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0s so another day and another Ford an
3s update today we're discussing all the
5s cool stuff that has happened over the
6s past 24 hours we'll also be discussed
8s saying that I might disappear for a few
10s days due to this massive brand new
12s hurricane so let's get directly into it
15s uh so these are all the bug fixes set to
17s be fixed in next game update so in case
20s you guys actually want to pause video to
21s read through all these stuff well now's
23s your chance to do so and yes it does say
25s fix in future game update but we do
27s speculate it is definitely for the next
29s game update coming on next Tuesday we
32s also have for you guys a new hotfix
34s today vaulted balloons birthday presents
37s birthday cake consumables pizza party
39s and the firework flare gun so all this
41s stuff has now unfortunately been vaulted
44s I'm really gonna miss the flower gun and
46s those presents they are such great items
49s now with also that being said uh with
51s this stuff being vaulted we also have
53s free gas and new unvaults uh unvaulted
56s Ranger shotgun commented legendary found
59s in floor loot common and rare chest
62s uncommon to Legendary supply drops epic
64s to Legendary and sharks Epic 2 legendary
67s available in Battle Royale zero build
69s competitive and battle lab and notice it
72s does not say creative mode so that's
74s quite weird ah but yeah guys the rate of
77s shotgun is now back I honestly don't
79s remember how to use this thing but I'm
80s assuming it's like a freaking sniper
82s rifle as it does in fact have such a
85s long barrel we also have for you guys
87s forwarded update 22.10 has been added to
90s the official staging servers and release
92s and will release next week likely
94s October 3rd slash fourth which guys it's
97s definitely going to be the fourth as we
98s found that Tom Henderson uh his actual
101s time zone is a day early we also offer
103s you guys from essentially 7pk's video
106s upcoming Cobra DMR weapon damage in
109s Rarity order 32 33 35 37 39 and 40.
114s nearly 15 less than the normal DMR 20
118s clip size 10 more than the normal Di Mr
121s 1.6 faster fire rate in that normal DMR
125s one second longer reload time than
127s normal DMR slightly more recoil than
130s normal dmrs ah but yeah guys this is
132s actually from Cypher PK's uh trailer
134s which he also showcased tons of other
137s things and we all kind of forgot about
139s this but the very end he also teased the
141s upcoming readable flyable animals I know
143s it's kind of weird thing but that is
145s also coming very soon but yeah this
147s scoped DMR is going to be such a Next
150s Level weapon in other news reimagine
152s your reality with the anime Legends pack
154s grab it and select retailers starting
156s October 14 2022 or digitally on October
160s 22nd 2022 and here's a trailer
164s girl
166s really
182s so this will be coming up very very soon
184s I'm definitely copying this I absolutely
186s love the anime skins but yeah
189s in case you guys did not know this uh we
191s are approaching Halloween time really
192s really fast and a lot of retailers such
194s as Walmart and Target and you know all
196s those kind of stores are now selling
198s fortnite costume so check out this funny
200s meme I seen online
201s yo it's a dude from fortnite
206s that was actually pretty funny to share
208s so why not uh we also have already guys
210s two years ago I was told that epic saw
212s and talked about a certain post on
214s social media mentioning that their
216s rooskin looks like a Nazi just thought
219s I'd mentioned this because many people
221s are wondering why the skin has never
223s returned
224s now I must say I honestly agree I think
227s that this skin looks exactly like that
229s old-timey look of you know back then not
232s the good times and yeah so I definitely
235s understand it I'm not quite sure who the
236s artist is or what they were trying to
238s make with this skin but it definitely
240s has an old war type horrible theme to it
243s so that is probably why and I know it's
245s actually and I know it's just a scan I
247s know the artist probably intentionally
248s did not do this but still it's just it's
251s more borderline kind of weird we all set
253s for you guys fight tooth and Claw until
256s the very end in cable of Doling redclaw
259s steps up against the shadows in the
261s October 2022 crew pack going live for
264s all active fortnite crew subscribers at
266s approximately 8 PM ET on September 30th
269s 2022 and here's that trailer
274s foreign
286s crew pack mysterious but also Fearless
289s you can choose to equip Red Claw with or
292s without this mask in the locker suited
294s to his shedding disposition and the
296s October crew pack also includes the
299s black Fang backbling red Ripper pickaxe
302s and these shredded red wrap all this in
304s addition to the never take me a live
306s loading screen Dark Knight red lights
309s Lobby track and a dark slash red
311s instrumental Lobby track uh instrumental
314s version of the Dark Knights and red
316s light so lots of music tracks if I could
318s find some gameplay that also I'll
320s definitely put in the background video
321s right now
323s um but yeah guys with that being said
324s it's literally all I have for today's
326s video that's pretty much what I didn't
327s post yesterday because well there's just
329s not much content until until next game
331s update so I do apologize about that but
333s I am trying my absolute best uh but yeah
336s thank you guys so much for watching we
337s hope to see you guys in tomorrow's
339s videos again this hurricane is coming up
341s very fast to Florida so if I disappear
343s for a few days that is completely why
345s I'm out of power but thanks to Misfits
347s gaming I actually have a laptop so I
349s might be traveling a little while away
350s to get my internet back to make some
352s content thanks for watching and I will
354s see you guys tomorrow
426s slow down
430s up with you