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0s so fortnite season 4 will likely be
2s marvel themed and we know this thanks to
4s a trend that's been going on for a while
6s the past couple of chapters so we'll go
8s over that in today's video but before we
9s get to that point look what's back
19s and sometimes it disappears
25s so yes guys that glitch is now back and
27s glitch king has now figured out how to
29s make it happen once again so absolutely
31s crazy stuff overall but yes as we
33s discussed in the intro of this video
35s season 4 will likely be marvel themed
37s because chapter 1 season 4 was super
40s hero themed chapter 2 season 4 was super
43s hero themed and now chapter three season
45s four well is gonna be super hero
48s probably marvel themed and most likely
50s probably modoc will be the actual main
52s cause of this so yeah guys it's been a
54s trend for the past three seasons and we
56s do speculate that next season again will
58s be marvel themed so here's a great
60s concert as far as what that could
62s possibly look like
74s we always even have for you guys the
76s marvel skins will return on august 17
78s and stay for one week so
81s pretty much by tonight or tomorrow we'll
82s be seeing all the marvel skins now
84s inside the item shop and of course it
86s would also feature some stuff you guys
87s do not see the backup video so do not
89s worry some other skins have been updated
91s and are set to return on the seventh
93s inside the item shop as a reminder junk
95s ribs might get involved for the before
97s the end of season three the item was
100s shown in the trailer for season 3 along
102s with other items that were added in
104s later updates so yes guys in case you
106s were wondering the junk riffs are still
109s coming back
110s we also have for you guys the first look
112s at the anime legends pack so here's some
115s 4k screenshots and renders of every
118s single skin and variation that this pack
120s actually beholds for our next topic we
122s already got an easter egg and something
124s very interesting which is probably a
125s hint for ufos now returning
127s every now and then the screens on the
130s concert stage can change you can see a
132s ufo being displayed what do you think
134s about this could this be herald the
136s return of the last reality
167s uh
173s and me personally i honestly think it's
175s just a teaser for the upcoming ufos
177s returning because according to highbacks
179s these will be unvaulted as a brand new
181s wild week and alongside that tons of
184s other stuff so
185s right whenever games gets back or
186s possibly even this tuesday we should be
189s seeing ufos uh maybe the junk rips and a
191s few other things coming out very very
193s shortly now about those ufos there's a
196s current meta going on right now that
198s people are already practicing on so a
200s guy named uh jj guy has already found
203s out the meta with the graveler glove
205s plus ufos which goes absolutely ham so
207s check this out
225s so that's actually pretty interesting
227s and it's gonna be extremely empowered so
229s just a little heads up that's probably
230s gonna happen quite often
232s uh we also have free guests however
234s reminder that the daily bugle is set to
236s be replaced next update on august 16th
239s with the daily bloomal or bloombell
241s bloomgal uh hopefully neil tilted his
244s part at the point of interest rotations
246s or maybe a dragon ball point of interest
248s as creeper brian suggested and yeah guys
251s so the daily vehicle is finally going
253s away it's to some extent but it will
254s kind of have reverence of it still but
256s it should be taken over by the bloom
258s watcher or the bloom tree and from that
260s point on we could also be seeing a
261s little variation of the dragon ball
263s point of address over this location as
265s well which by the way the fifth the 16th
268s will be the official update day
270s so in case you guys forgot about this uh
273s currently the stands uh to clear up some
275s confusion the next update will most
277s likely be released on august 16th 11
280s days from now it seems very unlikely
282s that we already got an update next week
284s we're still about 14 or 13 days away
287s from a brand new update which
290s man i'm just struggling for youtube
292s content right now it's so boring the
294s fortnite community and i'm really
295s curious to see what other games are you
297s guys playing on my second channel i've
298s been posting multiverses and honestly
301s it's doing better than fortnite content
302s so check it out down description down
303s below here is some spoilers and
305s information about the fortnite marvel
307s zero war issue number three that i've
309s already found out about this contains a
311s big story spoiler so do not read it
314s further if you do not want to know that
316s gino is the dad of the imagine and the
318s order gino altered the dna of his
321s daughters long before they were born
323s according to the imagined after landing
325s on the moon that paradigm has only
327s survived because of her suit the
329s paradigm only helped the isle to destroy
332s the monster katus in chapter 1 because
334s otherwise the iowa would have built a
336s machine that would have destroyed
337s everyone on the island
340s okay so big kudos to the paradigm for
342s absolutely saving our our butts but
344s that's actually pretty crazy information
346s we are finally getting some information
348s as far as who juno is what his role is
350s as far as the imagine or the order and
352s if just the storyline in general so
354s pretty crazy to know that he's the dad
356s of the imagine and the order but
357s honestly i kind of guessed that last but
360s not least my friends we have for you
361s guys in each season of the chapter we
363s have been giving a new image of the
364s battle bus and with each season that
366s passes we slowly approach night time
368s more and more could this be a metaphor
370s to hit that something bad is gonna
372s happen one night falls and i've already
374s showed this before but it's kind of
375s relevant now because the next season
377s will be like a superhero halloween theme
380s so yeah definitely look forward to that
382s as a special reminder and uh yeah guys
384s so unfortunately that's all i have for
385s you guys for today's video i really wish
387s there was more content to go over but
389s unfortunately there just simply is not
390s so thanks for watching we appreciate you
392s guys sticking around even with the
393s contents dead and as always stay happy
395s my friends
420s so damn
441s somebody like me
459s somebody like me
462s took you out and showed you
476s but nobody ever
483s when you ask my name