to support this channel we also
26s have for you guys coming in next week's
27s update uh there will be six UFO spawns
30s in the map and it will return in one to
32s two weeks and yes they are set to be in
35s zero build as well unless epic decides
37s to disable them
38s so very happy to see that uh the UFOs
40s are definitely returning uh Ford are
43s working on interesting Halloween bus or
45s bus and a creature that has goo effect
47s and creature rise and summon creature
50s abilities I wonder if we'll be seeing
52s Midas return for season four that would
54s be absolutely fantastic uh the only
56s update to the Daily Bugle the files
58s currently is the closed Bloom that will
60s appear outside of the main building I
63s will assume this will appear after the
64s condo Zone starts to get its changes so
67s yeah it looked at the Daily Bugle will
69s be gone by the end of the season and
70s replaced with something else thanks to
72s the blue so that's pretty fantastic as
74s we all know the summer update is here
76s and unfortunately they scratch
77s skateboarding so this is the kind of
80s potential that skateboarding had instead
81s of fortnite if we actually got it which
83s unfortunately we did not
87s foreign
92s so I'm extremely upset that we did not
94s get that because it would be it would be
96s so so cool I mean at this point I've
99s done all my challenges I've got all the
100s rewards and now what now I have like
102s nothing to do for the whole two weeks so
104s it would have been cool to see back
105s hoverboards or skateboard to three
107s release and stuff like that so we also
109s have for you guys from 12th hour who has
111s made fortnite rated R so if you're
113s discretion is buys but here's what traps
115s will look like if it was actually with a
117s Gore
119s foreign
135s so crazy stuff right there we also have
137s three guys from Bella porch who said
139s what in the fortnite skin and yeah so we
142s all know she has a fortnite Evo inside
144s the game so I wonder if she will get a
146s skit at some point in season 4 or a
148s surprise during this season so yeah
150s definitely got for that at some point
152s from hypex free fire literally just
154s stole Four Knights of Lux and Ruby
156s models bottom of the screen and their
158s latest trailer and apparently there's a
161s lot more than this but unfortunately it
162s was taken down and completely privated
164s so yeah that's pretty funny I don't know
166s if they have a deal with epic games to
168s use their skins but if not man that's
170s gonna be a lawsuit in in store for them
172s from Pawn zip I thought was actually
174s pretty cool so I want to share it
175s because he's been making some great
176s great Concepts uh see sickly writes fan
179s fiction about the scientists and
181s paradigm's romance part of the seventh
183s fandom set and yeah so it's actually
185s pretty cool it reminds you of the boys
187s merch and stuff like that so looks
189s absolutely fantastic and I'm gonna say
190s the backlink is again absolutely fire so
193s what you guys caught this I know I for
194s sure would if this happened which one
197s would you vote for and I said scar 100 I
200s hated getting pumped though I love doing
202s it to people and yeah so you know
204s although I loved like one-shotting
206s people I absolutely hated getting one
208s shot so I think that I actually choose a
210s scar because the scar is simply the most
212s bounced weapon uh comparably to the
215s actual shotgun the scar is a weapon that
216s everyone has a chance to actually be
218s decent at you know if you guys missed
220s some shots it's powerful enough to kill
222s the player but with the pop shotgun you
224s missed one time and you get hit one time
226s you're probably gonna die it's delete so
227s yeah I like that I like my odds better
229s with the actual scar oh and by the way
231s I've been posting on my Tick Tock daily
233s and my second Channel altmars every
235s single day so check it out for short
237s videos so you guys are back to like July
239s 15th before the summer update appeared
241s they said it's prime time and we still
243s have not received what apparently is
245s supposed to be the Transformers update
247s so thanks to uh concept artist name
250s ferals he has now made a concept trailer
252s of what it would look like if we
253s actually got Transformers Inside the
255s game and by the way it's copyrighted
256s music so I cannot actually share it but
258s on my second Channel I actually post it
260s with the audio so check it out down
261s below
288s so we also know for a fact that we're
291s supposed to get a rumored Lady Gaga
293s concert and this is always back from
295s September where Sheena said rumor this
297s text about a Lady Gaga concert uh live
300s concert was sent to jovov in September
302s 2020. now that we already know Lady Gaga
304s was or still is related to fortnite we
307s could still get a Lady Gaga chromomatic
310s concert in fortnite and yeah so Lady
312s Gaga and epic games were discussing this
314s all the way back in 2020 and we also
316s know for a fact that inside the apple vs
318s epic games lawsuit it was also shown
321s that she was supposed to get a concert
322s so I'd say she probably is the person
326s that is going to receive a concert and
328s there's so much proof to actually back
329s this up check out these logos and check
332s out the actual similarities between Lady
334s Gaga's concert or stages at her actual
337s theme and fortnite's current theme and
340s fortnite Stage they look absolutely
342s perfect for Lady Gaga so
344s if she actually comes to the game here's
346s a great concept thanks to gudo he was
348s made this absolutely fantastic concept
350s and in case there's actually some bonus
352s Styles here's awesome crazy stuff that
354s the skin could actually look like I mean
356s Lady Gaga has like 50 different variants
359s so it could be absolutely anything so
361s very cool stuff overall I also actually
363s made a poll where I said who would you
365s guys rather have for a summer concert
366s part two since Lady Gaga easily won the
369s last one Lady Gaga actually won with 51
371s juice world came in at 30 and
374s marshmallow 2.0 came in at 17.6 percent
376s so honestly the entire committee
379s definitely wants Lady Gaga and I think
381s that we're gonna be getting that for you
382s guys so yeah should be coming up pretty
385s soon in case you guys missed it 4.x The
388s Last of Us was supposed to be a brighter
390s collaboration but unfortunately the
392s actual source of this completely got the
395s information wrong and it's actually not
397s coming because the founder of the game
399s said let me some fortnite but there are
401s no plans for this uh false rumor and
404s yeah yes so there's actually no
406s collaboration which is incredibly
408s unfortunate because it had so much
410s potential
411s uh lastly speaking in case you guys did
414s actually also miss this breaking Bell
415s from arcanus coming to fortnite in the
417s near future based on that information
419s it's also safe to say that the other
421s Arcane skins will also return soon so
425s yeah that's also pretty fantastic and
427s last but not least we are getting an NPC
429s commands feature soon basically when an
431s NPC is hired you'll click a button and
434s it'll open up some commands Pickers that
436s might look like the evote wheel and you
437s guys can pick what the IPC should do we
440s do not know where the commands are just
441s yet so that's also pretty fantastic and
443s I wanted to feature it and I know
445s they'll actually talk about a lot of
446s these topics before but guys there's not
448s much content at the moment because epic
449s games is currently on vacation which is
451s why I opened up the second channel to
453s actually post shorter videos every
455s single day on topics I did not make to
457s the main channel so again check out down
458s below and check out my tech talk as well
460s for the first similar content so thanks
463s for watching we'll see you guys next
464s time and I think it's time for a haircut
485s foreign