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0s hey guys welcome back to the channel we
2s got a brand new update today and we also
4s have for you guys the reveal of the july
6s crew pack so here's the july crew pack
8s in the background video and i must say
10s that italk fortnite was probably the
12s most hyped to see this as he absolutely
14s loves goth girls so the july crew pack
16s was actually a concept from the actual
18s surveys and it also features a back
20s bling an additional style a harvesting
23s tool a glider which is kind of weird
25s because it's umbrella but has two
26s handles on it and we also have for you
28s guys of course save the world for free
30s and 1 000 v bucks so the crew pack is
32s absolutely for july and we do hope you
34s guys actually cop that while using code
36s all mars uh we also have for you guys
38s this incredible loading screen from
40s lonnie as well which just looks
41s absolutely fantastic so great work to
43s him and we also have for you guys the
45s fox fire skin will most likely be
48s available by tonight fortnite just
49s retweeted the official concept tweet by
52s bullseye who created this skin so
54s basically the cypher pk skin will be out
56s in tonight's item shop and again in case
58s you guys actually cop that use cuddle
60s tomorrow to support this channel and by
62s the way to really support the channel
63s simply comment down below apps or
65s anything as it as some more comments on
67s the video the more likely it will hit
68s the algorithm we also have for you guys
70s today's
71s of v 21.10 june 28th hotfix with the
75s battle royale v 21.10 june 28th hotfix
79s serve destruction with ripsaw launcher
81s this week and the remix flare gun learn
83s more about the details below then
85s causing destruction with their ripsaw
87s launchers to celebrate their recent
89s arrival ripsaw launcher week is now live
92s uh find ripsaw launchers and hire supply
94s from june 28th at 9am bt to july 5th
97s 2022 at 8 59 a.m et
101s in addition to their unusual chop shop
104s spot
105s you can now find them on the ground
107s chest and supply drops in abundance let
110s her rip during ripsaw launcher week and
112s yeah this thing is absolutely
113s overpowered here's a small trailer
123s it's the good vibe season so why not add
125s some fireworks with a firework flare gun
128s you won't be shooting a standard flare
130s instead every shot you'll take will be a
132s firework show the area where the
134s firework eggshell explodes will set a
136s flame causing the start of a spreading
138s ablaze
139s find the firework flare gun on the
141s ground chest and supply drops and of
144s course in competitive playlists all this
145s stuff is obviously not included because
147s why would it be i mean why would
148s fortnite pro players legit want new
151s items makes perfect sense doesn't it
152s anyway guys into the next topic from
154s hypebax and upcoming map change there is
156s an unreleased point of interest
158s codenamed the tower that is said to be
160s in the place of temple between rocky
162s reals and the joneses and epic just
165s announced that next next update july 5th
167s the temple will change
169s it's marked as a point of interest and
171s the name might be temple bloom
173s instead of the tower pointed out by
175s zafiyu so i guess the tower is a code
178s name for one of the points of interest
179s included it if it changes like butter
181s barn and log jam
183s so that sounds pretty dang awesome this
186s point of entrust will be ever changing
187s and will include a variety of different
189s points of interest over near rocky reels
192s so sounds absolutely fantastic tim
194s sweeney on creative mode 2.0 we are
196s still on track for this year but not
198s really soon i still cannot wait for it
200s to release but it's also understandable
202s why it's taking this long so i'm
204s assuming it released mid-season or next
206s season then and he said or maybe release
209s on december 6
211s 2022 because the first time that credit
214s was released was december 6 2018 so
217s cannot believe it's already been that
218s long since credit mode has now released
221s into the next topic before you guys kind
222s of some more subject revolving around
224s the new point of interest the next
226s reality cloud will be will be at the
228s temple between rocky reels and the
230s joneses this change could happen on july
232s 5th during downtime now it's kind of
234s strange that fortnite competitive
236s actually teased this and not fortnite
237s status or fortnite game but hey i'm not
240s complaining it's just very very odd we
242s also have for you guys follow guys x
244s fortnite rocket league recap uh crown
248s clash announcement tomorrow at 9 a.m et
250s will run from july 29th through july 11
253s five free fortnight rewards five free
256s rocket league rewards 3500 free kudos
260s and fall guys
261s challenges are just for play shows 100
263s shows total for completion
265s so that sounds absolutely fantastic
267s there'll be tons of free rewards by
269s tomorrow and do not worry we'll cover
271s the entire event by tomorrow
274s we also have three guys from splush oh
276s yes bush uh fortnite vr that's how we
278s say his name uh and of course it's
280s actually translated from spanish so it
281s might be a little messed up the modest
283s agency will be will be back throughout
285s this season together with casper leaks
287s we have managed to get some information
289s about the midas agency here is the midas
292s book that was added in this update and
294s will be used for inside the agency
297s so this sounds very very cool i'm not
299s entirely sure if the agency will return
301s due to it just being like a rug or a
303s book being reused but it still sounds
306s like a very high possibility as they're
307s actually bringing back tons and tons of
310s points of interest so if the agency does
312s in fact return definitely anticipate
314s midas also returning with it
317s last but not least we have for you guys
318s some brand new map changes from jk a
321s fortnite reality route watch a new root
324s and tree bloom from the reality tree can
326s be found at temple bloom which is of
328s course coming up for the new point of
330s interest
331s also from jk butter blue map change
334s the iconic butter bar is now under the
337s manipulation of the reality tree magic
339s three new forms of the butter barn can
341s now be found when landing at this
343s location
344s neil tilted coral castle colossal
347s coliseum butter bloom neo-tilted butter
349s bloomed colossal coliseum and here's the
352s images so looks pretty fantastic i must
354s say and with that being said my friends
356s that is all we have for you guys for
357s today's video do not worry it seems like
359s we'll get a tons of free rewards
361s tomorrow alongside a new fortnite update
364s so thank you guys so much for watching
365s we'll see you guys next time and as
366s always stay happy my friends
372s you've been talking about patience
375s hoping for everlasting
378s you're known for talking crazy
381s i know it's
383s infatuation you know i feel inside
387s you know what is real and i
390s rock with your vibe
392s but i don't think that we should type
403s set me free
419s just let me be
423s god
443s just let me be
449s i got a lot to say
452s i hope you don't feel no way
455s i hope you don't make the same
458s mistakes when you blow the flame you're
461s kind of obsessive to me
464s you're kind of too strong on your feet
467s i can't say that i guarantee
470s but i know what you mean to me
479s what's up