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0s so I know Ford right now is not the most
3s exciting when it comes to content the
5s season didn't really start with that it
6s Factor when it comes to some cool Brandy
9s feature we've never seen before such as
10s first person mode or something of that
13s nature but do not worry that we have a
15s bunch of stuff we're talking about
15s today's video that will be definitely
17s hype building now before we get to that
20s point have you guys ever seen Dragon
21s Ball from the hit game fortnite well now
24s you guys can over your local GameStop
26s not quite sure why it says this but it's
28s actually pretty funny and now that we're
29s talking about that check out this
31s Discord call in fortnite that I've seen
33s I put my candle mic
47s so gray worked at Purex for actually
50s making that absolutely hilarious uh we
51s also have three guys amaranth wants her
54s own fortnite's icon skin after twitch
56s streamer starts request
59s some fortnite players are demanding that
61s twitch star amaranth uh be next in line
64s for the next icon series skin and a hot
67s tub streamer is in agreement
69s okay who would actually want that
79s anyways fortnite Battle Royale released
81s five years ago today so officially happy
84s birthday to fortnite Battle Royale it's
86s been such a crazy ride so far I cannot
89s believe it's in five years uh how old
91s were you guys five years ago today I was
93s actually 21. I'm now going on 27. I
97s could not even believe that that's just
99s mind-blowing to me I'm essentially
100s living through my entire 20s on fortnite
103s so let us know your thoughts down below
105s and let us know how old you guys were
107s five years ago today when you first
109s started playing fortnite
111s um we also have free guns for our first
112s official topic so more info revolving
114s around some upcoming map changes some of
117s the known upcoming map changes so far
118s which are probably for next game update
121s which by the way is in two weeks uh more
123s point of interest will start to float so
125s the tower is no sweat building will move
127s around the map the pirate ship will move
130s around the map Chrome reaches butter
132s barn and greasy Grove now what's really
135s interesting about that um no switch
137s Insurance building is uh that knows what
139s insurance building has survived almost
141s every single disaster and now it'll
144s float away when the Chrome reaches
145s tilted Towers this building is a piece
147s of fortnite's History so we thought it
150s was actually pretty interesting to note
151s that this building has never been
153s touched from a live event or you know
155s like a midi live event or Seasons
156s changing and so on and so forth so yeah
159s which honestly kind of makes perfect
160s sense considering this is their
161s headquarters for the insurance company
163s so
164s kind of would make sense to protect it
166s so that's pretty funny uh we also have
168s for you guys something that I'm pretty
169s sure we're all pretty happy about but uh
172s far monkey said this as Spotify
176s on my Discord server you can use code
178s She-Hulk on Marvel unlimited to make
181s your price for a month subscription one
182s dollar USD allowing you to read and get
185s all five issue codes for only one dollar
188s when they release digitally on the 28th
191s so essentially like a massive exploit
194s type thing because obviously you guys
196s can get all six rewards in the back of
197s you for absolutely free essentially you
199s know it's a dollar which is almost free
201s I mean you cannot even beat that price
202s uh to give you guys some more background
204s information uh just as a reminder though
207s make sure you cancel your subscription
208s Auto renew if your only plan to get
211s these comic codes according to the
213s website Marvel unlimited plus
215s memberships are only available to us
216s residents however not sure if a VPN or
219s something would work but feel free to
221s try whenever I'm just the messenger
224s and by the way there will be a link down
226s description down below for you guys to
227s actually do so and by the way again use
229s code She-Hulk at checkout also according
232s to 409 FAQ which of course is like
235s questionnaire on the comic books you
237s have to read all five comic books
238s digitally then you will be emailed a
240s code to redeem on forda.com redeem
243s within 48 hours
246s according to parth Shaw YouTube you can
249s just choose the account region as USA
251s while signing up slash trading account
254s Regen to USA and your account settings
256s and it should let you purchase Marvel
258s Unlimited so I don't really feel like
260s this that tutorial needed I mean
261s obviously just go to the checkout type
263s in the She-Hulk code and that is
265s completely it but again make sure you
267s guys cancel or turn off the option where
269s it says Auto renew otherwise you'll get
272s charged for one month which I believe is
273s about eight or nine dollars so just keep
275s that in mind
276s uh we also have for you guys with a 22
279s update chapter 3 season 3. the falling
281s wraps are bugged and do not appear
283s correctly inside the game Dark angular
285s shift molten angular shift Shadow
288s angular shift and Essence wrap so yeah
291s all these wraps look kind of different
292s and not perfect anymore so they should
294s be fixed by next game update
296s Asbury modern referee got some
298s miscellaneous topics for upcoming
300s updates such as four nightmares and some
302s upcoming chest upcoming display case yes
305s they kind of look like the i o chest uh
307s they spawn rally in the map and they
309s will show you running weapons as
311s Holograms and then you unlock one item
313s with a key type 1 has Exotics which
315s requires two keys type 2 has heels and
318s type 3 has normal epic and Legendary
320s Weapons the loop pool of these new
322s chests as of right now which of course
324s could change Exotics Shadow tracker dub
326s boom sniper rifle chug Cannon chili
329s Chuck Splash heals Chuck splashes Shield
331s keg and normal Prime shotgun lever
333s shotgun silence SMG rapid fire SMG
337s Ranger AR Hammer AR and a hunter sniper
340s rifle
341s second last topic upcoming Star Wars
343s event forted at a new chest this season
345s that can only drop Luke Skywalker's
347s lightsabers which means he's most likely
349s releasing this season here's a chest
351s loot uh so actually drops Luke's green
354s lightsaber Luke's blue lightsaber and
356s medkit and three minis so it's gonna be
360s a pretty cool event but although again I
362s am absolutely tired of Star Wars however
364s what I'm not tired of is four nightmares
366s upcoming Halloween boss codename freaky
369s for four nightmares 2022.
372s um Can summon creatures drops an
374s unreleased slash unknown mythical weapon
376s and a pumpkin launcher plus two rocket
378s ammo for the pumpkin launcher it also
381s drops two ammo Stacks to consumable
383s stacks and six fireflies also the new
386s method weapon has its own code name as
387s freaky so it's most likely a new Mythic
390s than rather an old reused one
393s now guys I know the topics have been
395s extremely boring and trust me I am
396s waiting on that golden topics but
398s unfortunately speaking that is all we
399s have for you guys for today's video my
401s apologies for sharing some content that
403s was previously shown but obviously I'm
405s trying to make these videos a little bit
406s more attaining in case you guys are new
408s around here so thanks for watching we
409s will see you guys tomorrow hopefully and
411s by the way that hurricane is still seems
413s to be coming this way to Florida so I
414s might disappear for a few days sorry
416s about that
423s behind and I've lost everything
427s forever living in the dark
451s will lose
457s searching for something